PS3 dev makes for better 360 games? Burnout Paradise thinks so

Xboxer.TV writes, "I sat down yesterday with Nick Channon, the thoroughly nice man behind the surprisingly enticing Burnout Paradise. I played the game, and it felt pretty damn fun, but of most interest were Channon's comments on choosing the PS3 as the lead development platform. I asked him to elaborate on his claim that "development on the PS3 has made for a better 360 game".

Specifically, I asked him if he felt developing the other way, from 360 to PS3 might not make for such great titles. His answer? "I think you've seen that maybe. That the transition has meant people aren't always as able to deliver to the same standard, but we certainly have".

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Bonsai12143886d ago

well of course. the programming for the 360 is like programming for a pc, which is why developers like it, and why its labeled as "programmer friendly." but working with the ps3 requires devs to utilize new ways of coding and basically makes them try harder to get a good result. like it or not, multicore processing is the way of the future and the way the ps3 is set up, its on the cutting edge.

an analogy is like cooking. the 360 is like having three arms. you can do more things at once giving you a better result. the ps3 is like having 6 "magic boxes" (SPUs) that you can toss food (code) into and the magic box does whatever is needed to prepare the food correctly. so while the 360 has more arms and thus is easier to just plunk food down in front of it to cook, the ps3 will ultimately give you a better result once devs get a hang of working harder and writing more core-oriented code.

sonarus3886d ago

burnout was lead developed on ps3 because they felt they needed the cell processor for the amazing car crashes and also because of the open ended nature of play station online allowing them to create their seamless world of racing. I am a pretty big burnout fan. Gran turismo and burnout are my favourite racing games of all time. I heard the game looks slightly better on ps3 though at least according to 1up

BenzMoney3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

That 'cooking' analogy has to be the stupidest thing I've read all week! Thanks for the laugh. You might as well just say that deving for 360 is like washing a car with three sponges, and deving for a ps3 is like washing a motorcycle with 8 chamois and a midget. Seriously, wtf?

Bonsai12143886d ago

heh, yeah. it is a pretty stupid thing to say, but too bad anyone with any knowledge of hardware knows that its true..

CadDad3886d ago

I had to respond to the cooking analogy. It was too classic not to.

I think it would be more fair to say this: "cooking" for the 360 is familiar like cooking at home. You know all the ingredients and you can kind of get what you want to out of it, without worrying too much about having to mess with the recipe.

The PS3 on the other hand is like visiting someone else and having to use their utensils and ingredients. You aren't quite sure going into the meal what you have to work with, but upon fully recognizing and coming up with a plan, you just may end up with something you've never tried before that has potential to be something you like better.

Magic boxes? lol.....


gta_cb3886d ago

i have to say that CadDad's response was a lot better although im not saying you are wrong Bonsai1214. and yeah i have to say it aswell magic box? wtf! lol


You my friend are a comedic genius. Thanks for the laugh. Bubble for you if i could i would give you six for that comment. Funny my friend very funny........

rushbd3886d ago

I'll translate it for you. Although i'm not an American or an English. it's almost funny .......

"development on the PS3 has made for a better 360 game"

a better 360 game than the PS3 game ?? No
a better 360 game than a 360 game ?? yes

sounds complicated ?? Not to me.

----------------------------- -------------
Scenario 1:
You create a game on Xbox 360 first. and than port to PS3.
at most cases 360 game will be better than PS3.

Scenario 2:
You create a game on PS3 first. and than port to Xbox 360.
at most cases PS3 and xbox 360 game will be very similar.
----------------------------- --------------------

"development on the PS3 has made for a better 360 game"

what he is trying to say is that, the xbox 360 game of scenario 2 will be better than xbox 360 game of scenario 1.

Meaning win for everyone. Even the 360 gamers. because they are getting (although unknowingly!!!!) a better game than they would have gotten.

I hope this clarifies the confusion.

360Crusader3886d ago

Thats good and all. But just remember different
(harder, complex whatever ) doesn't always mean better.

Adamalicious3886d ago

Man, I want one of those magic boxes! I guess I'll have to crack open my PS3 ;)

krik3885d ago


I agree multi-core programming is the way of the future but both 360 and PS3 use multiple cores. Each SPE is also a complete core, with it's one cache, registers, etc. It's a specialized core that is extremely efficient at vector processing and can be 4 times faster than PS3's main core at some specific tasks.

We know some developers (mainly 3rd party) aren't using SPEs but I seriously doubt they are using 360's triple-core CPU to it's best either. What you calling "programmer friendly" is what I call laziness and lack of desire to max out the potential of the machines (both 360 and PS3) they code for. Read my post #86 to see what I mean.

Bonsai12143885d ago

SPU's aren't technically true cores as much as they are "number crunchers" or in this case "magic boxes" :-p

thought they have many characteristics of being a core, they aren't. think about them like a virus as opposed to a bacterial. a virus is missing several characteristics that would qualify it to be "alive"

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Charlie26883886d ago

More and more devs say this but apparently very few actually listen >.>

C_SoL3886d ago

Mario:(I think everybody is missing the point that the developer was trying to make. YOu imply that the 360 games are better becasue they are being ported from the PS3. This is not what he is trying to say. HE is basically saying that by porting from the PS3 to the 360, it gives better results than if it was done the other way around.)

This guy read the words out of my mouth.

Daishi3885d ago

I completely agree with C Sol, it's much easier to build to the known limitations of the PS3 and then port to the 360. And before anyone jumps up in arms about "known limitations" think about it. Known limitations are what you've seen from the console so far, RaC, UC, Rfom. Thus take what you know it can do and go that far then begin experimenting with going farther while the other devs are making the 360 port. If you discover anything or push beyond known boundaries it's pretty easy to pass this on to the machine that's easier to work with so everyone gets more game for there buck.

DG3886d ago

Man Im done with the fanboy bickering... Like the article said if it makes the games better why not no one has anything to loose (although it may take more time to develop the game wich causes delays as exemplified with Burnout)

Astro3886d ago

So, they work on PS3 to make a better 360 game? LMFAO! What a hilarious statement.

Meus Renaissance3886d ago

Do you have any idea how stupid your comment sounds?

remix3886d ago

are you okay?
are you taking drugs?
are you expierencing in unnormal activity
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Ju3886d ago

Not that I think my statement would change anything, but starting with the PS3 will force you to consider a parallel design from the beginning. It should be easier to use this design approach and port it to the 360, while it might require a complete redesign if you go the other way round (and because some tools will bind you to the framework rather then to the platform/HW).

Bnet3433886d ago

This doesn't go for everyone. Some people might think 360 to PS3 might be better and easier? For example Rainbow Six Vegas was 360 lead platform, and that was great on PS3 and on par with 360, maybe better according to reviews. I think it's just a matter of choice and how familiar the dev is to the system. But I just remembered, wasn't Virtua Fighter 5 lead platform PS3 and it scored higher reviews on 360? I'm not too sure about that, but anyway whatever the devs think it's best, they should go for.

jackdoe3886d ago

Actually, Vegas on the PS3 was pretty gimped.

Meus Renaissance3886d ago

You can't really use VF5 for comparison. It was rushed, didn't even have Online play whereas the 360 version had all that, and the developers even had time to polish the game.

TrooGamer3886d ago

360 Virtua Fighter was based on the latest version hence the better eviews mate plus online.

SKullDugger3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Rainbow Six on the PS3 was not as good, slower frame rate 30 fps colors were not as rich and it only supported 720p the 360 ran at 60fps and supported 480p to 1080p the PS3 had more jaggies and the ground and smoke visuals had pixels where as the 360 version was much smoother I have played both hooked to the same TV with the same HDMI cables and the 360 version wins hands down...

ukilnme3886d ago

And this includes the undercover fanboys. You know who you are so stop denying it. PS3 Fanboys will agree with any developer that says that starting on the PS3 first makes for a better game and 360 Fanboys will disagree and say that the 360 is easier to code for so why should they have to wait longer for a game. I think each developers should do what they feel is best for the game as long as the game is good. Best case scenario would be to start from the ground up on both consoles but I guess all studios can't afford to do that.

Antan3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

R6 Vegas was 30fps on the 360, not 60fps. oohh quick, disagree! im telling the truth! HHEELLPP HHEELLPP !! IM MELTING MMMEELLTTIINNGG WWWAAAAAAAAAAAA.


TheMART3886d ago

Hah Rainbow Six: Vegas on the PS3 sucked compared to the 360 version. Framerate issues, bad lightning, less sharp, less textures.

VF5 on the other hand is on par on the 360 with the PS3 version, and has online added, plus the C version (arcade one) instead of the B version the PS3 got.

Omegasyde3886d ago

Actually the PS3 version was lead platform because the game was originally just for the PS3 with no xbox 360 verions in mind. That was until 2 months before the release of the game on the PS3 where a SEGA analyst suggested that the game go multiplatform to recover development cost.
Selling even more copies of the game because of it being multi platform was a smart move. Especially when the game on the PS3 was going against another tough rival which was half the price, Tekken 5. DOA was already out for over a year and VF5 had absolutely no competition when it came on the 360.

The reason it scored better is because its a better version than the PS3 copy. Its also a screaming example of how easy it was to port the material from the PS3 copy to an Xbox 360 copy. Add this with way more time to implement better graphics and features and you have a winner.

Any game that is a timed exclusive for a certain platform better have a new features for the new release. Its bad Business to do so, but unfortunately SEGA did screw over their PS3 Fanbase by not including a online mode update. Namco did it with Tekken 5:DR, why couldn't SEGA? I know I am bummed personally, but O well atleast the Xbox fans who have this gem can enjoy it online. I am not going to re-buy a version of this game however just to play online, but if I could sell the PS3 version for more than 20$ it would be worth it.

Snukadaman3886d ago

hell..they barely told developers about rumble at the time vf5 came out they had no idea about their online strategy.

BruceLeroy3886d ago

Does anyone even play VF5 on 360? How many copies has it sold?

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