Microsoft's Xbox 3 Could Give It Market Supremacy

Via Seeking Alpha:

"This year Microsoft will use their manufacturing cost advantage to use the price mechanism to build market share in the face of Sony (SNE)'s AAA game releases. This will leave headroom in the market for them to introduce a new premium console giving them a two model range, just as Sony have had for a few years now. It will also make the 360 a cheap mass market machine which will have the effect of growing Xbox Live enormously. And this is the most important thing for Microsoft. It is the online platform which, ultimately, will be the main event."

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Lucreto3964d ago

If MS dropped the 360 now and made a new console knowing that Sony won't be able to respond and MS got market Supremacy I will most likely stop here and look for old gems on the PS1 and PS2.

I don't like underhanded tactics like that.

BrianC62343964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Is that one of those joke sites where their articles are just parodies? I sure hope so. I just don't know what to think of what he wrote. He says it's not real but says it's based on reality.

I think the text at the top that shows part of this story shouldn't be allowed. It's false advertising. If you only read that and not the actual linked story you wouldn't see the beginning of the piece.

Here's the opening paragraph.

"The following is just speculative fun. But it is based firmly in reality. The Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox 360 is very, very well designed. Part of this design genius is ease of manufacture and potential for cost reduction. So I see this console as having a ten year life. This should easily see it up to 2015."

This thing just amazes me. He might be a Microsoft employee. Anyone who says the 360 is very, very well designed is either paid to say it or on drugs.

I see it now. I found more on him. He's one of those marketing types. He worked at Imagine and Codemasters. I guess now he's covertly working for Microsoft.

nimrod3964d ago

lol what an idiot: Just 2 months ago, he wrote "Killing Off the Original Xbox: A Big Microsoft Mistake"

BrianC62343964d ago

"lol what an idiot: Just 2 months ago, he wrote "Killing Off the Original Xbox: A Big Microsoft Mistake" "

I can at least agree with him on that one. The Xbox still had life left in it. The Playstation isn't as powerful yet it still gets some good games. Why kill the old console right away? Not everyone will upgrade right away. I think a lot of people like Sony because they don't kill off the old console right away. Sure the new games drop way off but you still see some big games come out.

I also feel if the 360 was delayed six months they could have included an HD DVD drive in the 360. If that happened the console and HD format wars would be a lot different. Instead HD DVD is about dead and Sony is creeping up on the 360.

marinelife93964d ago

If the new xbox blows me away with graphics and game play I'll buy it. I don't prefer Sony to MS but I'll go wherever the good games are with the potential for the best graphics.

xbox360migs3964d ago

Tell me what's underhanded about it because I disagree with you. The 360 has been out now for while now, so going from past console manufacture cycles we are due a new console in late 2008-2009. nothing has changed and as passionate gamer I would like to move on with the latest technology and not be stuck back in 2005 for the next 7 years, people like to change their mobile phone on a regular basis and PC's are already outpacing the 360 and the PS3 in most areas. Nothing has changed and it never will, c'est la vie.

actas1233964d ago

BUY A PC then. You are the kind of gamer that console gamers don't like... let me also guess that u don't have much money but u like to spend all u got on any stupid game Microsoft throws at u, and I don't mean halo stupid I mean beowolf stupid (because I am pretty sure u got that game).. Sir: sorry to tell u but you are a freaking loser.

Kwertie3964d ago

I hope they do. The market isn't big enough for three. Sega learned that the hard way, in part thanks to Sony. It's about time they got their comeuppance

Lifendz3964d ago

first of all, the 360 has left a bitter taste in the mouths of some people. To desert the console like they did with the original Xbox in favor of some new console would be disastrous. Why would you guys pay 500 or 400 bucks for a brand new console when you know MS is going to ditch it and release something else after a mere few years.

PS3 is an investment. You know it's going to take you into 2012 at the least and 2016 if they stick to the 10 year plan.

candystop3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Don't worry about that loser below you because he's blinded by Sony like a gang member to his gang! 2010 will be the perfect time to unleash the next box and not get stuck in the past like they will with the PS3! Consoles are not investments either because you don't make money off of them but they are a form of entertainment that last only so many years! The guys spouting that 10 year crap are the same people that would of of loved for the war to still be going on with the ps2 and Xbox rather then enjoy the next big thing! 360migs you are the type of gamer we like regardless of your income wether rich or poor because you are all about whats next unlike the typical Sony fan that will sit around and enjoy himself on outdated graphics! Sony isn't going to wait 10 years anyway and I bet they try and announce something before MS this time anyway!

chfthnder263964d ago

get out of dude thats called business cuz if thats was to happen that goes to show how much MS is committed to winning market share or just dominating the video game world cuz that would mean a lot more money they would have to take a risk on losing with development and production costs just think about an xbox3 with a hddvd drive in wow that would be mean as* piece of hardware and sony would go bankrupt trying to keep up

actas1233964d ago

Microsoft is gonna ruin gaming just like ABC ruined comedy.

Lacarious3964d ago

No way M$ takes over with the XBox 3. Gamers will remember how they were treated with the 360 and how they are continued to be treated with the new recent xbox live downtime. As well as the issues with marketplace content.

M$ will have a fierce fight on their hands and if Nintendo comes out with a true next gen system. Look for M$ to die a fast fiery death.

Pain3964d ago

Time for new sku! I love how PS3 got all kinds of good talk and stuff right of the bat, but xbox it xbox3

We all said M$ was dead in 08

drewdrakes3964d ago

How about you all read the first line in the article, saying how this is all "speculative fun"...

ELite_Ghost3964d ago

yea if you wanna buy a 2000$ computer that can't play crysis on high graphics! and that has less interesting games than consoles. For that price, buy a 1080p tv dude!

xbox360migs3964d ago

Thank-you, very mature answer, now who looks like the loser. Oh by the way I don't own beowolf nor do you know me like you seem to suggest!

Blackfrican3963d ago

How could Xbox get market supremecist? PS3 has all the asian games you would ever need and blu ray which looks better than HD DVD, ask the mexican on the commercial if you dont beleive me, and free online. Its like stupid to think people will buy a 360 when you can play FFXIII, FFXIV, FFXV, FFXVI, and TEKKEN on PS3! Xbox has 100% shooters and the controller is too big for my hand. And it uses the right trigger to shoot when they should use R1. What noobs.

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name3964d ago

I always wondered what that would look like.

If console A launched it's console in 2000
and console B launched it's console 2001

could console A launch it's second console in 2003 and claim victory? Or is there a time limit? Would Microsoft launching a new console extremly early qualify as a victory? Would they really do something like that?

peksi3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

The point in being a winner is not who's console is the best. It's who's got the largest install base. So if MS introduces a new xbox it will be right back in the square one while competition is more tempting for game manufacturers due to larger install base.

So at least it's gonna cost like h*ll to implement such strategy. Not to mention all the pissed consumers finding themselves in need to buy a new console sooner than expected. And not to mention the missed cash-in period where the large install base really pays off: game sales.

Hatchetforce3964d ago

Launching a new console = losing a great deal of money. From R&D to manufacturing to marketing. It is a huge money pit. MS has had nothing but losses and now that the 360 is just set to turn the corner they are going to go further in the red again? Sorry, but they can't keep doing that. Not even Microsoft with all their money is going to allow that tactic to continue.

Quite frankly they have not come close to their original goal of market pentration and profit.

This year is going to be a very tough year for the 360. With Bluray moving into high gear, game technology moving far far past the capacity of DVD9 and machines with no hard drive, Microsoft is going to be left out in the cold. No, the fact is Microsoft is in deep kimchi. This summer is going to be a long cold winter for them.

AAACE53963d ago

This article was never meant to go anywhere! But somehow it got here and got everyone's attention!

Listen closely...."We will not see a new Xbox until at least 2010!"

The winner of a console war depends on who has the largest installed base, and who sold the most games.

Ps3 had a slow start, but is picking up momentum, and could be competing with nintendo sales by 2009. But sony is still taking large losses from the price reduction, to get the ps3 into consumers hands. And they aren't selling games at the rate that they should.

Nintendo has the largest installed base, but they aren't selling games at the rate they are suppose to either. With the Wii being a cheap console to make... it doesn't hurt nintendo as much, because they are still making money.

MS is in a good position (for now), because they have a large installed base, and have the most games with high attach rates. But with all the problems MS have been having... that niche could change before the end of the year.

Basically what i'm saying is... No matter how good/bad it looks for a console, it could change at any point! I believe in the end, it will be a pretty close war, without a definitive victor.

I have to agree with the other guy about one thing though... I hope they do come out with a new console for all companies, cause by the time they get to the 4th year with any console... i'm looking for the next one, cause i'm bored with the current one.

EasilyTheBest3964d ago

So possibly a Next Gen Xbox already. Well I can see the Sony fans condemning this already.
I thought Microsoft may do something like this a long time back.
Keep the 360 going for the next 3 to 4 years but as early as this Christmas 2008 bring out a truly stunningly powerfull new machine.
Its one hell of a business plan, where would that leave Sony who isnt expected to have new hardware for at least 3 years.
It would work in a similar way to the PS2 and PS3 right now.
Get the 360 down to as little as £99 with a new next gen console as much as £450.
The cheapest most supported hardware Microsoft.
The most powerfull hardware by far Microsoft.
Yes in 5 years there will be PS4, but thats just about the right time for Microsofts New console again.
Hey guys chill, its just business, I know Id buy one....

fury3964d ago

If you would buy one, you would support those "unfair" and underhanded practices by M$. Why would you want to do that?

BrianC62343964d ago

The better question to ask is where would that leave people who bought a 360? Angry, that's where. And down to the store to pick up a nice PS3. Gamers won't stand for that. It would be a huge mistake for Microsoft to do. Maybe you're Mr. Moneybags but most gamers aren't going to buy a new console every two to three years.

LastDance3964d ago

Easily the best at writing some of the dumbest Sh!t ive ever read.
Microsoft are F*ckd as long as they do it for the money and not the games.
It shows in their games. No single trace of a soul wat so ever.
MgS4 aint going on the xbox. ppl say its bad business for them not to, but this is wat differenciates the ps3 from the xbox. The games have heart and soul. They are in it for the games. Not the money.
For me the xbox is lifeless.

candystop3964d ago

LastDance please shut up seriously if you think they are not in it for the money!

travelguy2k3964d ago

as there are no rules as far as this is concerned but i don't imagine it would make sense for them. Even the current gen games are being delayed after 2.5 years of learning the tech. so i don't think they would introduce a new one now. Plus they are just starting to get a good user base that developers like, the larger the user base the more people there are to buy a game and thats where every one makes the money. It takes years to develop a new system and to make games to release with that system, if this was microsofts plan the developers would not back it as they haven't milked the 360 enough yet.

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Rattles3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

buying new hardware every few years is the pc market. something that microsoft should of stayed in.

but it wont happen devolopers wont have it.

Mr Tretton3964d ago

It won't work. MS just doesn't know this buisness. Not like yours truly, and my homeboiz Phil and Kaz!

The_Engineer3964d ago

MS thinks the console market is like the Os market, put out a half finished product and patch it later...uhmmmm it doesn't quite work that way.

danarc3964d ago

lol me homeboiz :p

I have always wondered how a console "war" winner is decided...

If 360 is out for 3 years, the PS3 for 2, obviously the 360 is gonna have the bigger install base, so if they made a new console would that be classed as a victory? I wouldnt think so, but other people (okay, the Xbots) would say the 360 has beat the PS3... Should it not be if the PS3 can make the same amount if sales in those 3 years to decide the winner?

wageslave3964d ago

"MS thinks the console market is like the Os market, put out a half finished product and patch it later...uhmmmm it doesn't quite work that way. " Except for Sony's PS3?

You people are flatly cluess.

#1) MS has been in the game business since day 1. Ever play Flight Simulator in DOS, like 25 years ago? Get a clue.

#2) Sony shipped a machine without elementary features of all sorts, and is furiously patching (like, every 10 days) to get competitive. The PS3 has vastly fewer features than the PS3 on day 1, and it is still behind.

#3) What does Windows have to do with this? Clearly, you dont know what you are talking about. Windows is in constant evolution yes, but it is designed that way -- its a _good_ thing.

Are you people for real?

SJL4803964d ago

I tried to have that argument with gnothie and candystop but they wouldn't answer after I pointed out how many first party games had to be or still needs to be patched versus ps3. I think Mass Effect would have met every bit of hype no matter how outrageous if they just would have took a little more time with it.

The_Engineer3964d ago

would call fixing MAJOR vulnerabilities, the "evolution" of the OS, as far as talking some crap DOS game they made 25 years ago what does that have to do with the price of tea in china?? we're talking consoles here , something MS clearly knows nothing about. Try to keep up junior.

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