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What Happened to EA?

54m ago - I’m a 35 year old gamer, and that means several things;I owned singles on records and cassettes.... | Industry

Slow Zombies Suck, and This Video Proves it…

2h ago - Ever wonder why people are so scared of zombies that move as slow as snails? Well check out this... | Culture

Civilization: Beyond Earth gets free Steam demo and why that’s important

3h ago - A small opinion piece on the Civilization: Beyond Earth demo and the importance of demos in general. | PC

Gamergate gone too far

4h ago - "When it began it was something that was so outrageously silly that I didn't believe it. Then onc... | Culture

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4) Review

Now - Ken simply walks into Mordor and kills plenty of Orcs. | Promoted post

#GamerGate: Threats of Mass Shooting and Rape- Interview with Brianna Wu + Jennifer Allaway

4h ago - The hashtag is a very familiar, if not unwelcome sight to those who monitor the industry as an in... | Xbox 360

Video Games, Violence, and Advertising

4h ago - These are scenes straight from the campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts; scenes that are depicted in... | Xbox 360

Golden Joysticks 2014: Full list of winners

5h ago - With over nine million votes cast by members of the gaming public, From Software's hardcore actio... | Industry

What Makes Old Games Addictive

7h ago - "As a programmer by trade, I rarely want to write code when I get home... but even 10-12 hours of... | Industry

6 Of The Most Insultingly Stupid Gaming Accessories Available Today

8h ago - John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "We all occasionally fall victim to the innate consumer lodged deep within... | Industry

Gaming needs more remakes

9h ago - "Having always been a GameCentral reader a few comments regarding Bayonetta in the Inbox recently... | Culture

HATRED's Controversy, Is It Necessary?

9h ago - As many of you may have seen, a game called HATRED has be making some waves recently due to its g... | PC

Actress Felicia Day doxxed after expressing GamerGate concerns

9h ago - The truly honorable intentions of the GamerGate movement gets another black eye. And I use the wo... | Culture

The Dangers of Speaking about GamerGate

11h ago - People that are involved in the game industry will have surely heard about the movement known as... | Culture

Radio Show Covering GamerGate Faces Harassment

13h ago - Video Game Sophistry's latest show asks Brianna Wu and Jennifer Allaway to speak about GamerGate,... | Xbox 360

Online games expected to hit $13B in 2014, with at least $946M from League of Legends alone

13h ago - VB writes: Mobile may be the hottest game market, but massively multiplayer online games on th... | PC

Will Ubisofts Graphics Parity Effect What Games You Buy This Holiday Season?

16h ago - Graphics Parity aka #PS4noparity has been a huge subject of debate since Ubisoft announced they w... | PS4

Dark Souls 2 is The Game of the Year at Golden Joystick Awards 2014

19h ago - During today's 32nd annual Golden Joystick Awards, Dark Souls II has won the GoTY award, beating... | Xbox 360
20° Arena opens in Columbus just in time for Call of Duty tournament

21h ago - The e-sports association plans to hold monthly events at its new arena, and it is breaking in the... | Industry

Interview: Gamersgate CEO Talks Frustration With GamerGate Association

21h ago - Gamersgate CEO Theodore Bergqvist recently released a statement distancing his Sweden-based compa... | Industry

Indie Game Con highlights Oregon’s growing development scene

23h ago - On October 4th, Eugene, Oregon was host to a new indie-focused conference that sought to bring to... | Industry

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Dev blog: Rubicon Development on indie games and market visibility

23h ago - Writing for Continue Play, head of Rubicon Development, Paul Johnson, disusses a major problem fa... | PC

Ozzie Rants: Wii U Follow Up, #GamerGate, and Online Harassment

1d ago - Ozzie talks about comments he got on his Wii U rant as well as a topic he really intended to avoi... | Wii U

Digital High Podcast – Destiny Changes, Does ‘Hatred’ Go Too Far, and More

1d 1h ago - Entertainment Fuse: This week the Digital High guys, Aaron, Marquice, and Vincent, sit down to di... | PC

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Descends Upon Mac and Linux

1d 2h ago - "Shadow Planet Productions is delighted to announce the release of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet... | Industry

GamerGate Interview: Supporter Discusses Controversial Movement, Its Goals and Threats of Violence

1d 2h ago - IBTimes UK interviews a supporter of the controversial GamerGate movement, asking why he supports... | Culture
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