The First Descendant Best Ajax Build

The First Descendant character Ajax standing with a gun

Ajax is the toughest (and coolest-looking) character in The First Descendant. The standard Tank of the game, Ajax is the go-to choice for the team players out there and those preferring the Tank playstyle. And what is best is that you can select him as one of your starting characters (the others being Viessa and Lepic). Even though he’s a “beginner” character, Ajax is considered one of the best characters in the game. His skills create shields (either a rectangular one in front of Ajax called Orbit Barrier, or a dome-shaped shield around him, called HyperCube) or blast nearby enemies (he either leaps on his enemies with Void Walker or blasts them away with Expulsion). As Tanks are usually there to protect the team and soak up damage, you will need items that improve those aspects. So, read on to see the best Ajax build for The First Descendant.

Ajax Skills

  • Event Horizon (Passive) – Acquires Void Energy after using skills. When the Void Energy reaches its maximum amount, it enhances skills and grants additional effects.
  • Orbit Barrier – Creates a shield in front of Ajax. Durability increases proportionally to Ajax’s HP and DEF.
  • Void Walk – Leaps into the air and strikes nearby enemies, inflicting Stun.
  • Expulsion – Strikes nearby enemies, knocking them back.
  • HyperCube – Creates a dome-shaped shield. Durability increases proportionally to Ajax’s HP and DEF.

Best Ajax Build

As mentioned before, Ajax is a Tank, which means he’s there to keep the team safe and to take damage so that other, squishier teammates won’t have to. He’s not a character with the highest damage, so his build should focus on improving the defensive characteristics and on helping out his teammates. So, let’s see the best item for Ajax in each equipment category: Weapon (and Weapon Modules), Descendant Modules, Reactor, and External Components.

Best Weapon for Ajax in The First Descendant

The best gun for Ajax is definitely the Python Submachine Gun. Hits to weak spots from this weapon reduce the Non-Atributte Resistance and Toxin Resistance of enemies hit, and that reduction stacks up to 20 times. Since Ajax’s Skills are all Non-Atribbute, this gun will make them more vulnerable to his abilities. Furthermore, this weapon is especially great if Freyna is on the team since she relies on Poison-based Skills and Toxic damage.

The First Descendant Python
Python reduces Toxic and Non-Attribute resistances. Image via N4G Unlocked

Another weapon that is great for Ajax is the Nazeistra’s Devotion. This Hand Cannon behaves similarly to Python, ie, it reduces enemy DEF when hitting weak spots. But, when you hit your teammates, each hit restores 10% shields (albeit, at the cost of your own MP), making it another great team-weapon for Ajax.

The First Descendant Nazeistra’s Devotion
Nazeistra’s Devotion benefits the whole team by reducing the target’s DEF. Image via N4G Unlocked

An honorable mention is the Secret Garden Assault Rifle. While not benefiting the team by debuffing enemies, Secret Garden buffs Ajax when using his Tech or Dimension Skills (ie, all of his Skills). This weapon is best when you’re playing on your own, without a full team.

Weapon Modules

Both Python and Nazeistra’s Devotion focus on hitting weak spots, so the best Weapon Modules are those that further improve on that. We have singled out a couple of Modules that are almost mandatory for this build:

Weapon ModuleEffect
Weak Point SightImproves weapon’s weak point damage
Weak Point Control Improves weapon’s weak point damage
Rifling ReinforcementIncreases weapon’s ATK
Bullet RainIncreases weapon’s Fire Rate and ATK
Action and ReactionIncreases both the weapon’s Firearm ATK and Recoil

Remember that you can add certain damage type Enhancements, like Fire Enhancement or Toxic Enhancement, to add that damage type to your shots. That is helpful when you are facing Colossi, as you already know the damage type they are vulnerable to.

The First Descendant Ajax shooting
Ajax’s guns should benefit the whole team, not just himself. Image via N4G Unlocked

Descendant Modules

For Ajax, the best Descendant Modules are the ones that further improve his defensive capabilities. Pretty straightforward. Skill Modules that increase Shields, DEF, and HP are the best, as well as those that further increase the range and/or duration of Skills.

We have singled out these Descendant Modules as the best for Ajax:

Descendant ModuleEffect
Matrix RecomputationYour Expulsion Skill buffs allies
Increased DEFImproves DEF
Increased HPIncreases Maximum HP
Increased ShieldIncreases Maximum Shield
Skill ExpansionIncreases Skill Effect Range
Tech SpecialistImproves Tech Skills
Skill Cost OptimizeReduces MP costs of Skills

Some other useful Ajax Modules are those that increase Max MP, increase the Skill Duration (DEF Accelerant), reduce Cooldowns, increase Skill Critical Hit damage, etc.

The First Descendant Ajax walking
Even though he’s a starter character, Ajax is one of the best Descendants in the game. Image via N4G Unlocked


Each character uses Reactors to improve their Skill Power (and Sub Attack Power), and since Ajax uses his skills to create barriers or Stun enemies with Void Energy, you should Reactors that correspond with his Skills’ types. His Passive Skill, Event Horizon, improves his existing Active Skills, allowing him to cast enhanced Skills, with additional effects. All of Ajax’s skills are Non-Attribute, so a Reactor whose name starts with “Materialized” should be your focus. To go even further, Ajax’s Skills have either the Tech keyword (Orbit Barrier and Hyper Cube) or the Dimension keyword (Void Walk and Expulsion). The “last name” should then either be Mechanics (for increasing the power of Tech Skills) or Phase (for Dimension Skills). 

In summary, the best Reactors for Ajax are either Materialized Mechanics Reactors or Materialized Phase Reactors (depending on whether you want to buff the shields or the AoE damage).

External Components

External Components provide a general buff to characters and are completely random. The Component you get is strictly the luck of the draw, ie, RNG. Thankfully, you’ll get a lot of those so you can pick and choose what you need. So, you should pick the Components with the highest numbers that further improve your defensive stats, like those that boost Ajax’s HP and general durability.

The best External Components for Ajax are those that improve Max Shields, Max HP, and DEF.

The First Descendant Ajax pushing a pillar
Ajax works best when protecting his teammates. Image via N4G Unlocked

With this build, your Ajax will be an indomitable bastion, protecting his allies, debuffing his enemies, and everyone’s favorite teammate. Team up with Valby, and you’ll have a powerful supporting duo.


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