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Xbox 360 Spring Sale Happening Right Now

1d 18h ago - The Xbox 360 Spring Sale offers some great deals from now until April 21st. | Xbox 360

Visit these real cities by playing a video game

2d ago - Video games often show bloody scenes of rampant carnage, speeding racecars on professional tracks... | PS4

The Future Of Console Gaming – Competition

3d ago - The Future of Video Games is a series that takes a look at the past of video games in order to ex... | Culture

The Xbox One is for girls

4d ago - I like the good people at our local Microsoft office. They host a bunch of launches for games, as... | Xbox One

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Titanfall Canadian Launch and Review: Not For Everyone

4d ago - One of the unfortunate realities of living in the great white north is that often developers won’... | Xbox 360

Larry Hryb recalls that the Xbox One was originally "very complex to explain."

4d ago - At PAX EAST, Hryb took a shot at Sony's claim that it will ship 100 games in 2014. "Saying someth... | Xbox One

How Microsoft can ensure the Xbox One is successful in Japan

5d ago - Japan is pretty big country for gaming, Sony and Nintendo get a huge portion of their profits fro... | Xbox One

Nintendo Going Third-Party Would Be A Great Idea... Said No One That Cares About the Company.

6d ago - Phil Stortzum writes, "Nintendo going third-party... For some, the thought of that is an insane c... | GameCube

Microsoft's 'Escape from Windows XP' Game Caps the End of an Era

6d ago - Maximum PC: Well, that's it folks. Support for Windows XP officially ended on Tuesday, marking th... | PC

Microsoft: Is It Time for a Comeback?

6d ago - Jake Alster of thinks Microsoft is set to make a comeback. | Xbox One

Phil Harrison Interview - Xbox One, Exclusives and the Power of Indie

6d ago - XBA spoke to Phil Harrison, corporate vice president of Microsoft, in San Francisco recently, gri... | Xbox One

Can Microsoft turn things around ? Inferior Console Curse Dilemma

6d ago - Insiderp: "The company's focus should be on winning USA which is still up for grabs. A solid perf... | Xbox One

Xbox One might win the console war through competitive gaming

6d ago - We stand in the midst of a console war between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we see that Microsoft... | Xbox One

Sony Exec on Xbox Boss: 'He's the Most Human Guy There'

7d ago - Hsu quotes Yoshida as saying that the promotion of Spencer "proves Microsoft is smart. He's the m... | Industry

NPD Predictions -- Will the Xbox One Finally Overtake the PlayStation 4?

7d ago - GS: Aril 17th is when we finally see which games and consoles sold the most in March. With a n... | PC

Does The Kinect 2.0 Suck or Not?

7d ago - CCC Says: "The Xbox One has had many challenges over the last several months since its launch. Wi... | Xbox One

MONG Podcast Episode 28 - Microsoft, Are You Smarter Than a 5 Year Old?

7d ago - This week the team talked about all of the Super Smash Bros. news, The Last of Us coming to PS4,... | Xbox 360

Microsoft Studios Sale and This Week’s Deals with Gold

7d ago - Microsoft has today started its Easter Sale, which will run until April 14. | Xbox 360

What is Microsoft’s Secret Weapon?

7d ago - CCC Says: "It turns out the secret to their success was right under their noses all the time!... | Xbox One

Is VR Microsoft’s Chance To Make Windows Relevant For Gaming Again?

8d ago - In recent weeks, the big news for the emerging virtual reality platform has been Sony entering th... | PC

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Killer Instinct rolls out 6.8 GB Fulgore title update

8d ago - Polygon: Microsoft Studios has begun rolling out the Fulgore title update for Killer Instinct, wh... | Xbox One

Xbox One's Uphill Race To Catch PlayStation 4

8d ago - If Microsoft wants the Xbox One to have a larger worldwide install base than the PlayStation 4, i... | PS4

1985FM Podcast 80 4-7-14

8d ago - This week on the 1985FM Podcast, we discuss Amazon Fire TV and it's potential for games, Amy Henn... | PS4

Kinect Sports Rivals proves the Xbox One Kinect still isn't serious gaming hardware

8d ago - Kinect Sports Rivals is the game that should show off everything the Xbox One Kinect sensor can a... | Xbox One

Once Again Sony Beats Microsoft With Easter PSN Sale

8d ago - Voxel Juice writes "The battle for console supremacy doesn't always rage around hardware specs or... | PS3
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