Helldivers 2: Top 7 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

Helldivers 2 screenshot of Helldivers with one standing on a levitating box

Helldiving is no easy task. You have to deal with the Primary Objective and various Secondary Objectives, all while being under constant attack by ferocious aliens. Having someone to give you the rundown can be immensely helpful, but, if you’re on your own, here are a couple of Helldivers 2 best beginner tips and tricks to get you started.

Top 7 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks in Helldivers 2

The more you play, the better grasp of the game you’ll have. Helldivers 2 is a game that rewards smart gameplay and punishes carelessness. The goal is not the be the best in the team or with the most kills, the goal is to complete the mission as efficiently as possible. So, here is our list of Top 7 Beginner tips and tricks for Helldivers 2, to help you start your Helldiving career.

1. Focus on Completing Objectives

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Completing the Primary Objective is the most important thing in Helldivers 2. Even if you die with no more Reinforcement points, the mission will still count as successful if the Primary is done (ie, the only thing left to do is to extract). On higher difficulties, an Operation will consist of two or three Missions, and the more Missions you do, the more Medals you’ll get. Failing to complete the Primary in a single one of them will fail the whole Operation, thus denying you Medals and planet Liberation points. 

2. Gather Precious Samples

When you get to extracting, the most important squad members are the ones carrying Samples. Each Helldiver can carry some Samples, but usually, the majority will end up in the hands of one. Because extracted Samples are shared over the whole squad, and they are quite a valuable resource, make sure that all Helldivers carrying Samples are safely extracted.

Samples are used for Ship Modules upgrades, which improve your Stratagems, and they require a lot more Samples than you can find in a single mission.

3. Work as a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work, and this is especially true in Helldivers 2. Use the minimap to ping locations and coordinate with your team, if voice chat is not an option. Move together and watch each other’s backs, since enemies can sneak up and quickly take out an isolated Helldiver (especially Terminid Stalkers). Remember that only your teammates can Reinforce you, so if you happen to die far away, everything you drop may get left behind.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of Helldivers enetering a Pelican Dropship
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It is important to note that friendly fire is a huge factor in Helldivers 2. Pay close attention to where your teammates are, so as not to accidentally kill them with shots or orbitals. 

Reinforce Carefully

When reinforcements are called, a Hellpod with a new Helldiver will drop. This Hellpod is a powerful weapon and will crush anything it lands on. It is great against more powerful enemies, like Bile Titans and Chargers, as dropping on them will deal considerable damage. On the other hand, dropping a new Helldiver into a mass of enemies may squish one of them, but the other 99 remaining will have something to say about it, and you’ll be calling in another Helldiver pretty soon. 

4. Fight Only When Necessary

In Helldivers 2, you get absolutely nothing for the number of kills you score. Stopping to fight a patrol, who in turn summon their own reinforcements, can only lead to a needlessly tough fight, which may result in Helldiver deaths. And, since missions have a time limit, you’ll also be wasting precious time. Mission success depends on the Objectives you have completed, and you’ll get some bonus points for destroying enemy Outposts. Dealing with enemy groups that protect Outposts and Points of Interest is justified, just remember to do it as quickly as possible, before more reinforcements are called and what should have been a quick fight turns into something horrible.

Conserve Your Ammo

Ammo is not limitless in Helldivers 2, and you’ll find yourself empty quite often if you are not careful. Different from most shooters, when you reload your gun in HD2, any ammo remaining in the clip will be discarded with it. So only reload when the magazine is empty, or at least near-empty. If you happen to find ammo on the ground, or when you call in a Resupply pod, remember to reload every weapon you have, before picking up that extra ammo.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a Helldiver aiming a Machine Gun
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Aim Carefully

Note that your aim is awful while on the move, which may result in needless ammo expenditure. For the best results, crouch or lie prone when shooting. That way you’ll have the most controlled aim, resulting in every shot finding its mark.

5. Use the Right Tools for the Job

Every enemy in Helldivers 2 is unique in its own way. As you start climbing the difficulty levels, you’ll start noticing that some have tough armor plates, hidden weak spots, etc. For instance, taking out some enemies can take two Liberator magazines, but only a single shot from a Grenade Launcher. Coordinate with your squad to have a variety of weapons that can deal with different targets. Even though higher-difficulty missions have more and more armored enemies, someone still needs to clear the chaff. 

6. Explore the Map

When you start a mission, you only have the location of the Primary Objective marked on your map and usually the location of one Secondary Objective. But, maps have a lot of POIs that can have valuable supplies, like Medals and Super Credits. And the higher the difficulty, the more Secondary Objectives there are, and they give you a lot of XP and Requisition points. Moreover, some of them (like Radar Tower and SEAF Artillery) can give you in-game benefits that can prove very useful.

7. Use Your Stratagems

You start each mission with four Stratagems of your choosing (and a couple of general ones). Every Stratagem in the game (apart from Orbital Laser and EXO-45 Patriot) has unlimited uses, they only have a variable cooldown. Some (like EAT-17 Expendable Anti-Tank) have very short cooldowns and can be used quite often. With that in mind, do not skimp on Stratagems, they are not an “ultimate ability” that you should only use at the perfect moment. Call in Support Weapons and similar equipment as soon as you land. Throw orbitals at large groups of enemies, do not wait for an even larger group to appear (by then it may be too late). If you are about to defend a point, call down a Sentry. Waiting to see if it is “really necessary” can make the fight needlessly difficult.

The only time when you should be careful with Stratagems is when you’re approaching the extraction zone. The extraction dropship takes two minutes to arrive, and you should have all of your Stratagems available for that.

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