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Blizzard – Developer joins Valve in lawsuit against China copycats

2d ago - MMOculture: Blizzard Entertainment has joined Valve in the lawsuit against Chinese companies, dev... | PC

Valve Files Trademark for VR Hardware 'CHAPERONE'

2d ago - Valve has already partnered with HTC for their Vive VR device, but it looks like the company coul... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

No DRM? GOG Galaxy Ventures In The Right Direction

4d ago - As the world moves toward digital distribution as the primary source for game sales, many of the... | PC

Valve Joins OSVR

4d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Valve has joined forces with the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OS... | PC

Valve's Lighthouse VR tracking system could help robots understand their location

4d ago - The magic in Valve’s VR prototypes isn’t just in the headset. It’s in the positional tracking of... | Tech

Valve addresses the seven day cool-down for gifting/trading items

7d ago - team has announced via Reddit that its weekly cool-down for gifting/trading items is a bid to com... | PC

Once Accuser Becomes Defendant - Valve Prosecutes Soul Hunters Onwer Lilith

7d ago - Not long ago, Soul Hunter (Known as Heroes Charge) developer Lilith sued Heroes Charge for copyri... | PC

Valve Isn't Evil, They Just Don't Understand People

8d ago - Kotaku: In recent times, people have taken to calling Valve “evil.” Not negligent, not out of to... | PC

Valve removes Loading Screen Bundles from Compendium drop list

9d ago - Due to complains of wasting 1000 Compendium Coins that are hard to obtain, Valve took off the loa... | PC

Valve Reveals First Iteration of SteamVR’s Lighthouse

11d ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of the original version of SteamVR's Lighthouse laser-based trackin... | PC

Dota 2 6.84b Patch – Interpretation and calculations

12d ago - This is a complete interpretation and analysis of the Dota 2 v6.84b patch. And the patch would be... | PC

The DOTA 2 Compendium stretch goals has been released

13d ago - With more stretch goals achieved, Valve is releasing the rewards almost the same day the goals ar... | Culture

A Red Flag for Greenlight

14d ago - Valve was laudably quick to deal with homophobia, but Greenlight is still failing devs and consum... | PC

The International 5 and the compendium feature

15d ago - The International 5 is just around the corner now. And the Dota 2 prize pool has reached over $5,... | Culture

From Starved to Spoiled: Oculus, Valve and Sony Prepare for War in 2016

16d ago - VRFocus delivers an opinion piece on the VR landscape following the recent announcement of a rele... | PC

id Software’s 1995 Concept for Paid Mods Was Actually Pretty Solid

17d ago - id came up with a system for compensating Quake modders twenty years ago. It was never implemente... | PC

Valve: "Getting people sick isn't a choice"

17d ago - Chet Faliszek explains VR's future depends on defeating motion sickness | Tech

Sony Talking Project Morpheus, Valve Talking VR and More at Shayla Games Jam

17d ago - VRFocus - Last month VRFocus reported on the news that the second Shayla Games VR Jam would be ta... | PC

Valve, Dreamworks, Nvidia to Speak at SVVR Conference & Expo

17d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Valve, Dreamworks, Nvidia and more are set to speak at the upcom... | Industry

Valve explains the reasoning behind Steam gift restrictions

19d ago - Gifting things on Steam can be more trouble than it's worth, thanks to the regional and time rest... | PC

Contests For N4G Members

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The Rise and Fall of Steam Paid Mods

20d ago - Jordan tells the tale of Steam Paid Mods from the start to finish, including all the controversie... | PC

Throwdown Ep. 33 – “The Mod Rules”

21d ago - Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes: "Shortly after we recorded the last episode of Throwdo... | PC

Valve has a game that lets you pretend to be a unicorn in virtual reality

21d ago - When Valve was messing about with early VR, it came up with a game called Balloons where you play... | PC

Alien: Isolation, Company of Heroes 2 & Game of Thrones Headed to Vive, Valve Leak Suggets

21d ago - VRFocus reports on a supposed image leak from Valve suggesting that titles like Alien: Isolation... | PC

Steam Dollar - Rupiah Exchange Rate Bug Breaks Community Market

21d ago - Valve has promised to rollback transactions. | PC
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