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Indie Roundup – Rainworld, Megatect, Melon Quest and More

24m ago - OnlySP: Welcome to the fourth installment of Only Single Players Indie Round Up, this week featur... | PC

Top 5 Single Player Horror Games to Play This Halloween

24m ago - OnlySP: October is upon us, so Halloween is rearing it's grotesque head just around the corner. T... | PC

Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post

Metal Gear Solid 5's female DLC outfit 'can be unzipped for a tactical advantage'

31m ago - One of Metal Gear Solid 5's new female DLC outfits can be "unzipped for a tactical advantage" in... | PC

Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Master Chief and Spartan Locke Xbox One Controllers released

38m ago - The Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Master Chief and Spartan Locke Xbox One Controllers have be... | Xbox One

Metal Gear Online Female Customization Creates Gorgeous Fighters

48m ago - A video which looks at the Metal Gear Online female character customization options when you reac... | Xbox 360

10 Indie Games You Must Play

1h ago - Indie games are the future of the video game industry. With the middle tier of video game develop... | PC

343 says Halo had to 'move forward' from split-screen

1h ago - MMGN writes: Halo 5: Guardians will be getting plenty of post-launch support, but it won't offer... | Xbox One

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - New Information Revealed (Endings, Augmentations, Illuminati Reference)

1h ago - Yesterday, EIDOS Montreal and Square Enix revealed some new information about Deus Ex: Mankind Di... | PC

WWE 2K16: Three New Roster Additions Confirmed

3h ago - Chris Mawson writes: "While the last official WWE 2K16 roster reveal came nearly a month ago, the... | PC

ARK: Survival Evolved Brings a Flying Battleship Dinosaur into the Mix

3h ago - Studio Wildcard has unleashed the latest dinosaur to roam the ARK: Survival Evolved land: Quetzal... | PC

LEGO Dimensions Review – Pricey Crossover (PSLS)

4h ago - "LEGO Dimensions seems like a no-brainer. LEGO games are simple and addictive, and the toys-to-li... | Xbox 360

The Force Awakens to Usher in New Era of Star Wars Games

5h ago - Hardcore Gamer: There’s a lot to look forward to if you’re a Star Wars fan. | PC

Far Cry Primal Stars the Voice of Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen

5h ago - The world is abuzz with Far Cry Primal, the newly announced Ubisoft game that’s thrusting the pop... | PC

Kingdom Hearts 3 dev hints at third playable character: 'maybe something will happen'

5h ago - The developer behind Kingdom Hearts 3 has touched on the possibility of introducing more playable... | PS4

Destiny’s Microtransactions Could Help Improve the Game

7h ago - Destiny is Introducing microtransactions to the game next week and it may be a good thing. | Xbox 360

Guns, Gore & CANNOLI Review I Xbox Players

7h ago - Whether its Guns or CANNOLI, you can guarantee there will be Gore in this ID game for the Xbox One. | Xbox One

Transformers - Devastation: review by Destructoid

7h ago - Destructoid: "So let's get right into the thick of it -- the action. As you'd expect from Platinu... | PC

Fable Legends DX12 Benchmark

7h ago - Find out the results of this Fable Legends DX12 benchmark. | PC

Halo 5’s Forge Looks Amazing in New Video

7h ago - EB: The Forge has long been a fan favorite among Halo players, and 343 Industries seem keen on ma... | Xbox One

Halo 5: Guardians Personifies Microsoft’s ‘Greatest Games Lineup in Xbox History’ -- Hardcore Gamer

8h ago - Hardcore Gamer writes: "When 343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross opened the beginning of Micro... | Xbox One

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

10 Games That Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Their Amazing Voice Actors

8h ago - Following the recent news that the largest union for voice actors was contemplating a strike. We... | PSP

Steelseries Siberia X300 Review - Solid Sound, No Gimmicks | COG

9h ago - COG writes: Steelseries PC pedigree comes to consoles in the form of the Siberia X300. We've list... | Xbox One

Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Star Wars: Battlefront

9h ago - DF: It may well be the case that these compromises are made for the benefit of console developme... | PC

Top Games To Play While Drunk

9h ago - Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "We’ve all been there, it’s a Friday evening and you’re not on... | PS2

Sony Pushing Ads to the Dashboard Isn't a Bad Thing, It Could Actually Be a Really Good Tool

9h ago - The Games Cabin takes a look at what good could come from pushing adverts for games to the homesc... | PC
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