Helldivers 2 How to Get and Use the LAS-98 Laser Cannon

Helldivers 2 LAS-98 Laser Cannon shooting

There is no weapon more ubiquitous in a sci-fi game than a Laser Cannon. Read this article to see how to get and use the LAS-98 Laser Cannon in Helldivers 2.

In Helldivers 2 you can call in Support Weapons that you mostly use to deal with tougher targets. Those weapons range from the classic Machine Guns and Flamethrowers to more exotic Arc Throwers, Railguns, and Quasar Cannons. And what is a sci-fi shooter without a Laser Cannon? Keep reading to see how to get and use the LAS-98 Laser Cannon in Helldivers 2.

How to Get Laser Cannon in Helldivers 2

Laser Cannon is a Support Weapon, and therefore a Stratagem. Like every other Support Weapon, you have to unlock it via your Ship Management terminal. Open up the Ship Management screen, switch to the Stratagems tab, and scroll down to the Engineering Bay subheading. There you will find the LAS-98 Laser Cannon. It costs 4.000 Requisition to unlock and you have to be at least Level 5.

Helldivers 2 LAS-98 Laser Cannon in the Stratagem tab

Helldivers 2: How to Use the LAS-98 Laser Cannon

As always, Support Weapons have to be called down from your Destroyer ship. The Stratagem Code for the Laser Cannon is Down, Left, Down, Up, Left. Throw the Stratagem beacon and in a moment a Hellpod with a Laser Cannon will drop.

The primary trait of the Laser Cannon is that it is a Heat weapon, ie, does not use ammo, but builds up the heat the more you use it without pause. When you stop firing, it will start to cool down. If you overheat the Cannon, you must change the “mag”, however, the Laser Cannon only has one additional mag, so use it carefully. Hot planets will make it overheat faster, and cold planets have the opposite effect, so bear that in mind when choosing the planet and your Loadout.

Helldivers 2 LAS-98 Laser Cannon player reloading

The LAS-98 Laser Cannon fires an accurate and continuous beam of energy, that deals damage to everything it comes into contact with. The more it stays on one target, the more damage it inflicts. It can damage anything up to Medium Armor, so only the heaviest targets are safe from it. Players like using the Laser Cannon for its accuracy. It can hit weak spots (like Devastator heads and Hulk’s eye-slit) from far away without much trouble and can damage the “exhaust grills” of larger Automaton vehicles.

In summary, the LAS-98 Laser Cannon is an often overlooked weapon, but it can be devastating in the right hands.

Helldivers 2 LAS-98 Laser Cannon shooting at automatons

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