Adult Gaming Exposed: Erotic Games

With Mature rated games on the market, it is simply amazing how you don't see many adult titles out there. If you do look for them, they are there, and this article written by takes a stab at a feature that goes a bit more in depth with a couple of them.


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Joey Greco RULES3244d ago

with the Al Rokker Hershey Kiss Nipples. *shudders*

badz1493243d ago

erotic games are usually pretty boring and get old not even until half-way in the game! I gave up even trying any game in the genre long ago! plus, I prefer real babes than any digital chicks ever made!

HardcoreGamer3243d ago


joemayo763242d ago

this article is at 1000degrees and one of the top stories yet only 32 comments???

im guessing alot of ppl are jus dling the games mentioned to keep them errr* busy :P

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perseus3243d ago

Listen. You can'T just write an article purporting to be about "adult games" and then write "but I won't talk about it" for each entry.

This isn't an article, it's a webpage that says, "ABC EXISTS! GO TO ANOTHER SITE TO READ ABOUT IT!"

Seriously, delete everything that says, "But I won't go into detail here." And add, "there was some cartoon/CG nudity, it looked pretty silly."

Right now it just looks like you didn't actually play any of these games. That's fine, but if true, you have to use other sources.

phantomshadow3243d ago

VGnerd is currenty experiencing traffic issues, it will be back up shortly.

iseven3243d ago

install "WP-Super Cache". it'll save your site and database.

Shadow Man3243d ago

You can %&^% any girl you want in the island, but get old after a while :3

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The story is too old to be commented.