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QnA part 2 with David Siller - Producer/Designer on Crash Bandicoot

3h ago - This is the 2nd part of the QnA with David Siller who was the producer and designer on Crash Band... | PS2

Hacking Group Chief Says Close to Breaking Encryption Used by Popular Games Like FIFA 16

11h ago - In a complete volte-face, Chinese hacking group 3DM has announced that it is close to breaking th... | PC

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Every Developer at Vision Summit is Taking Home an HTC Vive – Breaking

11h ago - Announced during the keynote via video, Valve chief Gabe Newell’s brief appearance consisted of t... | Tech

Fallout 4 DLC Confirmed For Near Future

12h ago - Fallout 4 DLC confirmed to be in the works. More details to come out soon. | PC

In Case of Zombies Use Amazon's Lumberyard Software

13h ago - Has the zombie apocalypse got you down? Are you constantly looking behind your back? Are you afra... | Industry

Valve Partners with Unity to Bring SteamVR Support to Unity Engine

17h ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Valve has partnered with Unity to bring native SteamVR support t... | PC

Has Gaming Lost the Element of Surprise?

20h ago - Neil at Lizard Lounge writes, "The opening thought I’m going with for this article might be consi... | PS4

Mohawk Games Soren Johnson Interview

1d 1h ago - The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences posts an interview with Mohawk Games CEO Soren Johnson... | PC

Amazon's New Game Engine Has A Zombie Contract Clause

1d 1h ago - This is quite an unusual piece of news to find, especially when its related to legal things. Amaz... | Industry

Hearthstone designers discuss Standard, Wild’s relevancy, and putting off new classes

1d 15h ago - GamesBeat talked with Hearthstone lead designer Ben Brode and producer Yong Woo about the changes... | PC

Descent Successor from the Creators of Descent Launches Kickstarter

1d 17h ago - The creators of the original Decent have just Kickstarted and announced Overload. This new title... | PC

Amazon Game Studio Using Lumberyard Engine to Make Games; “Multiple AAA PC Titles” in Development

1d 20h ago - Amazon Game Studios will be using Lumberyard for its multiple game projects. | PC

"We're not afraid of the Islamic State" Hatred creators announce IS Defense

2d ago - Gamepressure met with Jaroslaw Zielinski from Destructive Creations not only to talk about IS Def... | Dev

Brentalfloss Takes the Next-Step in his Gaming Journey

2d ago - CGM Writes: It’s a bold move for anyone to side-step from a lucrative career into independent gam... | Culture

What Do We Want From The Elder Scrolls VI?

3d ago - Alex from GamersFTW writes: “Putting The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim behind us, we have to start t... | Culture

Nintendo: Can The NX Save The Company?

3d ago - The Wii U has been a disaster for Nintendo. What does the NX have to do to keep Nintendo in the h... | Wii U

Cancellations and Delays The Hedge Trimmers of Gaming

3d ago - “Game ABC has been cancelled” or “Game XYZ has been delayed”. These are the words that every game... | GameCube

Rated-R: Planet Nomads kickstarter interview

3d ago - Ninth episode, and we talk Planet Nomads kickstarter, slow CPUs, EVE Valkyrie event, and I have f... | PC

Isle of Bass' February: Deep Dark Beginnings

3d ago - This February, music partners Isle of Bass are providing the indie gaming community with classic... | Culture

Google making VR headset to compete with OculusRift

3d ago - Google is working on a virtual reality headset to take on Facebook's Oculus and Samsung's Gear VR... | Android

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

How Blizzard stayed laser-focused on quality games for 25 years

3d ago - Blizzard Entertainment celebrates its 25th anniversary today, a milestone that very few video gam... | PC

The Video Games Newscast - January 2016

5d ago - Taken from IM PLAYIN "Hi guys and welcome to an IM PLAYIN Newscast, a wrap up of January 2016,... | Industry

Towers, Personal Strife & TinyWars

5d ago - A chat with Bizurk Software about their upcoming Tower Defense outing,its promise of inspiring pe... | PC

My experiences at Global Game Jam 2016

5d ago - Howell Duggan of GamersFTW writes: "The world’s biggest game jam, Global Game Jam is an annual ev... | PC

Game and Application developers conference for AR/VR

5d ago - THE DEFINITIVE EVENT FOR INNOVATORS IN VR/AR Keynotes on Development of VR & AR developments.... | PC
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