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Game Soundtrack Stereotypes & Patterns...Sounds Familiar?

31m ago - I couldn’t help but be surprised when I began noticing (from time to time) patterns in the way mu... | PS4

Is League Of Legends Trying To Shed Its Comic Book-Style Skin?

1h ago - For a long time now Riot's been introducing reskins for lots of old characters to freshen up game... | PC

The InRetroSpect Show - Episode 5: Plants Vs Zombies, Silent Hills and Far Cry 3

2h ago - This month Sam, Pete and Kris bring you a brand new episode of the InRetroSpect Show. Still ree... | PC

New Star Trek Video Game In Development

2h ago - Siliconera: "Digital Extremes and Bandai Namco Games worked together to make a Star Trek video g... | Dev

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Interview: Suda51 Talks LET IT DIE & Being An Old School Otaku | AUTOMATON

8h ago - Goichi Suda - aka "Suda51" of Grasshopper Manufacture - speaks with the AUTOMATON JP staff about... | PS4

See the Art that Inspired Ninja Theory’s Hellblade in New Dev Diary

13h ago - Ninja Theory has released their second developer diary for Hellblade. Last week’s video revealed... | PS4

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Clears Kickstarter With Days To Go

20h ago - With three days still left on its Kickstarter Campaign, Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries has not only... | PC

Meet Kôna - An Indie Survival Adventure Set in Northern Quebec

1d 6h ago - CanadianGamer writes : As the summer is wrapping up rapidly to lead the way to fall and winter se... | Culture

Well, That Was Interesting 8/31/14

1d 21h ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale provides his take on the most intersting gaming articles and topics fr... | Tech

Pointing, But Also Clicking

1d 22h ago - With both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season 2 completed, GameKoop contributor Andy B... | PC

Bluepoint Games to Remaster a Handheld Game to a Current Gen Console

2d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Two recent job listings have come up that shows that Bluepoint Games are looking... | PS4

Garry’s Mod Developers Show Third New Prototype, Arcade Simulator

2d ago - GG3 writes: "Developer Facepunch Studios, known for their work on Rust and Garry’s Mod, are serio... | Dev

IGDA's condemnation of online virulence is noteworthy, but fruitless

2d ago - In light of IGDA's recent statement condemning online harassment of creatives, Continue Play's Jo... | Culture

Nintendo Needs To Buy Capcom and Set Mega Man Free

3d ago - MegaJon8 writes "It’s no secret, since the fallout between Capcom and Megaman’s creator Keiji Ina... | PSP

Activision CEO talks 'Destiny' and 'Advanced Warfare' development

3d ago - Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke to Examiner about 'Destiny' and 'Advanced Warfare'. | Industry

'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow' producer David Cox leaves Konami after 17 years

4d ago - Announced Friday, Konami producer David Cox has left the publisher after 17 years. | Dev

Game developer’s misconception of casual gamers

4d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Casual gamers have a ton of untapped potential skill and competitive drive... | Dev

GameEnthus Podcast ep197: Ocular Rift or ...with bacon

4d ago - This week the Stephen Orlando(@Robit_Studios) developer of Treasure Adventure World and Tym(@Vtty... | PC

New Developments at Nintendo “Garage” and Moving Forward

4d ago - Nintendo’s tried-and-true IPs bridge generational gaps and create atmospheres that many gamers ca... | Wii U

The Gamebrit Podcast - #010 — Bum Bag Dogs

4d ago - Sound the double digit klaxon! Britain’s soon-to-be favourite gaming podcast has reached episode... | PS4

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

EA is aiming to earn $1 billion from additional content

4d ago - Electronic Arts is attempting to make over a billion dollars in revenue from add-on and downloada... | Industry

Remastering Resident Evil, with Capcom's Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

4d ago - Rely on Horror: Despite the excitement for arguably the best Resident Evil game being re-released... | PC

Activision CEO: How 3-year 'Call of Duty' dev cycle benefits 'Advanced Warfare'

4d ago - Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke with Examiner about the 'Call of Duty' franchise's new three-... | Industry

The Dilemma of Difficulty and Its Latest Contender: Smash Bros.

4d ago - We endeavor in an exercise of struggle, dare to engross ourselves in unrelenting challenge, and r... | Wii U

See No Evil: Kickstarter’s humblest gaming story

4d ago - How a 19-year-old developer and a tiny team made a crowdfunding success out of just $2,000. | Dev
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