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Interview: Microsoft's indie chief Chris Charla discusses ID@Xbox for Windows 10

5h ago - Windows Central discuss ID@Xbox for Windows 10, and the implications it could have for indie deve... | PC

Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d

11h ago - Today, Microsoft is taking support for game development in Visual Studio forward in a big way thr... | Xbox One

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

The Inconvenient Truth About Modern Gaming, DLC and Microtransactions

13h ago - Boogie talks about the motivations and reasons that companies sell additional content. Why triple... | PC

SpawnCandy Gaming Entertainment is Changing the Future of Online Gaming

16h ago - SpawnCandy Gaming Entertainment is offering Beta testing during phase 1 of the first fully custom... | Tech

Skyforge third closed beta

16h ago - The mmorpg Skyforge is entering its third closed beta in about a week. They are introducing new a... | PC

Somebody has invented a horrifying 360-degree virtual reality chair

16h ago - MMOne is a virtual reality gaming chair that rotates along three axes, spinning and twirling the... | PC

The Feel Thing- by Mr Biffo

1d 18h ago - Mr Biffo writes: So, Ken Levine - lovely Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock - is apparently working... | Culture

The Perception Neuron is a Game Developer’s Dream

1d 18h ago - The Perception Neuron is a very cool piece of tech – a tiny block no larger than a sugar cube tha... | PC

You Are Merely A Dollar Symbol

1d 20h ago - Greywolfe talks about some positive examples for F2P | PC

Review vs. Critique: Inside Look at Game Industry Interdependence Part 2

2d ago - Part 2 of an in-depth look at game industry interdependence and practices. This time, the focus i... | Culture

DEEP Dev Talks Using VR to Help Control Anxiety and More

2d ago - VRFocus delivers an interview with DEEP developer Owen Harris talking about the upcoming virtual... | PC

Mario Mario: Here We Go!

2d ago - Part 1 of an ongoing project to dissect the VERY FABRIC of our beloved Mario's history, going bey... | Industry

Why People Hate Video Games

2d ago - While it may be hard to believe, there are members of the human race who actually have a negative... | Culture

Tale of Tales On The Making Of Sunset: Once Upon A Time

2d ago - Michael Samyn - one half of indie developer Tale of Tales - discusses the making of forthcoming 7... | PC

Data Analysis of March’s Kickstarter Video Game Successes

2d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "One of the most exciting thing about Kickstarter and crowdfunding in gene... | Dev

Another Burnout Game Could Be Coming Our Way

2d ago - Former developer of the immensely popular 'Burnout' series, Alex Ward, has been active on twitter... | Dev

Saint Seiya Soldiers' Soul Interview: Ryo Mito on Western Anime Fans, 1080p 60fps, PC Gaming...

2d ago - "Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul was announced on the weekend along with the first episode of Saint S... | PC

VR Bits Reveal New Multi-Format Project: Stranded

2d ago - VRFocus reports on the revelation of a new title from VR Bits, Stranded, currently in development... | PC

Beyond Flesh and Blood: In conversation with the Pixelbomb team

2d ago - Lead developers Phil Muwanga and Lee Blacklock join us along with community manager Jane McConnel... | Xbox One

Playtonic Games Shows First Ever In Progress Character Animation For Project Ukulele

2d ago - The rare breed of developers at platonic games have tweeted a vine of the first ever shown charac... | PC

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Inside Look at Game Industry Interdependence Part 1: Entrance Fees

2d ago - Industry inside look at game industry interdependence by a game and game criticism fan turned wri... | Culture

Experienced Points: 5 Things To Do If You Use Cutscenes in Your Video Game

3d ago - Shamus Young: Last week I singled out a few games that spent too much time trying to make cuts... | Industry

Wildfire Introduces Stealthy Firebending - Greenlight Games

3d ago - Wildfire is a stealth platformer that gives you control over fire. It is currently on Kickstarter... | PC

Exclusive Interview With Angel Stone, Cinematic Trailer Character Name Reveal // LevelSave

3d ago - James Rock, General Manager writes... "Today Jim, our Content Editor, and I are sit... | iPhone

Fallout 4: Fallout Assets Found in Skyrim's Creation Engine

3d ago - GR - "Fallout 4 is in development. That much is not debatable. However, the methods and such surr... | PC
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