How to Find and Kill Bile Titans in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2image of a Bile Titan

There is hardly a bigger threat in the game than this gigantic bug. Read on to see how to find and kill Bile Titans in Helldivers 2.

In Helldivers 2 you must fight scores of aliens, ready to tear down Democracy and Super Earth. Helldivers are what stands in their way, and you take on the role of one of these heroic and patriotic individuals. There are hordes of robotic Automatons and bug-like Terminids just waiting to be incinerated in the name of Freedom. But, some of these aliens pose a marginally greater threat than others. For example, a Bile Titan. This humongous monstrosity is no threat to a true patriot, but, in case you have some difficulties, let’s see how to find and kill Bile Titans in Helldivers 2.

How to Find Bile Titans in Helldivers 2

Bile Titans are massive Terminid organisms and can be, naturally, found on Terminid-infested planets. Those planets are on the eastern side of the galaxy map, the ones in the orange-colored sectors.

You start to encounter Bile Titans when playing on Hard difficulty. Moreover, you’ll have missions that revolve around killing one or two Bile Titans, and they are perfect for practicing. From the Extreme difficulty onward, you’ll be facing more and more Bile Titans, so better be prepared.

What Are Bile Titans

Bile Titans are the largest Terminid organisms. The official description is: “The largest known Terminid strain, a single Bile Titan can destroy an entire SEAF platoon on its own. Engagement is not recommended without the support of heavy-duty Orbital Strategems or a high personnel replacement budget.” Bile Titan is a large bug-like monster, standing on four giant legs. It can crush with its armored legs or spew acid from its mouth to liquefy noble Helldivers.

Where to Find a Bile Titan

If you are playing a mission where the main objective is to kill a Bile Titan, you’ll see their location marked on the map. On more difficult missions, Bile Titans can be found in the wild, usually protecting a Heavy Nest of another point of interest. But, unfortunately, they are known to appear during Bug Breaches. They are titanic in size so you cannot miss them, as they’ll take up most of your screen.

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How to Kill Bile Titans in Helldivers 2

Taking on this boss monster does not have to be complicated. There are several ways to damage it, and with proper coordination, a Bile Titan will fall in no time.

Your best bet to take down a Bile Titan is to aim for its weak spots. These spots are either the green fleshy areas of its underside or the inside of its mouth. It will open its mouth when spewing acid, so that means one of your squad members has to be bait. High-power anti-tank weaponry is the best for this, like the Spear, Recoilless Rifle, Railgun (Unsafe mode), and Expendable Anti-Tank. A couple of missiles directly to its open mouth should bring it down.

If small arms are all you have, shoot at the joints on its legs. That will slow the Bile Titan down, or completely immobilize it, and you can more easily target its weak spots. If you do not want to bother with precision shots, shoot at its underside with everything that you got. But, in reality, if you only have a Primary Weapon, you shouldn’t be engaging the Bile Titan at all.

Autocannons, Laser Cannons, and Grenades can deal considerable damage to it. Remember to either “cook” your grenades for a couple of seconds, so they will explode while near the Titan’s face, or simply use the Impact grenade.

Last but not least, if you happen to get killed while fighting, you can use the Hellpod with the next soldier as a weapon. Aim for the Bile Titan while inside the pod and it will deal significant damage once the pod drops on it. More than one Bile Titan has fallen this way.

Best Stratagems Against Bile Titans

Besides the weapon Stratagems (Recoilless Rifle and EAT-17), orbital strikes are very effective. Some of them can actually one-shot a Bile Titan. An Eagle 500KG Bomb Stratagem can kill a Bile Titan if it hits the Titan directly but is only available from level 15. Orbital Railcanon Strike can also deal significant damage to it.

Another thing to consider is that Bile Titans are rarely alone, so air strikes that blanket an area with explosives (like 380MM HE Barrage), or an Eagle Napalm Airstrike should be in your arsenal, to clear the fodder. If you can prepare for a fight, consider taking an Autocannon Sentry and/or a Rocket Sentry, as they will be perfect for destroying the Titan’s armor and dealing significant damage.

EXP-45 Patriot Exosuit

With the introduction of the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits, dealing with Bile Titans became a little easier. The Patriot Exosuit has a missile launcher, and a couple of missiles from it will easily bring a Bile Titan down. Just make sure you are positioned far enough away, as one hit from the Titan can destroy the mech and you in it. Additionally, the suit’s machine gun is great for clearing up the chaff that usually follows a Bile Titan.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit shooting
Image via N4G Unlocked


So, your best bet is to have someone act as bait, while a team of two (one for firing, one for reloading) shoots at Bile Titans weak spots with a Recoilles Rifle or, better yet, a Spear. A two-man Spear or Recoilless Rifle team shoots considerably faster than when the same Helldiver is doing the shooting and reloading. Time is a luxury when you are fighting a Bile Titan.

But, that’s not all. A Bile Titan is rarely encountered on its own. There are swarms of other Terminids at its feet to make your life miserable. Throw in a couple of Chargers there and you’re in for a fight. So, a fourth squad member should focus on clearing these smaller bugs.

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