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From Kyle Traveling to the astral plane by opening your third eye and leaving your pathetic meat and fiber sack behind is not something you cons...

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The BBC Explains – Three Minutes Of Condescension And Bias

14m ago - One of the biggest problems which video games face outside gaming communities is the adamant refu... | Culture

Firefly Online – Five reasons for the Browncoats to get excited

1h ago - Firefly Online finally gives fans of the TV show something to look forward too. Here is five reas... | Industry

What Does a Good Videogame Film Look Like?

17h ago - GameGrin's Alex Avard writes: "There have been countless attempts at movies based off of video ga... | Culture

Op-Ed: A minor delay is better than a broken game

1d 1h ago - 'Battlefield: Hardline' has become the latest game that has been delayed to 2015. It appears that... | Industry

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

The Future of Release Dates

1d 8h ago - A writer at Middle of Nowhere Gaming feels that upcoming game release dates rest in uncertainty. | Industry

A Brief Look At Narrative In Gaming

1d 13h ago - jumptogamer: Several weeks ago, my mother caught a glimpse of me playing Final Fantasy X; a no... | Industry

The Importance of Ambience in MMOs

2d ago - Whenever a new online rpg is being touted by its developers, they always talk about how immersive... | Industry

How SoulCalibur changed 3D fighting games forever

2d ago - Released for the Dreamcast in 1995, SoulCalibur was the second game in the budding Souls franchis... | Industry

What Now for PlayStation Now?

3d ago - Subscription or pay-for-usage plans may work, but Sony’s current model surely won’t. Full anal... | PS3

Whatever Happened To: Keiji Inafune

3d ago - Sometimes change happens whether we're prepared for it or not. Sometimes events transpire beyond... | Industry

Welcome to Next-Gen, Same as the Last-Gen

3d ago - Most of the titles I’ve downloaded off PSN could easily be purchased and played on any semi-compe... | Xbox 360

Logic and Gaming

3d ago - We've all heard the phrase "nit-picking" and it's generally frowned upon. However should can a ce... | Industry

Early Access Games: The Good, Bad & Ugly

3d ago - PlayStation LifeStyle feature on the pros and cons of early access games and what constitutes "ea... | Industry

Games and Negativity: Why Do We Build Our Hobby on Hatred?

3d ago - Critically Sane discusses why we've allowed our hobby to be surrounded by all sorts of unfortunat... | Culture

6 key points from the 2014 Indie Salary Report

3d ago - Gamasutra: This is the fifth year for the indie developer salary report, in which we survey non-s... | Industry

This New Logo of Sony Santa Monica Studio is better than Last One

4d ago - SegmentNext - "People at Sony Santa Monica Studio are super siked about the new face of their com... | Culture

Video Game Violence Vindicated

4d ago - JudgeGreg goes into his thoughts on research concerning video game violence. | Industry

This Generation, the Hardware Was Ready, But the Games Weren't

4d ago - Even though both consoles enjoyed a very solid and productive launch, it seems obvious that devel... | PS4

Wii U Sales May Be Slowing In Japan, But The PS4 Is Dying Over There

4d ago - One Angry Gamer "Nintendo’s little console-that-could is still showing that it can huff and puff... | PS4

Why Did Microsoft Corporation Shut Down Its Xbox Entertainment Studios?

4d ago - Microsoft Corporation last week announced that it would shut down its Xbox Entertainment Studios,... | Xbox One

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

The Big Bad MOBA Bubble

4d ago - MOBAs are very chic right now, but are they here to stay? How the big MOBA scene could burn out l... | PC

Who Watches the Watch Dogs? The Problem with Game Protagonists like Aiden Pearce

4d ago - Aiden Pearce and the terror of a righteous protagonist in a game without a hero. | PC

Subscription MMOs Making a Comeback

4d ago - Anyone who's played mmorpg games over the last five years has noticed that a huge shift has occur... | Industry

Racing game Sells quite Cheap this week. The Crew Preorder for 31.99EUR and other

4d ago - I was pretty surprised finding this one. I played many racing games, which recently weren't a... | PC

The Daily Harassment of Women in the Game Industry

5d ago - The industry is currently in the midst of a massive cultural shift. There’s a growing disconnect... | Industry
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