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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks on Balance Between AAA and Indies on PS4; Morpheus,its Price and Himself

3d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida gave quite a few interesti... | PS4

Shuhei Yoshida Hopes to Release Soul Sacrifice Delta and Ore no Shikabane o Koete Yuke 2 in the West

7d ago - It’s no mystery that the PS Vita could use a bit more JRPG love in the west. There are quite a fe... | PS Vita

Sony Could Have Reorganized its First Party Studios in 2008, But Shuhei Yoshida Saved Them

7d ago - On Thursday Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida and PS4 Lead Architect M... | PS3

An oral history of the last 20 years of gaming, as told by PlayStation's Shuhei Yoshida

8d ago - Engadget: "The three weeks out of every month that Shuhei Yoshida's in Japan, he has the same rou... | Industry

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Shu Yoshida: Games Like The Last of Us Will be More Impactful on PS4; Will Cross the Uncanny Valley

8d ago - Sony Computer Entertainmeent Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is is never afraid to show his enth... | PS4

Shuhei Yoshida loves that Facebook bought Oculus, says it helps validate PlayStation's efforts

9d ago - Engadget: "I woke up that morning and saw the announcement," Shuhei Yoshida tells us, remembering... | PC

Sony Exec on Xbox Boss: 'He's the Most Human Guy There'

10d ago - Hsu quotes Yoshida as saying that the promotion of Spencer "proves Microsoft is smart. He's the m... | Industry

[GDC2014] Morpheus to go Beyond the Niche, to Be Enjoyed Together With Family and Friends

29d ago - Dengeki Online interviews Shuhei Yoshida and Richard Marks on Morpheus. | PS4

PS4 Games Could Have DLC for Morpheus; Current Latency is 40 ms: Possible Improvements Explained

29d ago - Since the announcement of Project Morpheus many have been wondering whether normal PS4 games will... | PS4

GDC2104 Interview: The Seven Secrets of Project Morpheus

30d ago - 4Gamer interviews Sony's Shuhei Yoshida and Richard Marks on Project Morpheus. | PS4

Sony’s Morpheus VR Headset for PS4 Has Three Different Processors, Could Still Get an OLED Screen

30d ago - The official spec sheet of the prototype of Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality headset menti... | PS4

Exploring virtual reality on PlayStation 4 with Shuhei Yoshida and Richard Marks

30d ago - Engadget interviews Shuhei Yoshida and Richard Marks on Morpheus. | PS4

Shuhei Yoshida: "Many Developers Are Very Interested" in Morpheus; New Content "Hopefully" By E3

30d ago - Now that the news about Sony’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus are out in the wild, the... | PS4

Project Morpheus VR won’t be released in 2014

31d ago - Project Morpheus, Sony’s recently announced VR headset for the PS4 will not have a commercial rel... | PS4

PS4-exclusive Driveclub did experiment with virtual reality, but that's not why it was delayed

32d ago - Gamespot : "The delay of PlayStation 4-exclusive racing game Driveclub to spring 2014 had noth... | PS4

Shuhei Yoshida: Morpheus Games Have no Problem Reaching 1080p/60fps; Only Deep and Castle Run on PS4

32d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida gave a few more details on... | PS4

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida: Morpheus Is “3D By Default;” Gives Lots of Info on PS4′s New VR Headset

33d ago - A rather strange and even a little funny peculiarity of yesterday’s presentation of the new Proje... | PS4

PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida and Mark Cerny Will Speak at the Computer History Museum in April

39d ago - Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida and PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny wi... | PS4

PlayStation's software boss and the creator of the Move together in new GDC talk

44d ago - Gamasutra : "Game Developers Conference has just confirmed a vendor session from Sony Computer... | Tech

Insider: Sony Has Good Plans, PS4 Future Is Bright

45d ago - Thuway has been reassured from a source inside Sony that PS4 future is bright, and plans are soli... | PS4

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Shuhei Yoshida: Many PS4 Games to be Announced Later This year; inFAMOUS: Second Son “Insanely Good”

58d ago - Shuhei Yoshida talked about the future projects of Sony's Worldwide Studios, and praised the upco... | PS4

Shuhei Yoshida: PS4 Devs to Get Past "Uncanny Valley;" New Uncharted in Production for 3 Years?

59d ago - Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is obviously quite proud of the PS4, and today he... | PS4

Watch Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Introduce The PS4 and its Features

81d ago - SCE Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida has become one of the most prominent figureheads of... | PS4

PS4 "Interact From Stream" Feature Is Already Active on Some games

85d ago - If you're a fan of the PS4 streaming, you might be interested to learn that the "interact" featur... | PS4

When is the PS4 3D Blu-ray update due? “Sorry, we do not know yet” says Sony’s Shu

89d ago - Shuhei Yoshida‘s been updating PlayStation 4 owners personally again via Twitter. This time it’s... | PS4
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