How to Get and Use the Quasar Cannon in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Tien Kwan planet's surface

A powerful heavy laser cannon has been added to the game. Read this article to see how to get and use the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon in Helldivers 2.

The majority of new weapons in Helldivers 2 are added via Warbonds. But, if the devs want to add a new Support Weapon, they have to add a new Stratagem to the list. For the offensive against Automatons, the Arrowhead Game Studios’ developers had a surprise for their loyal Helldivers. Two new Support Weapons have been added to the game, and one of them is the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon. Let’s see how to get and use the Quasar Cannon in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: How to Get the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon

Like with every Stratagem, you first have to unlock the Quasar Cannon via your Ship Management terminal. There, select the Stratagems tab and look for the Engineering Bay subheading. The next-to-last entry is the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon. It costs 7.500 Requisition to unlock and you have to be at least Level 18.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the new laser cannon
Image via N4G Unlocked

Don’t forget to pick the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon Stratagem before deploying on a mission.

How to Use the Quasar Cannon in Helldivers 2

Like any other Support Weapon, you first have to call the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon down, by entering its Stratagem Code (Down, Down, Up, Left, Right). Throw the stratagem ball where you want it to drop, and a pod containing this heavy laser cannon will appear after a few seconds.

Quasar Cannon is an incredibly powerful, armor-penetrating weapon. It is energy-based, so it does not have ammo, it just has to recharge between shots. The downside is that it takes some time to “heat up” before firing, and it has to cool down completely to be able to fire again. 

But, the trade-off is more than worth it. The LAS-99 Quasar Cannon is devastating against everything. Even a single shot from it can take out the biggest threats if you aim at the weak spots. To shoot the Quasar Cannon, hold the Fire button while aiming at the intended target. As soon as builds up enough power, it will automatically make the shot, so make sure that you’re aiming where you want the shot to land.

A single shot into the Hulk’s eye-slit can take it down, as can a shot to the Charger’s head. It can also take down enemy structures from far away. A single shot will destroy a Spore Spewer or a Broadcast Tower, while two shots are required to destroy a Shrieker Nest. 

The LAS-99 Quasar Cannon will surely become a staple in many a Helldiver’s arsenal. For more on Helldivers 2, check out Top 7 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks, How to Get and Use ARC-12 Blitzer, and Best Solo Loadout.


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