Helldivers 2: Guard Dog vs Rover – Which Drone Is the Best?

Helldivers 2 image of Guard Dog and Rover drones with a huge VS between them

Can’t decide which Drone is better for you? Let’s have a little showdown between Guard Dog and Rover in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 is a sci-fi shooter where you and your squadmates fight against hordes of alien enemies. You will need everything you got to survive and triumph against seemingly impossible odds. You have different armor types, weapons, and Stratagems to help you out. And among those Stratagems, you have two types of support gun drones available for you. But, which one is better for your Helldivers 2 missions, Guard Dog or Rover? Let’s see.

Guard Dog vs Rover in Helldivers 2

Both Guard Dog and Rover are Startagems that you unlock in your Ship Management terminal. Guard Dog is found under the Robotics Workshop tab, while Rover is located under Engineering Bay. You unlock them both when you reach Level 10, and they both have a 480sec cooldown timer. So, what are the differences?

AX/AR-23 “Guard Dog”

Known simply as Guard Dog, this drone is equipped with a Liberator assault rifle, providing full 360 coverage. It behaves just like a medium-power turret, shooting anything that comes near, and is best for protecting you from unseen threats and aliens creeping up on you.

The downside is that it can use up its ammo very quickly and then return to your backpack to resupply. This can be done instantly by simply calling down a new one. So, all in all, a reliable source of extra firepower.

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AX/LAS-5 “Guard Dog” Rover

Everyone just calls this one Rover, and it is equipped with a high-power laser rifle. It too provides a 360 coverage, but with a much more powerful weapon. Also, it does not need to recharge as often as Guard Dog. So, what’s the catch?

The downside of Rover is that it fires indiscriminately at enemies. Why is that a bad thing? Well, Rovers are known to sweep their lasers all over the place, resulting in dead teammates. It easily becomes the main reason enemies are dying left and right, but it can very easily be the main reason your team is out of reinforcements.

Final Verdict

Well, it is a tie, with the Rover having a slight advantage. Both of these Drones are quite effective. Guard Dog is a little weaker and has to be recharged often, but that can be mitigated by calling a new one. Moreover, a “Hand Carts” Ship Module reduces the cooldown of all Backpack Strategems by 10%.

On the other hand, Rover is a powerhouse. But, it can easily be the bane of your own squad. That can be mitigated by careful positioning, so experienced players probably have less trouble with Rover.

All in all, both are good in their own way, with Rover having a slight advantage due to its sheer destructive potential. 

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