What Are Injuries in Helldivers 2? All Injury Effects Explained

Helldivers 2 Screenshot of all injuries combined

You have probably encountered limb injuries during your Helldiving. There are no specifics on what each of them does, but we are here to help and explain what are injuries in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 is an engaging co-op shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. You and up to three of your friends embark on dangerous missions, to fight the aliens and protect Super Earth. The game is very ruthless, and since having friendly fire is not enough, you can also suffer limb injuries. Each injury gives you a specific debuff, but there is no tooltip or anything similar to explain what those are. We will shed some light on that subject, so read on to learn what are injuries in Helldivers 2.

What Are Injuries in Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, it is not enough that you can easily die from anything. You also suffer injuries to your body parts when enough damage is dealt to them. Injuries are effects that hinder your performance in different ways, depending on the location where the injury is. There are five locations: right leg, left leg, right arm, left arm, and torso. We will explain what each injury does, but bear in mind that there is no official info on this from the devs on the exact effects. This is purely from our and the community’s experience.

Leg Injuries

You gain leg injuries when enough damage is dealt to your legs specifically. If you are injured in one or both legs, you can no longer sprint. Your walking speed is unaffected, as well as your crouching and crawling speed.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a Helldiver with a leg injury
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Enemies tend to strike at your torso, but some stray shots can hit your legs. Moreover, Chargers are known to crush your legs (and other limbs) when they slam into you. But the most common way to get leg injuries is when you fall, legs-first, from a considerable height.

Arm Injuries

When you take some damage to your arms, you may suffer an arm injury. Being injured in one or both of your arms drastically increases the recoil you have when shooting. Even a simple pistol will shoot all over the place if you are injured.

Helldivers 2 screenshot of a player with an arm injury
Image via N4G Unlocked

Some players also claim that it negatively affects your throwing (ie grenades or Stratagems), but we have not experienced anything like it, so take it with a grain of salt.

Torso Injuries

The torso is the largest part of your body but is also the toughest. When you are injured in your torso, it will start to hemorrhage, ie, you will suffer continuous damage until you die, or the injury is healed. Note that having armor with the Democracy Protects Perk makes you immune to torso hemorrhages. Torso injuries are rare, but when they do happen, they should be removed as soon as possible. 

How to Remove Injuries in Helldivers 2

Thankfully, removing injuries is easy. Using a stim will bring your health back up to maximum and will remove all injuries you have. To use a stim, simply press the prompted button (V on the keyboard is the default one), and your Helldiver will self-administer the stim. Moreover, you can heal your squadmates if one of them is injured. Approach the injured team member and the option to heal them will appear. You can have up to four stims, and each use (either on yourself or when healing another) will remove one. There is an Armor Perk, Med-Kit, that increases the amount of stims that you can carry to six.

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