How to Find and Kill Hulks in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 image of the Automaton Hulk

Arguably the toughest of the Automatons, Hulks are nightmare-including robots of death. But, they can be brought down, so let’s see how to find and kill Hulks in Helldivers 2.

There is no shortage of tough enemies, ready to turn the lives of our Helldivers into…well, Hell. If you fought on the eastern part of the Galaxy map, you undoubtedly have strong opinions on Chargers and Bile Titans. But, when you move to the western part of the map, the situation is a whole lot different. Those bots are heavily armored and they shoot, a lot. All of that is perfectly encapsulated in the Automaton Hulk, an armored walker that can only be outclassed by the Tank. With all that in mind, read on to find out how to find and kill Hulks in Helldivers 2.

How to Find Hulks in Helldivers 2

As you might have suspected, Hulks are Automatons, and can only be found on Automaton planets. They are located on the left-hand side of the galaxy map, in the red-colored sectors. You can first encounter them on Medium difficulty, as the main objective of the Eliminate Automaton Hulks missions. From then on, you will start encountering them from Challenging difficulty onwards. Pick any Automaton-controlled planet (preferably those that are part of a Major Order) and chances are you’ll find some Hulks there.

What Are Hulks

The Hulk’s official description is: ”As with all Automaton units, the plodding Hulk is brainlessly optimized to do nothing except deliver heavy firepower. If encountered, the recommended protocol for Helldivers is to immediately call in the largest orbital bombardment available. Variants: Autocannon/Rocket, Flame, Rocket”.

Hulks are large Automaton units, looking quite similar to Redemptor Dreadnaughts from the Warhammer 40.000 franchise. They are armored, two-legged monstrosities, with just a tiny eye-slit, and are all but impervious to anything but the heaviest weaponry. They wield an array of weapons and can also be equipped with meat saws, which make them even more dangerous up close.

Where to Find Hulks

On lower difficulties, you can find Hulks guarding the larger bases. As you increase the difficulty level, you’ll encounter them more often. On the highest difficulties, they will be a regular part of patrols and Dropship reinforcements, and you will find more than one guarding an Outpost. Now, how to bring those Hulks down?

How to Kill Hulks in Helldivers 2

Hulks are dangerous foes both at range and up close. Moreover, they are quite maneuverable for their size. As with other tough Automatons, you can either take the Hulk head-on or aim for its weak spot.

Best Weapons Against Hulks

If you want to face the Hulk directly, thankfully, we have a weapon perfect for that. The Quasar Cannon is an excellent antidote for Hulks, as a single lucky shot into the eye-slit can take a Hulk down. But, they usually fall after two direct hits from Quasar. You can also aim for their arms, but we found it better to eliminate them outright than to tear them apart piece by piece. 

Other armor-piercing weapons (like the Recoilless Rifle and the Railgun) are also effective against Hulks but will require more hits. A Spear is great if you spot a Hulk from a distance. For those marksmen out there, many players claim that the Anti-Materiel Rifle is perfect for aiming at that eye-slit and that it is surprisingly good for eliminating Hulks.

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Hulk’s Weak Spot

As for the weak spot, if you manage to sneak up on a Hulk, or if you are lucky enough that it is chasing your teammate around, Hulks have a glowing reactor on their backs. It is nowhere near as armored as the front, so you can unload everything that you got on it. A couple of grenades or a powerful hit from an anti-tank weapon will destroy that reactor and the Hulk will begin to “bleed out”. If the reactor is on fire, look for some cover and in a couple of seconds, the Hulk will fall.

Best Stratagems For Hulks in Helldivers 2

As for Orbitals and similar non-weapon Stratagems, Hulks are pretty resistant to explosions. Your best bet is the Orbital Laser and Railcannon Strike, although a well-placed Eagle Airstrike can take a Hulk Down. And of course, an Eagle 500kg Bomb is effective against everything, Hulks included (just make sure they are near the center of the explosion, not on the edges).

An EXO-45 Patriot can also be effective against Hulks, with its rocket launcher. But, it can easily be destroyed if the Hulk fires back, as you can’t effectively hide while in the Exosuit.

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