Can You Reset Research Points in Helldivers 2? Answered

Helldiver prepares to load in Helldivers 2

Want to know if you can reset your Research Points and start fresh in Helldivers 2? You’re not alone. We have the answer to this pressing question, straight from developers at Arrowhead Game Studios.

In Helldivers 2, you can spend the Research Points you earn from missions on new armor and upgrades for weapons and Stratagems. As you make progress in the sci-fi shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios, however, you may regret some of your purchases. What if you had spent your points on a better helmet or a more useful upgrade? Questions like this have driven many players to consider resetting their points, but is this an option in Helldivers 2? While you could easily reset Research Points in the original title, it looks like those enjoying the sequel will need to wait for new and updates from devs. Here are the details.

PS5 Helldivers 2
  • Enlist in the Helldivers and join the fight for freedom across a hostile galaxy in a fast, frantic, and ferocious third-person shooter.
  • Become a Legend – You will be assembled into squads of up to four Helldivers and assigned strategic missions. Watch each other’s back – friendly fire is an unfortunate certainty of war, but victory without teamwork is impossible.
  • Loadouts – Rain down freedom from above, sneak through enemy territory, or grit your teeth and charge head-first into the jaws of combat. How you deliver liberty is your choice; you’ll have access to a wide array of explosive firepower, life-saving armour and battle-changing stratagems… the jewel in every Helldiver’s arsenal.
  • Requisition – Super Earth recognises your hard work with valuable Requisition. Use it to access different rewards that benefit you, your squad, your destroyer ship and our overall war effort.
  • Threats – Everything on every planet wants you dead. That’s what we’re dealing with. Each enemy has distinct and unpredictable characteristics, tactics, and behaviour – but they all fight ferociously and without fear or morality.

Can You Reset Research Points in Helldivers 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to reset your Research Points in Helldivers 2 at the time of writing. However, it’s certainly possible that devs at Arrowhead will implement this feature down the line, as the original Helldivers installment had a reset function. This allowed Steam players to set both their research samples and points back to zero, though the feature did not refund previously earned upgrades for Strategems or weapons. This process also differed greatly on PlayStation consoles, as saves were stored through PSN (PlayStation Network).

An Arrowhead blog post detailing this feature was recently updated, which suggests that we might see its addition to the latest entry soon enough. What’s more, it will likely resemble the function of the original title, since the original page was revisited. While this hasn’t yet been confirmed, we’ll provide updates and more details as they surface.

In the meantime, it’s best to carefully consider how and when you spend your Research Points in Helldivers 2. Even if a reset feature is added to the game in the near future, it’s possible you may not get a refund once the job is done. Be sure to spend your points on the best armor and upgrades to avoid frivolous decisions.

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