Helldivers 2 Best Armor Perks Tier List

Helldivers 2 screenshot of the Armor screen in the Armory section

Want to know what are the best Armor Perks in the game? Keep reading, we have made a tier list of the best Armor Perks in Helldivers 2.

You can be spoiled for choice when it comes to picking your Loadout. There are lots of weapons to choose from, each having different stats and Weapon Perks. Armor functions similarly, with three categories and eight different Perks. The usefulness of the Armor Perk is based mostly on your playstyle, but some are generally a little better than others. With that in mind, we have compiled a tier list of the best Armor Perks in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: Best Armor Perks Tier List

Armor Perks (also called Armor Passives) offer different benefits to your Helldiver. Naturally, some benefits are great all-rounders while others focus on one specific role. The best Armor Perks are the ones that provide benefits that are good for every situation. With that in mind, here is our tier list of the best Armor Passives in the game:

  • S Tier: Democracy Protects
  • A Tier: Fortified, Med-Kit, Engineering Kit
  • B Tier: Extra Padding, Servo-Assisted, Peak Physique
  • C Tier: Scout, Electrical Conduit

S Tier

The Perks listed here are always good and will benefit your Helldiver greatly. When in doubt, picking an armor with a Perk listed here is a safe bet.

Democracy Protects

We have put Democracy Protects as the only S Tier because there is rarely a situation when it will be useless. It provides a “50% chance not to die when taking lethal damage. Prevents all damage from bleeding if chest hemorrhages.” Let’s be real, even the best players will take fatal damage. Having a 50-50 chance to survive that, so you can just stim yourself and keep on shooting is more than great. Plus the added ability to just ignore chest injuries is nothing to smirk at.

A Tier

A-Tier Perks can benefit your Helldiver in the majority of situations. Only in some rare cases will these Perks be unhelpful.


This Perk improves your efficiency and survivability in equal measure. It “further reduces recoil when crouching or prone by 30%. Provides 50% resistance to explosive damage.” Fortified allows you to crouch, place your shots wherever you want them to, and survive anything but a direct rocket hit. The only downside is these perks are not that awesome against Terminids, as precision and explosion resistance are not that important versus them.


When things go south, Staying Alive is more than just a good song. Having enough stims, for yourself or your buddies, is critical when you are constantly attacked. Med-Kit Perk “increases the initial inventory and holding capacity of Stims by +2. Increase Stim effect duration by 2.0s.” Having six stims is fine, but the real winner here is the increased duration. Stims do not work instantly, rather, they provide constant healing for a certain duration. That protects you from being killed right after using one. So, increasing that duration by two seconds can be critical. 

Helldivers 2 Screenshot of all injuries combined
Image via N4G Unlocked

Engineering Kit

We all love grenades in Helldivers 2. They are used against clusters of enemies or for destroying bug holes and robot factories. And when doing just that, there is nothing worse than running out of grenades without finishing your job. Engineering Kit helps you in that regard, as it “increases initial inventory and holding capacity of grenades by +2. Further reduces recoil when crouching or prone by 30%.” A recoil reduction is always good, especially with the rise of shotguns.

B Tier

These Perks are okay on their own, they provide nothing groundbreaking but can be useful in some situations.

Extra Padding

Extra Padding “provides a higher armor rating.” That practically increases the protection provided by your armor by one level (+50 armor rating). For example, you keep all the benefits of Light Armor while having the protection of a Medium one. A higher armor rating is nothing to glance over but is rarely something that will make or break a mission.

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos armor
Image via N4G Unlocked


Having the ability to throw your orbitals further away can be quite useful. This Perk “increases the throwing range by 30%. Provides +50% limb health.” Servo-Assisted is a great Perk for those Helldivers who specialize in calling Orbital and Eagle Strikes to bomb enemy bases or massive enemies before they even spot you. Also good for throwing Sentries far away during a fight, to prevent them from being destroyed before they even deploy. Having an increase in limb health is fine, but chances are you’ll be using a stim anyway.

Peak Physique

Peak Physique provides some very nifty bonuses, albeit a little situational. It increases your melee damage by 50%, and your weapon handling by 30%. The melee damage boost is cool, but the number of melee kills per mission is rarely higher than five (we wouldn’t be surprised if some players are entirely unaware that a melee attack button even exists). Weapon ergonomics boost is also neat, especially when you use large, clunky weapons (like the Heavy Machine Gun).

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C Tier

Not to say that these Perks are bad, but their benefit is highly situational and requires specific Loadouts and squad composition.


Even though this is the author’s favorite Perk, it is still highly situational, and therefore at the bottom of our list. Scout gives you the benefit of “Markers placed on the map will generate radar scans every 2.0 seconds. Reduces range at which enemies can detect the wearer by 30%.” This is very useful only if the team can easily communicate, so the Scout can relay the info to his squadmates. Other than that, it offers you no combat benefits.

Electrical Conduit

The newest Perk we got, Electrical Conduit is also on the bottom of the list, as it is useful only in a specific squad loadout. This passive “provides 95% resistance to arc damage”. If the whole squad is taking Arc weapons, then this Perk can easily be S Tier. But, squads tend to have different weapons for different targets. Having protection against a certain damage type that you won’t see that often can be a little useless. Of course, with the rise of arc weapons in the new Cutting Edge Warbond, this is subject to change. 

Helldivers 2 image of a Helldiver looking at a Bot Fabricator
Image via N4G Unlocked

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