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From Valenka Step into the shoes – or rather, the ectoplasm – of a peaceful ghost residing inside a haunted mansion, thriving in the cold and da... (24)
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Interview Call of Duty Black Ops III Dev @ Treyarch --

41m ago - We managed to grab ourselves a Pakistani game developer (arent they a rare breed), Mr. Muhammad A... | PC

Eric Foster talks Legacy of the Copper Skies with

3h ago - recently had the opportunity to chat with Eric Foster, CEO and Creative Dire... | PC

Born of Competition: An Interview with Dag-Erling Jensen

Now - Dag-Erling Jensen, Game Designer of Process Games, answers questions about how the small company was formed, details on how they designed a game in... | Promoted post

Horror Games & VR: A New Level of Terror or a Dead End?

4h ago - VRFocus hosts a guest piece from Liz Mercuri, Prince William Scholar currently researching the fi... | Dev

The Path to Paradise Begins in Hell: A DOOM Wishlist

4h ago - Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "Anyone who’s ever talked to me about video games for more than, say, fifte... | Dev

Has Nintendo legalized homebrew for the old and new 3DS?

4h ago - So far, this is just a rumor, since Nintendo hasn't commented on this yet. However, a 3DS homebre... | Dev

Nintendo Hoping to Ship 20 Million NX Units in First Year

4h ago - It has been reported that Nintendo's new console hardware - codenamed NX - will release in 2016,... | Wii U

Hands-On impressions of 'Street Fighter V' and 'Tekken 7' at CEO 2015 - G4@Syfygames

6h ago - Grant Patterson shoved his face into the fighting game lion's den that was CEO 2015, and he emerg... | PS4

Nintendo has Dispatched Orders to Supply Chains to Prepare for NX Production; Releasing July 2016

7h ago - There’s been a lot of back and forth banter between gamers far and wide when it comes down to the... | Wii U

Red Ash Is The Mega Man Legends Spiritual Successor We've Been Waiting For

10h ago - TheArabGamer writes: "These past 30 days have been amazing. Not only are we getting a Final Fanta... | Dev

Keiji Inafune teases Red Ash, a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends

1d 1h ago - Warp Zoned writes: "Comcept has released a new trailer to tease the company’s next project aft... | Dev

Rumor: Nintendo NX Starting Production Next Year

1d 6h ago - It's possible, if the rumor is true, that the pilot production batch is going out to developers i... | Tech

The Last of Us doesn't need a sequel

1d 11h ago - A sequel to The Last of Us is the last thing its fans need. | PS3

Now You Can Too Be A Cruel And Clumsy God

1d 13h ago - Thanks to a childhood mired in Sid Meier’s simulations, I’ve developed a soft spot for god games.... | PC

New PvE Mode Announced for Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Testing Begins Today

1d 15h ago - A new mode called “Endless” has been announced for Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Testing of it also b... | PC

GDC Survey Finds European VR Devs Favour Oculus Rift

1d 15h ago - VRFocus reports on the news that the Oculus Rift is the most popular virtual reality (VR) platfor... | Tech

New on Kickstarter: Renoir Looks Promising

1d 15h ago - Renoir is a new story-driven puzzle-platformer set in the noir settings of a 50's crime drama. Pl... | Xbox

DICE Explains Why a First Person Perspective for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Was a “No-Brainer”

1d 18h ago - EA has released an article explaining why Mirror’s Edge’s first person perspective was “important... | PC

Exclusive Picture Gallery: The Art of Grasshopper Manufacture

1d 23h ago - As unveiled during our interview at last week's Gamelab in Barcelona, "The Art of Grasshopper Man... | Dev

Star Citizen: FPS Mode Delayed Indefinitely?

2d ago - In a letter to the backers, esteemed creator Chris Roberts talks about Star Marine, the FPS modul... | PC

Crowdfunding has Become an Integral Part of the Gaming Industry

2d ago - An examination of why crowdfunding techniques have become a major part of today's gaming industry. | Industry

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

In Clumsy God, helping looks a lot like hurting

2d ago - The Twitter is always bringing strange morsels to my attention. Today, it's Clumsy God, a... | PC

Crytek to Release 'Experimental' CryENGINE Updates

3d ago - VRFocus reports on the announcement that Crytek plan on launching 'experimental' updates for the... | PC

Raven Guards Gets Featured On Warhammer 40,000: Regicide In The Latest 2.1 Update

3d ago - Warhammer 40,000: Regicide features more environments, factions and a lot more | PC

Denkiphile is Taking Reader Questions for Daisuke Ishiwatari

3d ago - Davis from Denkiphile: "Anime Expo 2015 will take place this coming week and Denkiphile has an in... | Arcade

Nintendo and Parodies: How Far Is Too Far?

3d ago - A game that puts players in the shoes of the enemies of a certain famous Italian plumber got pull... | PC
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