Best Items in Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge Warbond to Spend Your Medals On

Helldivers 2 image of the new Cutting Edge Warbond

Spending Medals is the primary way of obtaining new gear. With the new Cutting Edge Warbond just released, let’s see what are the best new items to spend your Medals on in Helldivers 2.

Medals are easily everyone’s favorite in-game currency as they unlock new gear and cosmetics. Increasing your arsenal or getting a new emote is always a reason to celebrate with your teammates. And now, a new Warbond has just been released, with its own selection of weapons, armor, helmets, capes, and emotes. With that in mind, read on to see what are the best items to spend your Medals on in Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge Warbond.

Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge Warbond Top 5 Best Items to Get

New items look fantastic, but we have singled out a couple of them as better than the rest. Bear in mind that opinions and experiences may vary.

1. LAS-16 Sickle

A new energy weapon that fires in short bursts. A sort of a mix between a LAS-5 Scythe and a Liberator. Just like other energy weapons, it does not need reloading, only to cool down.

2. SG-8P Punisher Plasma

This shotgun-like weapon lobs balls of plasma that detonate on impact. First-hand experience has proved that this weapon deals considerable damage, but the best part is that it is explosive, so is also great against groups. You only have to practice a bit to get the hang of it.

3. G-23 Stun

We cannot skip over the sheer utility of this grenade. Sometimes a single explosive grenade is not enough, and being able to stop a group of tough enemies can be more useful than just dealing some damage. Especially with the Automatons, because their heads are easy to hit when they stop moving. And slowing down a group of enemies can easily set them up for a follow-up orbital strike.

4. EX-03 Prototype 3

This armor comes with a new Electrical Conduit Perk, that increases your resistance to arc damage. Great for protecting you from electrocuting yourself, or from being shocked by your teammates. And we may see new bots with arc weapons in the future.

5. Localization Confusion Booster

This new Booster helps you out with enemy reinforcements. Localization Confusion Booster increases the time between Bug Breaches and Dropship reinforcements for the whole mission, giving you enough time to properly deal with the current fight or to make your escape.

What Are the Items in Helldivers 2 Cutting Edge Warbond Best Used For?

Cutting Edge brings with it some energy and electrical weapons, best used against the Automatons. The Steeled Veterans Warbond has mostly incendiary weapons, especially good versus Terminids, so it stands to reason that the new Warbond will be primarily geared toward robot hunting.

Helldivers 2 image of all new items from Cutting Edge Warbond
Image via Sony

Armor is also appropriately themed, all having the Electrical Conduit Perk. The cosmetics, especially helmets, look extremely futuristic so don’t be shocked (pun intended) if your squadmates mistake you for an Automaton while wearing one of them. There is a new Booster and three instances of 100 Super Credits.

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