Helldivers 2: Is the Premium Warbond Worth it?

Helldiver prepares to load in Helldivers 2

If you’ve just started Helldivers 2, then you’re probably wondering if the Premium Warbond is worth it. We have the answer to this burning question. Stick around for content details and whether it’s worth the investment in the long run.

Helldivers 2 developers at Arrowhead Game Studios have provided plenty of opportunities for you to earn rewards from the game’s battle passes, referred to as Warbonds. Currently, there are two battle passes available, including the Helldivers Mobilize! Warbond and the Steeled Veterans Warbond, the latter serving as the premium battle pass. Typically, you’d have to spend your hard-earned cash to get your hands on premium rewards, but Helldivers 2 devs have made this content much more accessible to the average player. This begs the question: Is the Helldivers 2 Premium Warbond worth it? Let’s break it down.

PS5 Helldivers 2
  • Enlist in the Helldivers and join the fight for freedom across a hostile galaxy in a fast, frantic, and ferocious third-person shooter.
  • Become a Legend – You will be assembled into squads of up to four Helldivers and assigned strategic missions. Watch each other’s back – friendly fire is an unfortunate certainty of war, but victory without teamwork is impossible.
  • Loadouts – Rain down freedom from above, sneak through enemy territory, or grit your teeth and charge head-first into the jaws of combat. How you deliver liberty is your choice; you’ll have access to a wide array of explosive firepower, life-saving armour and battle-changing stratagems… the jewel in every Helldiver’s arsenal.
  • Requisition – Super Earth recognises your hard work with valuable Requisition. Use it to access different rewards that benefit you, your squad, your destroyer ship and our overall war effort.
  • Threats – Everything on every planet wants you dead. That’s what we’re dealing with. Each enemy has distinct and unpredictable characteristics, tactics, and behaviour – but they all fight ferociously and without fear or morality.

Is the Steeled Veterans Premium Warbond Worth it in Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, Warbonds act as battle passes, lending you ample opportunities to score some pretty sought-after rewards. Naturally, the premium battle pass, Steeled Veterans, can be purchased to earn a plethora of goods, from cosmetics and weapons to player cards and Boosters.

Those who went with the Super Citizen Edition of the game already have access to this Warbond’s tiers, but developers at Arrowhead Game Studios have created in-game opportunities for players to earn Super Credits (the game’s premium currency) and Medals to score these rewards, too. Because of this, it’s not necessary to spend your cold, hard cash on the premium battle pass — though it’s definitely worth it to spend time earning Medals and Super Credits to exchange for battle pass rewards down the line.

All Steeled Veterans Rewards in Helldivers 2

Tier One

  • Tyrant Hunter: Player Card (2 Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (7 Medals)
  • Tyrant Hunter: Cape (8 Medals)
  • Super Person: Victory Pose (8 Medals)
  • SA-25 Steel Trooper: Helmet (12 Medals)
  • P-4 Senator: Pistol (15 Medals)
  • SA-25 Steel Trooper: Body Armor (18 Medals)
  • AR-23E Liberator Explosive: Assault Rifle (20 Medals)

Tier Two (Unlocked with 60 Medals)

  • Cloak of Posterity’s Gratitude: Player Card (5 Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (12 Medals)
  • Roll ‘Em: Victory Pose (15 Medals)
  • Cloak of Posterity’s Gratitude: Cape (20 Medals)
  • G-10 Incendiary: Grenade (25 Medals)
  • SA-12 Servo Assisted: Helmet (35 Medals)
  • SA-12 Servo Assisted: Body Armor (45 Medals)
  • SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary: Shotgun (60 Medals)

Tier Three (Unlocked with 200 Medals)

  • Bastion of Integrity: Player Card (16 Medals)
  • Bastion of Integrity: Cape (16 Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (32 Medals)
  • You’re Next: Victory Pose (32 Medals)
  • SA-32 Dynamo: Helmet (48 Medals)
  • SA-32 Dynamo: Body Armor (64 Medals)
  • Flexible Reinforcement Budget: Booster (75 Medals)
  • Jar-5 Dominator: Explosive Weapon (80 Medals)

How to Unlock Battle Pass Rewards in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Game Director, Sagar Beroshi, made it clear the sequel would not include any FOMO-driven monetization tactics, allowing the player base to choose when and where to spend their money at their leisure. Without pressure, you can easily rack up Medals and Super Credits in online co-op or single-player game modes to spend on battle pass rewards.

This is done by locating POIs (points of interest) across the map and completing Personal Orders and Operations during missions. Of course, you can also purchase Super Credits or the entire premium battle pass at the Acquisition Center on the Destroyer ship.

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