Helldivers 2 Best Stratagem Tier List

Helldivers 2 screenshot of Eagle Strafing Run in action

Are you looking for the best Stratagems in the game? We have compiled a best Stratagem list for Helldivers 2 separated into tiers, so come and take a look.

In Helldivers 2 you have a ton of options when it comes to what gear and upgrades you’ll be taking. You can unlock new equipment via Warbonds using Medals, or you can unlock new Stratagems using Requisition points. But, naturally, some Stratagems are a little better than others. With that in mind, take a look at our best Stratagem tier list for Helldivers 2.

Stratagem Tier List

Stratagems come in all shapes and sizes. When compiling a list, you have to take into account various factors, like usefulness, availability, cooldown time, etc. With that in mind, we have made a tier list of the best Stratagems. Of course, opinions do vary and your experience may differ from ours.

  • S Tier (great all-around Stratagems, useful in practically every situation)
  • A Tier (great for a majority of situations)
  • B Tier (good to have, usefulness depends on the mission/enemy)
    • Orbital Precision Strike
    • Machine Gun
    • 380MM HE Barrage
    • Rocket Sentry
    • Jump Pack
    • Gatling Sentry
    • Anti-Personnel Minefield
    • Napalm Airstrike
    • HMG Emplacement
    • Mortar Sentry
    • Tesla Tower
    • Anti-Materiel Rifle
    • Laser Cannon
    • Eagle 110MM Rocket Pods
    • Stalwart
  • C Tier (situational)
    • Orbital Walking Barrage
    • Machine Gun Sentry
    • Orbital Gatling Barrage
    • Incendiary Mines
    • Orbital EMS Strike
    • Eagle Strafing Run
    • Shield Generator Relay
    • 120MM HE Barrage
    • Orbital Gas Strike
    • Supply Pack
    • Orbital Airburst Strike
    • Orbital Smoke Strike
    • Eagle Smoke Strike
  • D Tier (not that great)
    • Ballistic Shield Backpack
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Top 7 Best Stratagems

Eagle Airstrike

This pretty simple Stratagem you can unlock early on, but in terms of utility is among the best. It can take on a wide range of targets and destroy buildings (life Automaton Factories), and it has a relatively low cooldown.

Quasar Cannon

The heavy las-cannon is the newest addition to Helldivers and has already proved its worth. The Quasar Cannon combines huge damage and armor penetration with unlimited ammo. The only thing keeping it in check is the somewhat long heat-up and cooldown time.


Helldivers 2 image of two Helldivers operating an Autocannon
Image by Arrowhead Game Studios

The most versatile weapon, Autocannon is useful against almost every target in the game. It cannot penetrate armor, but once a weak spot is exposed, its high damage, rate of fire (further improved by teaming up with another Helldiver), and surprising precision really shine. Autocannon deals explosive damage so you can use it to close bug holes and to bypass some damage resistances some enemies have (like Bile Spewers and Chargers).

Eagle 500kg Bomb

This mini-nuke is great when you want to obliterate a part of the map. If placed correctly, it can one-shot a Bile Titan and everything near it. If you have all your Hangar Ship Modules upgraded, then you can use the 500kg Bomb quite often.

Patriot Exosuit

The first Exosuit of the game, the Patriot is an excellent choice that can turn a losing battle into a victory. It will turn you almost impervious to small arms fire and the smaller bugs, and it packs a missile launcher and a Gatling gun, enabling you to take on any enemy in the game. Its greatest downside is that you can only call a maximum of two Patriots during a game, with a cooldown of 10 minutes between them.


The most powerful weapon in the game for taking out large targets. It deals tremendous damage, launches homing missiles (so you don’t have to worry about aiming that much), has great range, and you can team up with a fellow squadmate to significantly reduce the reload time. The downsides are that the homing system can take a while to lock on, it has a very limited number of shots and you can’t aim for weak points.

Guard Dog “Rover”

The infamous laser drone. Rover is invaluable for clearing up waves of enemies, usually when you are on the run or kiting. The amount of kills it can rack up is amazing, but be careful, as it moves its laser beam around when acquiring new enemies, it can cut through your squadmates or even yourself, so it can become dangerous if you are surrounded.

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