Developer: Xbox 360 games keeping up with PS3, but not for long has learned exclusively what some of the key points of the Xbox vs PS3 war are, and it's not all about the Halo.

In a recent conversation with an undisclosed developer source, has been made privy to the biggest problems facing developers as they work with the Xbox 360 and the PS3: It's all about the RAM and the processor.

According to their source, it's easier on almost every level to work with the Xbox 360 in the development stage. Due to the older systems large amount of RAM, developers can work with a little more head room and not worry about running out of operating memory.

Where the real problem stem is in the two system's processors. While Xbox games can be tweaked to move up to the PS3, the reverse is not always the case. Due to the PS3's advanced processor, games developed for the Sony backed platform sometimes can't be downgraded to the the 360's chip.

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Spike473926d ago

*checks calendar* this whole dilemma of the 360 development being better and stuff is gonna end approximately in........... yup about 2008.

It should, because if it does'nt stop there, it's the developers that are geting pimped by microsoft.

marinelife93926d ago

I love profound insider information from Mr. Anonymous Source. Mr. Sources's tasty tidbits are always the most reliable. Much more reliable than some mere fanboy on a forum.

illizit3926d ago

It's so funny how everyone has this impression that the ps3 has less memory than the 360. IT HAS THE SAME AMOUNT. The difference is the 360 has a the whole 512 for the gpu/cpu and the ps3 has it split. However, the ps3 can still access the memory from either side! It's obvious the ps3 is more powerful, it's just going to take these devs to show us the proof! All in due time...

secret3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

The 360 seems to have maxed out already. Let's look at Ninja Gaiden 2 for the xbox360 that's coming out as a "possible" example. This is a third or maybe fourth gen title. This is being worked on with full force, headed by Itagaki and his main team. And this team's been working on the xbox and xbox360 almost exclusively and masterly for the past half decade or so. But now, let's look at Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma was created by an UNDERLING of Itagaki. This team was a small side branch broken off to port and remake Ninja Gaiden to the PS3. The team is small, less experienced, young, and unfamiliar with the new PS3 circuitry and processors. This was their FIRST TIME working on the PS3 with a small, inexperienced kids with limited resources unlike Itagaki has with his experience and full blown team of experienced people. So basically, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a FIRST GEN title made by a small side branch of inexperienced kis working with limited resources on a console that's not only brand new to them but for other developers as well.

But here's the catch then. Compared to the reality situation / circumstances for the development of both games for both consoles, I'd say that the remake port of Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks even better or pretty much comparable to the long awaited Ninja Gaiden 2 on the xbox360.

The question is -- has the xbox360 maxed out yet? We have the full blown team working on NG2. We have the third gen / fourt gen title with a full blown team that's been working with the xbox / xbox360 system for almost a decade.

In contrast, the NGS team is a bunch of unimportant kids with limited resources working on a first gen title with ZERO (zero,zero) experience on the PS3. And yet, Sigma looks better than NG2 or at least comparable. There's a concern there for you to think about....HAS THE XBOX360 MAXED OUT?

1) Experienced full blown team familiar with xbox / xbox360 for nearly a full decade of developing exlusively for the xbox systems

2) A third to fourth gen title

1)Inexperienced team of children broken off to do an unimportant remake port on a system they've NEVER worked on before. Zero experience with the PS3 at the time.

2) First gen title

But the catch is the that -- shouldn't the xbox360 have a major graphical leap over Sigma then, which it doesn't?

And by the way, the arm on Ryu looks worse than the arm on Sigma's Ryu.

And why does the 360 always have large bricks instead of the millions of tiny bricks as seen in Motorstorm or Resistance Fall of Man.

bluebrad19743926d ago

Ps3 hasn't even matched the quality of 360 titles on a consistent basis, and some no name web blog with a mysterious unknown developer completely talking out of his a** is supposed to be credible. Come on, you little sony freaks are trying way too hard.

Mr Marbles3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

lets be reasonable, if you look close at the language here it is clear that this "anonymous developer" is either a SCEA developer, and or a outright Sony plant.

"Due to the PS3's advanced processor, games developed for the Sony backed platform sometimes can't be downgraded to the the 360's chip. "

Neutral developers dont use language like the above, it sounds like something a Sony marketing guy or PR guy would say. Also, he keeps using downgraded when talking about porting to the 360, now think about that, he expects us to believe that the PS3 is too powerful to run what the 360 is running??? and you folks buy that crap? gimmie a break, that is like saying my car is too powerful to go 90mph it can only do 100mph.

"With the 360 being in the range of 2 years old now, it is said they have used about 90% of the systems resources.."

If he is a developer why is he saying they, devs usually say we, when they are talking about thier work.

the more you read it the more biased it sounds, nuetral devs always try not to sound biased even when they are bashing one console and not the other, they only get this biased when they are working with or for one of the big three, this is bogus guys come on, not even worth arguing over, NEXT STORY !

jmoneezie3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Just like the main article, your comment had a whole lot of writing and said absolutely NOTHING. 100% pointless information. Especially when you got into the non-sense about the young development team. (Bunch of noise with no filler)

Also, why are you guys trying so hard to prove that the PS3 is more powerful. If it is, then it is, I don't care and neither should you. This lame, old, and weak excuse about the DEV not knowing how to harness the power of the PS3 is getting old. Remember this, true champions to make excuses, the take FULL blame for their defeats!

Another thing, people talk all the time about how the xbox is really just a low level PC. Well from my experience, the PS3 behaves MORE like a PC than the xbox. When I download an update or play a game on my 360 I don't have to wait for it to install. But, on my PC and my PS3 I do. My PC has bluetooth, My PC runs linux. Although I have no problems with these things, I feel the PS3 is more of a glorified PC then the 360. And with that being said, I only use my PS3 to play games that I can't find on the 360 or the PC.

Feihc Retsam3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I hope it this is an accurate forecast.
I love my Xbox360, and it has definitely pulled it's entertainment weight for the past 2 years (almost).
But, for the extra cost, and thus far lack of substantial games, the average PS3 owner is a bit disappointed that they haven't been able to get more high quality "next gen" gaming out of their console.

We ALL know that the PS3 sports a bit of a technological edge, whether the blindly loyal Xbox fanatics want to admit it or not. That is the reason the PS3 costs so much more.

As stated before, the majority of my gaming has been done on an Xbox360 since it's launch, but I have high hopes for my PS3.
I'm personally not expecting to be TRULY immersed in a gaming experience on the PS3 until team ICO releases their next classic, but I do expect some great games until then. One of the first exclusives to come along and knock my socks off is Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly sword is a game that finally made me think that I had something special that you can only get on the PS3 and made the investment worthwhile, but we need more standout titles like this.

For now, the XBOX360 has the head start, developers are familiar with the hardware and can better optimize games for it, and XBOX LIVE is still a better online place for console gaming IMHO.

But I do believe that sometime next year, we will see the technology of the PS3 start to pull it's games up to a level that is not possible on the Xbox360 hardware, and I'm excited for that.

I still expect it to be nearly a toss up into 2008 as far as multiplatform titles go, but I didn't buy either console for the multi-platform titles. It's the exclusives.

I plan on playing a lot of HALO 3 co-op in the coming months, and probably a fair share of some team-based HALO 3 goodness...
But... SONY is working, and games are on the way, and when they start to tap into that CELL processor... I think we will see some amazing things...

The only true way to get the best gaming experience is to own a PS3, XBOX360, Wii, and a nice gaming rig.

But for now... if someone needs a deep library, you have to go with the Xbox360...

And if/when Blu Ray is the common movie format.. The PS3 is a no brainer purchase until those games start showing up.

gerrard3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Come on guys the PS3 is superior and the second generation games will prove this, and you all know this to be true so stop lying to yourselves.

hazeblaze3926d ago

I mean the 360 is going to have plenty of great games regardless... but we've already seen in the last year that the games aren't really making any big improvements visually.

The same simply can't be said for a lot of the PS3 games... they are starting to pull apart from the pack in terms of visual quality.

But in my opinion, that doesn't mean they will win this gen. The xbox clearly had better visuals last gen and it certainly did not win last gen. There are games that I will enjoy on both systems, but the PS3 is starting to look like a beast visually... Haze, MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank: Future & KZ2 are some of the most visually satisfying games seen in a while.

Scrooge3926d ago

So we're supposed to "keep waiting"? Sony has the most patient fanbase.

greed3926d ago

oohhh snappssss!!!!!......

marionz3926d ago

we keep hearing how the ps3 is more powerfull...if you cant show it then shut up

sonys own 3rd party devs should be able to show the true power of ps3 that sony gloats about right? but they say wait.
maybe the ps3 is suffering from wii syndrome i dont know, maybe devs are just making sh1tty ports for the ps3 just to make a quick buck, but at the end of the day if sony cant show ps3 has an edge then shut the fcuk up!

bla blah bla we have big games like lair and heavenly sword bla blah only possible on ps3

Cryos3926d ago

Mr. Marbles,
you are a complete idiot.

If you would read correctly, what he said was, "Due to the PS3's advanced processor, games developed for the Sony backed platform sometimes can't be downgraded to the the 360's chip. "

Which MEANS, that they devs choose to develope for the 360 as instead of the PS3, because if the game was developed for the PS3 as it's base platform, they sometimes can't port it to the 360, while if they develope for the 360 as it's base platform, they can port it to the PS3.

They said nothing about the PS3 being so powerful that it couldn't run a 360 game, as you so idiotically stated in your reply.

Spunkmeyer433925d ago

Right firstly the 360 is winning, thats it, more consoles and better games.
This news isn't a revelation and the "war" (how pathetic) isn't about console power, sony constantly shift there targets, there were never arguements over ps2 and xbox comparisons because there was a clear winner in raw power, now there behind on sales there talking about the future and how there power will tell...
Incase no body has noticed theres a little console called the wii which is plopping on them both and in the power department is a distsant 3rd...
Basically sony (and there followers) don't like not dominating, and all you fanboys sony and xbox alike need to be quiet, because i am going to go postal and have a breakdown.
Sony isn't number one any more and wont be at least not in the way they were b4, if in 2 yeas time they are leading the group, it will not be by much. For the first time there are 3 consoles all competing healthily, which means win win for us because more effort will go into products. Why can't you jizz monkeys just enjoy what you have and stop this frankly child like crap! Choose a console enjoy it, and stay well clear of these forums.

sloth4urluv3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

I could create an array of like 64 8-bit microcontroller and writes some code that couldnt be ported to another processor, but that dosnt mean that its more powerfull.

Besides since when has the power of the system determined the systems success.(see previous generation for example)
PS2 was first to the market and the least powerfull of the big 3 systems, it still came out on top.

Now this gen the 360 was first to the market, is cheaper, has more games, and is easier to develop for. The key to the PS2s sucess was its wide variety of games and 3rd party developers. The 360 now holds this spot and is following suite. (excluding the wii which is in a different weight class)

If PS3 wants to catch up, sony needs to swallow their pride, take a big punch to the stomach and spew out lots of games.

The only thing this really means is unless developers dont like making lots of money they are going to keep the 360 in mind when programming for the game. You really think the devs are going say "hey lets cutout half of our market or increase our production time so we can max out the PS3 a little more?"

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nasim3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

This is why x360 is the least selling console in the world esp in EU and JAPAN it is dead.

BTW ps3 has 256mb of XDR ram @ 3.2 ghz and 256mb of GDDR 3 at 700mhz

x360 has slow 512mb of ram at 700mhz

ps3 has the advantage with XDR ram .

ps3 has 2x the cache as x360 and is 2x faster

ps3 is 3x as powerful as x360 and CELL = 10x XENON

RSX is also more powerful than xenos which is r420 based


LAIR and HS look miles better than anything on x360. Your garbage box 360 would never be able to handle 1000 enemies per screen. At best it could handle 50 enemies per screen

ps3 ==10x x360


xenos is the weakest GFX card amon all 3 systems . It is r420 based

XENOS is 2/3 of RSX ...weakest card . even less powerful than Hollywood(wii's gpu)

The unified shader thing is a hoax and unlike the dedicated shaders of RSX xenos' unified pipelines are indeed very weak

RSX has a texel filrate of 13.2 g/s
XENOS has a texel filrate of 8g/s

RSX can do 136 shader ops per second
XENOS can do 96 shader ops per second

RSX has 32 dedicted pixel shaders and 8 vertex shaders
XENOS has 48 unified shaders

RSX has a clock freqency of 550 HZ
XENOS has a clock frequency of 500MHZ

RSX is DX 9 compatible but supports all future revisions of OPEN GL
XENOS supports DX 9 C+ and supports OPEN GL till 2.0 ONLY

RSX has a diameter of 258mm^2 and is a 90nm chip
7900gtx has a diamter of 196mm^2 and is also a 90nm chip
Xenos has a diameter of 160mm^2 for the mother die and 100mm^2 for the daughter die

PS3 has a total bandwidth of 22g/s + 28g/s ( video + system)
XENOS has a total bandwidth of 22g/s (unified).the edram bandwidth of 256g/s is irrelevant at resolutions above 720p.

even at lower resolutions it makes up for the lack of 360s total bandwidth . However this theory fails in games which reqires intrinsic data processing eg UT3 and DEAD RISING

Sangheili853926d ago

Do you actually believe the lies you say? I mean honestly? Do you read something then just make that up or change it so it's PRO PS3? R420?? Where the hell did you come up with that? Its a R500 and if you do you're homework and stop making up numbers you would read its more powerful then the PS3 GPU after all the PS3 has a modified 7900 i believe. Might be mistaken on that but either way. The R500 is almost the same thing as the R600 (Which OWNS) but without DirectX10 support.

DrSelfDestructX3926d ago

Do you spend all your day kissing Sonys ass or do you actually go outside?

Maddens Raiders3926d ago

Duplicate Story: (1 minute ago) - new
Reported by: Rowland

Sry Rowland I have nothing against you at all my man but this is definitely not the same. To everyone else out there who feels the need to squat on a little innocent PS3 news: STOP THE HATE!!!!!!!

Good grief.

P1MPDADDY3926d ago

This story was contributed by the biggest Sony Sausage Smuggling Sheep on this Site. Anonymous developer = Maddens Raiders??? Arent you the same guy who cried and whinned to EA about the subpar performance of the PS3 version of Madden 2008. That game was a perfect example of the PS3's power or lack thereof... I challenge you to show me the official reply from EA. You have been known to spread FUD before. Are you really that insecure about the PS3 losing to the 360 in the HD videogame sales race???

The non PS3 fanboys on this site didnt blindly buy into Sonys hype. As a PS360 owner I have access to all of the games either console will have available.

Just another pathetic attempt by an insecure PS3 owner who is loyal to Sony's Corporation. Stop spending so much time bashing the competition and "Jump In' with a 360. See what you have been missing. You know like 60FPS in a football game. Ouch, thats gotta burn...

Get me some bubbles so I can finish owning this fool...

HarryEtTubMan3922d ago

Shut up Gimpdaddy, u obviously have no clue what you're talking about...I guees the MANY developers that have said PS3 is much stronger... they aren't even sure how long it will take to maximize PS3 potential...I've NEVER heard anyone say Xbox is even remotely more POWERFUL,only easier to develop for(it is PC tech).Take your Sony Sausage Smuggling Sheep, get your facts right, and change your avatar...u seriously look like a flamer. Pwned.

Maddens Raiders3926d ago

Spam: (2 minutes ago)
Hype. Show and Prove.
Reported by: CyberSentinel
============================= ===

Ok, the Sentinel has cometh. That means only one thing: This is a positive PS3 story with truth behind it.

W O W - people have gone mad.

MikeGdaGod3926d ago

Heavenly Sword & Warhawk sh!ts on any game out now, and any game out in the near future.

there is no game on the 360 that has 1000 enemies on screen at the same time.

there is no game on the 360 that looks anywhere as good.

there is no game on the 360 that is anywhere as much fun.

Warhawk and Heavenly Sword squats and lays a hot juicey turd on Halo and an other game the bots are hoping for. we'll give you this month. after that...........IT'S OVER!

and the best part, i can play my games with no worries of the console burning my house down or crashin. i think i like that part the best.

wageslave3925d ago

Perhaps you missed the story about Assassins Creed's Crowd AI being better on Xbox 360 exactly because the PS3 couldnt do large numbers of AI as well?

Remeber that Developer comment? Here ya go:

"While the PlayStation 3 and 360 versions of Assassin's Creed are virtually identical, Raymond did say that on the 360 the team is putting a special emphasis on achievements. ***The hardware also allows for improved threading, which will improve even further the crowd AI.***"

What were you saying again?

MikeGdaGod3925d ago

thats what these devs are doing, ok. that still doesn't mean just because these devs are doing it, it can't be done better.

have you even played Heavenly Sword? if so there wouldn't even be any doubt in your mind. it was simply amazing fighting 100s at soldiers at a time. that lil comment you posted said nothing about the ps3 not being able to do anyhting.

i hope they do improve the AI in Assassin's Creed because the AI in the 360 demo at E3 was wack. only where to go is up.

Maddens Raiders3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

Spam: (3 minutes ago)
Reported by: jcgamer

jc, can you please be so kind and explain how on God's green earth this is "spam"? It's an article - I posted it; is that the new definition? =]

============================= ========

@#8 below - attack of the what? Dude, what r u talking about?

jcgamer3926d ago

I was wondering where you were man!

InMyOpinion3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

It has no real source. Who is the source? Yourself? Stop spreading these kinds of fake news. You are an embarrassment to the Sony fanbase.