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Internet Trolling Ex3573d ago

We already knew this from the earlier news story,*Yawn*

razer3573d ago

No we didnt have it confirmed and now we do but at least you droids are handling it better than FF XIII. maybe you can make an internet video screaming about how the playstation brand made tekken what it is and how you are betrayed?

i love me some droid tears!

Aquanox3573d ago

I have a hard time thinking of any Sony Executive yawning at this. Microsoft has secured every important 3rd party exclusive out there with the exception of Metal Gear Solid. This is the strawberry on top of the icecream.

ravinshield3573d ago

bunch of playstation [email protected]@ets just lost another game.aint that great, whats next, hum let me see ,well ill let microsoft do the thinking.hahaaha

tErabyte3573d ago

Already knew this from the gamespot leak

JasonPC360PS3Wii3573d ago

Now droids, don't go postal and start kicking puppies because you lost another one. Just chill out and take in the A** the way you always do. Now get out on the street and ho yourself B**ches before this 360/pimp pimp slaps you. What did the five fingers say to the face?

Agent0023573d ago

360 owners...don't you find it sad that you have all 3rd party titles and not one 1st party title?

You are getting Playstation leftovers.


Omegasyde3573d ago

"You are getting Playstation leftovers. "

Great way of saying it. In the end of day Sony will still have more exclusive titles and Microsoft will just have their exclusive...umm

Downloadable content.

I'd rather have a new exclusive game than extra stuff and isn't even free.

Narutone663573d ago

a few of my friends with a modded xbox 360 are going to just download this game off torrent sites. The reason why the 360 is selling well is that it is so easy to pirate their games.

Insomnia_843572d ago

what's the point of owning a 360 waiting and praying to a god that a PS3 exclusive becomes multiplatform? why not just get the PS3 and know that no matter what, you are getting more games. Why more games? because for every PS3 that goes multiplatform, there's another two exclusives being developed.

Looks like 360 owners really love the PS3 games, they got no money and end up getting a cheap console then get their fingers crossed to get a PS3 exclusive. You will get some, but then, miss a lot.

The best news out of a MS conference is that they are getting one PS3 exclusive, in the mean time, Sony has 9 new gamesto announce. Kind of sad for 360 owners.

NickIni3572d ago

Ahh, glorious fanboys.

Even if they don't like a game, and likely will never buy it, or maybe even play it, they still rave about it, just because the other console isn't getting it.

Pain3572d ago

How else would they have shown what games they Bought this year again?

Amsterdaam3572d ago

And while you biatches complain about exclusives, I will be playing ALL OF THEM.

You guys go to war devoted to a stupid corporation? WAKE UP! No corporation of any kind gives a piss about any of you!

They look at this mindless pile of drivel and just see $$$$$$$

What stupid tools you all are.

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SixTwoTwo3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I saw this coming from a mile away. Thank God we FINALLY get a release date.

Nov 09 PS3/X360

KobeT243573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Tekken 6 or Tekken Bloodline Rebellion?

Oh wait Autumn 09? **** that. A year away? No thanks.

El_Colombiano3573d ago

It doesn't really matter. At all. Its just Tekken. Not like its White Knight Stories.

SixTwoTwo3573d ago

Probably Bloodline Rebellion


Not a surprise. Now you people know why Namco take so much time to port it over to PS3, being the arcade version a PS3 like chip... Same release date for PS3 and 360.

MS do have any idea who they are hurting? Because Sony will not take half of the damage the costumers are taking (waiting a full year for a PS3 game just because MS has a metoo strategy...), they are potentially hurting they own, since many of those people will get only angry at MS and don't ever buy their consoles (I alone know 3 people that already stated things like this).

Winter47th3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

All I want, is Tekken, where it's ported doesn't matter.

Omegasyde3573d ago

I agree.

Thanks Microsoft for delaying yet another game.

This is getting ridiculous.

Who has screwed Sony over more Namco or Square?

mikeslemonade3573d ago

You guys have it it's a fighter that doesn't do anything new and it comes out more than a year later from now. PS3 is not hurting in exclusive department. It's just less exclusives from PS2 which is not bad.

DARKKNIGHT3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

A sh1tload of you guys disagreed with me and my beliefs towards M$ buying up games..

they are hurting and impeding the development of games. They literally are holding back gaming so they can monopolize it. In other words what theyre trying to do is control ALLL revenue by "dealing" themselves in. They figure if they can slow the ps3 down it can buy them more time. By them bribing devs, they are holding back devs from exploiting ps3 hardware in order to accomodate 360 capabilities. The fact that theyre going at this ip is proof that m$ is a little worried. m$ has dead or alive and plenty of other virtual fighterS. What else can M$ do to buy themselves more time?

Those that disagree are in denial.

Omegasyde3573d ago

I completely agree.

People don't see the bigger picture. Instead of making exclusive games, they are buying exclusives away thus making PS3 users having to wait longer to play that game.

Sure more people get to expirience the game..but why can't they release the PS3 version already and work on the port then? Why delay the game, its not going to cannibalize sales since Virtua Fighter 5 still sold well when it came out on the 360?

I don't know who is the bigger douche bag, Namco for screwing its fans or Microsoft actively delaying the game to be launched at the same time?

KillaManiac3573d ago

I am confused....didn't at Namco's early TGS event they announce Bloodline Rebellion would be PS3 exclusive?

So will this be a direct port from Current Arcade version?


if I made a list of everything i have mentioned in this board that has become 100% would be really weird. i dont post much... but i believe things of this nature should be discussed.

vhero3573d ago

MS pay for exclusives to be shared between consoles like this but Namco said only earlier this week that Tekken 6 is not coming to consoles bloodlines is there is no mention of this. Also Namco said bloodlines is an exclusive which was announced this week they gonna go back on that within a week? I would take this with a pinch of salt.

likedamaster3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I remember when ps3fanboys used to brag about this being an exclusive now they say, "the game is crap anyway". Funny, when it's exclusive to your console it's 'the best game ever', when its multiplatform,'its crap'. Funny how Call of Duty 4 is one of the best shooters ever on all platforms. Also, I think a monopoly is when you buy whole companies just so the other platform won't have any of those games. Buying exclusives for a time is not a monopoly. It's "smart investing".

osamaq3573d ago

I love You Microsoft For choosing the better for us every time , MWaaa

Sitdown3572d ago

I mean come on..your hate for Microsoft if just uncontrollable. Even if Microsoft did offer a bribe...guess what, Namco did not have to take it. How do you blame a company for trying to put themselves in a position to be successful as a gaming company? Again I say...Namco did not have to make this decision...but they did. Here is a thought...what if Namco looked at the sales of Soul Calibur 4....and thought, just maybe...we can reap the same benefits with a release of Tekken 6 on the ps3 and xbox 360.

RemmM3572d ago

X Box 360 is just getting Tekken 6 while PS3 is getting the better version aka Tekken 6 Bloodline.

Gam713572d ago

so games haven't been delayed on the 360 because of the ps3? (gta4)

Funny how its ok when its because of the ps3 but not because of the 360.

Can someone confirm this has-
1. been delayed on the ps3 because of the 360. Last i heard it was quicker to make games on the 360 than the ps3.
2. this has been delayed in the first place.

When was it originally supposed to come out? If its what they've said i wouldn't say thats a delay.

kingOVsticks3572d ago

does the PS3 even have any third party exclusives? I can't even say FF13 versus is exclusive anymore since M$ conference isn't over yet.This is getting ridicules its like everyone that is isn't sony and konami is taking their time out of their busy schedules to siht on the PS3 and its fanbase. I hear a lot of you PS3 fanboys saying "tekken sucks anyway" or "you can have it" get over yourselves you know damn well this is Bullsh1t.From my standpoint this isn't going to end until M$ graces over this gen from buying out third party games to make up for their weak 1st party studio.It won't even come out until late 2009 it should have came out a month ago.....I really like tekken and hearing this and FF13 being push back another year because of M$ is really disappointing. Oh well life goes on but dammit I didn't buy a 360 to play PS3 games that's what I have a PS3 for.

Death3572d ago

I find it amusing that people think Tekken will drop next fall because there is an Xbox version. Can someone back this claim up with anything reputable? I know this will sound insane, but games are released at certain times throughout the year just like movies. They ship them at the time they think the market is best for. Perhaps Namco is waiting next year since they either a.) need more time or b.) will be bale to market it better with less high profile game releases or a better marketing budget. Some of you need to grow up if you honestly think games drop a week after they go gold. There is actually a business plan to this craziness.


RemmM3572d ago

720 is coming..this is MS being desperate. But I'm not surprised.

wallace10003572d ago

So much hate in the world.

blackbeld3572d ago

Doesn't matter to me. Still i gonna buy this game for PS3 cause FREE ONLINE battles. LOL

Megatron083572d ago

Its funny how sony fanboys say the MS is monopolizing and holding the gaming world back when that’s what sonys been doing for almost 15 years. The graphic power of the ps3 and 360 are very close. While the xbox1 was vastly superior to the ps2 yet games were mostly ported from the p2 to the xbox with no improvement and the 360 came out games were still being ported from the ps2 to the 360 with little improvements. When sony enter the gaming market they went out and bought out a lot of small gaming companies. They paid of 3rd party companies to drop nintendo and sega . They bought out gaming magazines companies they spent billions to try and monopolize the gaming industry and ran sega out of business if it was for the DS and wii the probably put Nintendo out of business too. So really all MS has done it even out the playing field and stop sony from becoming a monopoly. So MS is actually helping out the gaming industry a lot at this point.

Scrooge3572d ago

Wow, just two days ago the Sony fanbase was excited about bloodlines. Now it's, "Tekken 6 sucks anyway." lol

thebudgetgamer3572d ago

good games for all as long as it is of equal quality for both consoles im happy

its funny how some of you want the company you dont like to go out of business. do you really think micro soft would be selling consoles so cheep if sony had nopt started doing better or didnt exist at all.
come to think about it would there be an xbox if not for sonys sucsess
anyways i say game on and be happy:)

except for the damn sweeds i hate them so much

jaysquared3572d ago

Another one bites the dust!

redgaurd3572d ago

I love Teken and the more people who get to enjoy the game the better. However I don't like the fact that devs are aiming for parity in graphics. The ps3 in my opinion is the more powerful system and is capable of amazing things when the devs put their minds to the task of extracting the hidden power out of the system. The best results come from exclusives which is why I think I may save my money for an amazing exclusive. I am thinking of getting an xbox this christmas for gears and other exclusives. As this gen goes on (and this financial crisis) I am getting less interested in multiplat titles and am going to save my hard earned for exclusives, and a few must haves. What I am saying is that I don't want the same quality game on both systems because that would mean one version is not taking advantage of the extra power and we shouldn't settle for it. Money is too hard to come by these days. Both systems have their advantages and devs need to take these, and give us the best possible product on each system.

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Internet Trolling Ex3573d ago

When is sonys press conference,Im falling asleep over here

Lucas223573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

will Microsoft announce everything today? Or do they have another conference

rogimusprime3572d ago

about the way tekken plays, and you have to acknowledge the way the XBOX controller is set up pales in comparison to PS3. I have both systems and I have to say fighting games are just better on PS3.

I just hope this "me too" deal didn't delay the game. A year is a long time to wait for a what is basically an enhanced port of what the japanese have been playing for almost a YEAR already.

madestar3572d ago

fudge it.. i rather ninja storm stay exclusive.. oh wait.. xbox 360 can't handle those graphics anyways.. but yeah big upset but hey.. i can swallow it.. tekken isn't a system seller as much as ninja storm.. fudge you microsoft.. it's coming to xbox 360 in autumn 09 anyways.. everyone will be done playing with it on the ps3.. go ahead and take the left over b**ches... suck on that

alexM3573d ago

we knew this

since SC4 is on x360 as well

However Tekken 6 looks even worse than SC4

no one wants it exactly


GameDev3572d ago

when a game goes multiplat, they have to lower the polygon count on the models, texture resolutions and size of maps so the 360's limited bandwidth can produce a decent framerate.

THIS IS WHY PS3 OWNERS lose interest in former exclusives. No one wants GIMPED titles.