Sony Announces PS3 Refresh: Good Enough For the Xbox 360?

You may argue if Sony could not have found a better time to announce its PS3 refresh (E3, anyone?) and if you are interested in game consoles then this refresh is hardly a surprise to you. It is a necessary response to Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox 360, but there is no price cut – a price cut the PS3 so desperately needs.

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GWAVE3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

PS3 doesn't need a price cut. It offers more at that price than any other console, or piece of electronics, for that matter.

If it needed a price cut, why has it been outselling the 360 worldwide?

Answer: people are willing to pay for quality.

EDIT: for people who don't know sales, PS3 has been outselling 360 worldwide. Every year it has outsold the 360. The only reason why "total" numbers are ahead is due to the 360's 1-year headstart, a fact Microsoft likes to hide in the shadows.

Chug3087d ago

"a price cut the PS3 so desperately needs" = Total BS.

Biggest3087d ago

Yeah. I don't get that one either. There is a "new" 360S. It costs the same as the other 360. So the people that have the better quality/quantity console need to cut the price in response to a non-price cut?

WildArmed3087d ago

another thing

'be prepared to add another $400 to your budget to bring home Sony’s Move controller system for 4 players..'

lmfao.. Someone needs to do their research.

Sony has always introduced new systems with bigger HDDs and diff colors every few months.
(20gb, 40gb,60gb, 80gb, 120gb.. do i need to go on?)
Plus, Xbox 360 S was an answer to Sony's PS3 Slim.
So Sony doesn't need an 'answer' to Xbox 360 S =/

I dunno how these guys are keeping track on the gaming industry.

darthv723086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I never could understand the argument about sales mattering so much. This outsells that and vice versa. The ever popular phrase that america does not equal the world and so on.

If the ps3 sells one more than the 360 or the wii sells 10 more than combined does not matter to me. I bought the systems I wanted and it is my free will to do so.

Also, america may not equal the world but it certainly is the largest when it comes to buying games/systems in a single country. It takes the combined efforts of other countries to try and surpass that.

@gwave..why does it matter about the year headstart? Wii came out same time as ps3 and it doesnt have a problem selling. Using the 1 year as some kind of excuse...are you serious?

colonel1793086d ago

PS3 has blu-ray.. enough said

RedDragan3086d ago


These companies don't work like that. They think about markets. Europe is a market and is the biggest market, bigger than North America. It doesn't matter if the US is the single biggest gaming nation, the biggest market is Europe or in Sony's eyes... the area that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) operates within.

Information Minister3086d ago

A new color = hardware refresh?

"A price cut the PS3 so desperately needs"?!

Yep... That's some fine journalism right there./s

nickjkl3086d ago

you guys should worry about sells without sells theirs no games

darthv723086d ago

that makes sense from a market perspective. I thought it was the US that was the largest market seeing as they buy the most gaming stuff.

bubs to you my friend.

sikbeta3086d ago

Let these sites talk crap all they want, you don't need to follow this piece of BS, but actually remember those quotes like:

"a price cut the PS3 so desperately needs"

And other crap like that, cos when the Time a PS3 get a Price-cut, all of us will end up discussing about the next piece of BS these sites are going to spew...

Hideo_Kojima3086d ago

The PS3 is fine now but in the future this should happen:

I think Sony should release an even slimmer PS3 which is shiny and has touch sensitive buttons (top notch looking stuff) and sell it for $250 before 2011 holiday season.

It would sell SOOO SOOO much because there are STILL some people that can't afford it.

Also by making it shiny and even more sexy people will want it even more.

Spenok3086d ago

Lol couldnt have said it better.

Spydiggity3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

bored of this gen and all the fanboys. tired of the dated graphics.

give me NEW systems, not revamped old ones.

what especially amazes me are all the ps3 idiots saying "it doesn't need a price cut." fine if you think ps3 is doing well enough to not reduce it's price, but why would you be against a price reduction? i'm all for cheaper electronics no matter what. regardless of how much i love my car, doesn't mean i'd be upset if someone else got the same car a few years later for less.

is it that many of you were dumb enough to pay 600 dollars for it and now you think everyone else should too? kids... it's always "me me me" SAD

R0me3086d ago


Wtf are you talking about? People who bought it for 600$ just had the cash and for them it doesnt matter, besides the console was at release 600$ worth, but most consumers couldnt agree with that.

Even Sony sold the ps3 making loss, so what the hell want you more, maybe Sony should give everyone a PS3 for free?!

Just buy an high end Pc for like 5000$ from Alienware and be happy or shut the hell up.

Bloodraid3086d ago

Indeed it is total BS. Reading the article the guy even contradicts himself without realizing it.

Starts off with this - "a price cut the PS3 so desperately needs."

Finishes up with this - "Amazon currently lists the PS3 120 GB as the most popular game console at rank #13 in its video games category."

If it needs a price cut, why is it the most popular game console..? Maybe I'm just not seeing what the guy is getting at here... anyone care to explain?

DoucheVader3086d ago

Yeah I stopped reading at...

"a price cut the PS3 so desperately needs"

What is going on with the articles on N4G lately. They are all opinionated crap with little substance to back them up. PSP2 going to run Windows Mobile? LOL PS3 desperately needs a price cut?

These guys do know we get news from all over right? Not like we just going to take some uber geeks word for it when it comes to this stuff.

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TheLeprachaun3087d ago

Worldwide sales figures
Wii – 70.9 million as of 31 March 2010
Xbox 360 – 40 million as of 1 April 2010
PlayStation 3 – 35.7 million as of 31 March 2010

Japan sales figures
Wii – 9,048,012 as of 17 May 2010
PlayStation 3 – 4,020,563 as of 17 May 2010
Xbox 360 – 900,000 As of 5 February 2010

United Kingdom sales figures
Wii – 4.9 million as of 13 January 2009
Xbox 360 – 3.9 million as of 13 January 2009
PlayStation 3 - 3 million as of 25 January 2010

United States sales figures
Wii – 13.4 million as of 14 November 2008
Xbox 360 – 18.6 million as of 31 December 2009
PlayStation 3 - nearly 12 million as of 14 April 2010

theherp803087d ago

FYI most sale figures dont include one of the biggest retailers, Wall-Mart. it actually doesnt include a lot of retailers instead they try to guess how many they sold for that month and include it in the figures.

TheLeprachaun3087d ago

Maybe. I'm not a fanboy here, was just replying to that guys post. I just know, in Europe anyway, the 360 is more successful than the PS3 sales wise.

Newtype3087d ago

360 is only dominant in the US.

Panthers3087d ago

Very wrong. Only MAYBE in the UK is the 360 more successful, but in the rest of Europe, PS3 is ahead.

krisprolls3087d ago

@leprechaun fanboy : PS3 has a bigger installed base in Europe than the 360, in EVERY country except the UK.

There are basically only 2 countries (among 300+) in the world where the 360 is ahead of the PS3 : the UK and the US.

And even there PS3 is soon getting ahead.

BiggCMan3086d ago


mantisimo3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

more silliness from a silly article how silly.

Erotic Sheep3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

LOL!!!! He shows the sales of the UK and then says that the 360 is doing better in Europe! :D

Because the UK equals Europe right? Do me a favor and study the map of the world next time before touching your keyboard again.

Debubbled because I'm tired of stupid people who can't even tell the difference between a continent and a country.

Here I'll help you with a picture to make you see what a dumb statement it is.

Spydiggity3086d ago

and yet he's the only one that showed actual numbers. if you wanna call him out, lets see some us these numbers that show that the rest of europe prefers ps3. i'm not saying you're wrong, but i'm def not going to just take your words for it.

"screen shot or it didn't happen."

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Omega43087d ago ShowReplies(17)
Jazz41083086d ago

This is fact guys and I dare u to prove me wrong. Go around to gamestop and walmart and amazon and others and ask if the ps3 is in stock. The answer is yes. At me store we had about 1 month of thed ps3 shortage and now we can't give them away. The 360 is the one selling now and has no inventory. You got your report wrong. These are facts. Argue if u want but my eyes will not decieve me. And I root for consoles to do well as I sell them both some of you seem to think the ps3 is selling out everywhere and its not even close to that anymore. I'm getting a lot of them traded in towards the new 360 since we are offering 200.00 and its left us with a shit load of new and used ps3s.

klado3087d ago

Ps3 in this country are still overpriced, so 360 for me, hope some price cut soon enough, 200 would do it for me.


An example, in Argentina (South American Country) they sell the PS3 for $500.


Can you imagine the price for PS3 in 2006 in Argentina? Easily more than $800.

OneSneakyMofo3086d ago

I own both consoles, but it's safe to say that the 360 will fall to third place soon. I quit reading at "desperately needs."

MazzingerZ3086d ago

Hahahaha "desperately needs"...and this article is from what year?

wages of sin3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Can you explain to me why the argument of "MS had a year headstart" is valid in any way, shape or form? You make it sound as if they "cheated" or something. The fact of the matter is, Sony released a WAY overpriced product at the launch of the PS3. It is only recently that it has become worth the purchase. I love the PS3 but it's not even close to being this omnipotent game machine that the SDF would have you believe. If it's so great, why are you on N4G all day, all night; the same people, talking the same crap. If it's so good, go play it.

You go on further to say, "...a fact Microsoft likes to hide in the shadows". Can you tell me how any of that makes sense, at all? You sound like some conspiracy theorist with such nonsense. If Sony could've done it, you wouldn't be saying that crap. Not only that but it's not an excuse. The Wii released after the 360 and is kicking both Sony and MS. You should think out your theories better.

You are right about one thing, people are willing to pay for quality.

That's why Sony is in third place.

These 20 AAA studios that you speak of, what good is it doing them? Explain to me why 3rd party developers are making better games than these studios. There sure aren't 20 AAA games in my PS3 collection because they don't exist. The PS3 has some awesome games, but for the most part they are way over rated. Enough with the "we have X amount of triple A, hardcore, holy, blessed developers that only work on PS3 because the fact of the matter is the Wii and the 360 are well have proven to much more of a challenge than the arrogance of Sony thought.

asyouburn3086d ago

if you were a gamer, that'd be all you'd need to jump on board. who cares what they do with their first party studios, or whatever, sales, sales, blah blah, arrogance of sony thought, blah blah. they're all video games. have you read your posts? its rediculous. you act like the ps3 is some faulty heart monitor thats gonna cause your grandma to die. its just games. all you need to worry about is the end product.

ico923086d ago

i kind of understand you, you have some valid points but im going to have to disagree with you in some areas, there are 2 reasons why the ps3 is currently 3rd place one of them is due to the 1 year headstart that microsoft gave the 360, and the other is due to the ps3's poor launch,
After several price drops and especialy after the recent re branding ,the PS3 has been doing relativley well, and regarding the wii, what you need to understand is that the wii is aiming at an entirely diffrent demographic to that of the ps3 and 360 why do you think microsoft and sony are releasing motion controlers, and besides the gap is only down to 4-5 million units, that is pretty good for a console that was released late and at a high price point as the PS3.
Yes the console is 3rd place, but thats really not saying much when you look how close the ps3 is to the 360, infact if the PS3 was released in the same timeframe as that of the 360 it would actually be 2nd place this gen.

cjflora3086d ago

"You are right about one thing, people are willing to pay for quality.

That's why Sony is in third place."

That line right there just pegged you as being just as equally a fanboy.

kane_13713086d ago

by the end of first year x360 had sold 6mill or so units sold.
when ps3 came out many ppl had already bought the xbox cuz it was the first and wouldn't change for ps3.
that is the reason validation of 1 year reasoning.
yes wii sold way more, but look at the price+the hype for motion controller in the time.

plus this is a fact that ps3 has the highest ranked games in compare with 360.

mastiffchild3086d ago

Fact is that year on year the PS3 has outsold the 360 and it's hard to ignore two things-the year headstart the 360 managed(18 months where I like in the UK/EU mind)and the way RRoD affected sales with people(myself among them) having to make the choice of getting another 360 and trading in EVERYTHING I'd bought for it or, at the time my first one died waiting four months for PAS3 to release-it's got to be a big factor that many 360s, compared to Wii and PS3 are those bought to replace dead units and esp before the extended warranty-which isn't watertight either by any mean.

Considering these things it's not a clear picture and the safest thing I can say is that it's pretty close overall when you think about actual consoles running in people's homes right now. If you accept that then to say either "desperately" needs anything is just very, very weak sauce for journalism. Christ, Sony haven't even been able to keep pace with the demand this year so what possible help would a price cut have been? Seriously, what? Al it would achieve would be cutting Sony's profits, no?

I own all the consoles(from the useless for games iPhone to the HD twins)and while I prefer the PS3 I'd be a liar if I didn't say the 360 has also given me a ton of enjoyment this generation(Gears have been great games, DR,AW,Crackdown etc are all great reasons to own a 360-let alone ME1 and 2 if your rig isn't up to much-that's without mentioning Halo and it's numerous fans)but stories like this are just bunkum and little more.

BTW-leprechaun-there's simply NO way the 360 is the leading console on mainland EU. Nobody has figures to support that and the place which keeps it in the EU race is the UK which, by some accounts, is actually more pro 360 than the USA.

DigitalAnalog3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Ever heard of Uncharted 2? I heard it earned more awards than any video game. Period.

Oh right, according to your logic of course, GOWIII is definitely a mediocre game, so is Killzone 2, oh and even the OVERHYPED GT5 is worth 40 in metacritic at least. Japan Studio with the upcoming game "The Last Guardian" has been done many many times before and they're milking the franchise. Motorstorm, meh lame. LBP, oh even lamer, for kids.

I'd stop if I were you.

-End statement

Pistolero3086d ago

aside from gow3, uncharted 2, lpb and maybe killzone 2...what are all these amazing ps3 exclusives?....i own a ps3 and i own all of the above games except lbp because it is boring to me...but i honestly don't see very many other games for the ps3 that i want.
sony owns all these studios but half the stuff they put out is mediocre.
the undeniable truth is that the 360 has a much bigger library of games...and more AAA games, AA games and single A games.

DigitalAnalog3086d ago

WOS is talking about PS3's first-party studios and how they DON'T deliver in games, we're not talking about PS3 exclusives in general.

-End statement

MovieScouse0073086d ago

Nobody is saying that M$ have cheated. What they are saying is that, in spite of a year and a half head start, the 360 hasn't galloped off into the sales numbers distance.
It's not doing to the PS3 what the PS2 did to the original Xbox, i.e. a better console is massively outsold.
This is the whole reason that M$ rushed the 360 out to market. They wanted to emulate the PS2's sales performance. The original Xbox was a better console than the PS2 but was a very distant second in sales. The PS3 is a better console, with better tech, a better media delivery system and better value for money (yes I said better value for money, why? Because for your money you get: Blu-Ray, true HD, built in wireless, a free online presence and considerably better reliability than the 360, 33% failure rate on the 360 versus 3% on the PS3!)

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rezzah3086d ago

Quality is what its all about, those that disagree with you rather a dysfunctional sysmtem and less quality. Their disagree proves it.

SuperSaiyan43086d ago

By removing features and making the plastic casing extra cheap that it creaks really loud? Cos I own a PS3 slim and anyone that has one knows for a fact that it creaks really loud.

The Xbox 360 is still overall worldwide number 2 with the PS3 is number 3 that is another fact.

I own both machines and overall the 360 offers a far better gaming experience offline and online that is my opinion. There are far more features on the 360 online network including the biggest selection of arcade games and videos and content.

Also browsing on the 360 for content is far far easier than the PS3 again owning both machines I can add to this topic with facts and not fanboy nonsense.

Yes the PS3 has blu-ray but that is all it has.

DarkEdson3086d ago

If bluray is all the ps3 has then why do you say you own one. I mean you could just find a bluray player for a $100 somewhere, why spend all that money on a game console for bluray. in conclusion i don't believe you own a ps3 because of your dumbass comment. if you were really a gamer you wouldn't say crap like that, you would give credit where it's due and the ps3 has great games, and so does the 360. I swear some of you 360 fanboys are starting to become like those douche bag apple fanboys. P.S. just because someone chooses something different it does not make them your enemy. because if we used fanboy logic we would all be married to megan fox, and all the other women in the world would get no men.

J-Smith3086d ago

people on this don't understand the words *worldwide sales* LoL


When your PS3 breaks down and your out of warranty you'll be saying the complete opposite.

At first the $300/£250 looked cheap but when my PS3 broke down just recently that price all of a sudden looks too expensive.

My PS3 has been dead for 2 weeks and I can do nothing about it. I've ordered what I need to fix it, but I'm still worried about doing it myself even though I'm a DIY type of person.

mastiffchild3086d ago

Having had three 360s die(among others) that MS wouldn't help with even WITH the extended warranty on one occasion I'd say it'd take a lot to make me feel the PS3 wasn't a lot better value than a 360 in this respect.

Fact is consoles DO break and all three console makers shouls look after us better. MS only invoked the warranty to avoid court after bringing out an undertested and badly designed console just to be first out the door and hoover up a few former PS exclusive franchises. It worked for MS but it was a bit shady on gamers, imho, and as someone who suffered because of their choice I take a bit of issue with your comment however well meant it was.

seriously, I don't trust any of the buggers. they ony want yor money and all three will do whatever they can to avoid sorting things outr even within warranty! I really wouldn't EVER own another console without buying decent coverage off my own back for it. They aren't built to last and the 360 was a disgrace in it's earlier years(in fairness my latest has run for over a year without a single issue-apart from refusing to turn on, ironically, the night of the Sony clock fiasco leaving me only my Wii/PC to game on!)so making outr the PS3 to be somehow bad value because it never NEEDED an extened warraty is very flawed logic. It's sad and annoying that your's has died but it really isn't the norm and if it were Sony would have been faced with the same choices MS was.

georgeenoob3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

360 outsells PS3 month by month everywhere with the exception of Japan (Even though it doesn't even sell past 20k in Japan), yet the fanboys want to deny it to leave themselves an excuse everytime the NPD report gets in.

scar-leg3086d ago

In Europe the 360 is dead. Try finding one in a shop... So don't say "Everywhere with the exception of Japan" because Europe is a much larger market than Japan.

PopEmUp3086d ago

some xbox fanboy bitching about the ps3 lol

MadMan003086d ago

Economy says different.

And why can't you losers even mention the Ps3 without mentioning the 360? I mean come on it's like your jealous or something? It makes no since to bring the 360 up...if ps3 is SOOOO much better why you guys gotta talk about it so much?

Are you losers or are you losers?

This site is such a Joke.

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NYC_Gamer3087d ago

price cut?why when ps3 is selling good

alphakennybody3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

oh dear, another idiot author to deal with.

stephmhishot3087d ago

"The update may seem too subtle and some may miss a price cut the PS3 would need so desperately to get a shot at surpassing the Xbox 360, but if we believe the current Amazon best seller list, the PS3 is actually selling very well these days."

Yes, it's a vast conspiracy by to rank the PS3 above the Wii and 360.

cobraagent3087d ago

Why would it need a price cut???