All Titles in Helldivers 2 and How to Get Them

Helldiver prepares to load in Helldivers 2

Looking for a rundown of all titles and how to get them in Helldivers 2? We’ve got you covered. We put together a list of every title you can unlock on your playthrough, how to earn them, and how to change your acting title.

As you earn XP in Helldivers 2, you can unlock new titles. There are 22 in total, including the Super Citizen title, which is exclusive to the Super Citizen Edition of the game. While you need to level up to unlock every title, however, this doesn’t actually affect your build in any way. In fact, your character’s title is entirely cosmetic, merely serving as a way to personalize your character and set yourself apart from other players — or brag about your status and progress. With this in mind, here’s a list of all titles and how to unlock them in Helldivers 2.

How to Get All Titles in Helldivers 2

Conveniently, you’ll unlock a new title every five levels until you reach level 50 in Helldivers 2. After that, you’ll get a new Title every 10 Levels, until you hit the Level cap at 150.

This means you’ll just need to earn XP by completing Objectives and Missions to effectively move up the ranks. Of course, your title has no bearing on your stats, but it does help to distinguish yourself from friends and advertise how far you’ve gotten in the game. Here’s a look at every title you can unlock, and the level you’ll need to reach to earn it.

CadetLevel 0 (default)
Space CadetLevel 5
SergeantLevel 10
Master SergeantLevel 15
ChiefLevel 20
Space Chief PrimeLevel 25
Death CaptainLevel 30
MarshalLevel 35
Star MarshalLevel 40
AdmiralLevel 45
Skull AdmiralLevel 50
Fleet AdmiralLevel 60
Admirable AdmiralLevel 70
CommanderLevel 80
Galactic CommanderLevel 90
Hell CommanderLevel 100
GeneralLevel 110
5-Star GeneralLevel 120
10-Star GeneralLevel 130
PrivateLevel 140
Super PrivateLevel 150
Super CitizenSuper Citizen Edition exclusive (default)

How to Change Your Title in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, you can easily change your title from the safety of your ship. Just head over to the Armory, open the menu, and navigate to the Character tab to view the titles you’ve unlocked. You’ll find them listed under the Title option. Browse the titles you have access to and, once you’ve decided on a new status, select Equip. Moving forward, you’ll see the selected title shown on missions.

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It may happen that the game shows the last title you had, not the one you just took. That just means that the servers got a little confused and your new title should appear on your next mission. Thankfully, Titles do not impact the game whatsoever so no harm in that.

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