How to Get and Use the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun in Helldivers 2

Squad of Helldivers attempts to escape an enemy in Helldivers 2

The third variant of the Machine Gun has joined the Helldivers’ arsenal. Read this article to see how to get and use the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun in Helldivers 2.

The Galactic War in Helldivers 2 is constantly changing. The players are always shifting from one front to another, as the Terminids and Automatons invade different sectors. During the liberation campaign against the Automatons, the Super Earth’s Ministry of Defense issued a couple of new weapons and one of them was the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun. Let’s see how to get and use the MG-206 Machine Gun in Helldivers 2.

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Helldivers 2: How to Get the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun

The heavy Machine Gun is a Support Weapon, and like all the others, you can get it by unlocking the appropriate Stratagem. Go to your Ship Management terminal, and select the Stratagems tab. Under the Patriotic Administration Center subheading, you will find MG-206 Machine Gun. You have to be at least Level 12 to be able to unlock it, and it will cost you 6.000 Requisition to do so.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the new machine gun
Image via N4G Unlocked

Remember to select the MG-206 Machine Gun as one of your four Stratagems during the Loadout phase. 

How to Use the MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun in Helldivers 2

To use the MG-206 Machine Gun in-game, you first have to call it down, like any other Stratagem. Enter its unique Stratagem Code (Down, Left, Up, Down, Down), throw the beacon where you want it to land, and after a couple of seconds a Hellpod with your brand-new heavy Machine Gun will arrive.

The MG-206 Machine Gun is an unwieldy but very powerful Support Weapon. It has half the magazine size of other, lighter Machine Guns, but it packs more punch. It can take out an Automaton Devastator in a short burst, without aiming for the head. You will notice that the MG-206 Machine Gun has no targeting crosshairs when you hold the Aim button. Rather, you have to use the alternative aiming mode (just like with the Anti-Materiel Rifle).

The heavy Machine Gun is difficult to handle and it does have a huge recoil value. What we can recommend is that you fire it in short bursts, so you can keep hitting the same target. The smaller magazine size is a little counter-intuitive, you’d expect that a Machine Gun would have more than 75 bullets. But, this one is intended to be used against tougher opponents, not for clearing chaff, as each hit packs way more punch than the MG-43 Machine Gun or Stalwart.

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