Rare Sony PlayStation images you have never seen [PIC]

GB : We have some amazing rare original Playstation 1 images for you, that most of you may not have seen.

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blaaah2349d ago ShowReplies(9)
dvfaa2349d ago

apparently (just for me?) the site is down.. but judging from the thumbnail that sure looks like some sort of super nintendo hybrid

Bounkass2349d ago

Same here. I'm SO happy Nintendo dropped Sony.

Blacksand12348d ago

They was going to join, but Nintendo drop Sony because they didn't won't to change from cart to disc.

na-no-nai2348d ago

If Nintendo and Sony had gone thru with the deal; Sony would of gotten all the rights of games made on cd and such. Nintendo was smart to drop them

3GenGames2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

That ones a fake image, but at one point in time there was a really early mock up made, although I doubt the hardware was anything near the middle of prototyping or even remotely functional. More than likely just a demo unit to test ideas on for parts of it, maybe early software, etc. It'd be interesting to think about Nintendo going for an optical SNES add on that was much different from the main system and not just a FDS device. :)

LeftPawedFox2349d ago

No its not fake. well that maybe but they did have around 500 or so Nintendo playstation made and sold in 94 i think in japan. It was on a playstation special on G4.

3GenGames2349d ago

I meant fake as in it didn't do anything, it was just there to show off what it was supposed to work like and show how users could more than likely function with it. :)

-Superman-2348d ago

Sony killed Sega
Nintendo dropped Sony

Sony revange to Nintendo, and ps1 and ps2 both most selling consoles and both consoles were in their gen top.

Funny how new company who comes into video game market takes winning crown 2 time row.

rhap2349d ago

Compared to PSX, this one looks 50 years older.

BiggCMan2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

You know PSX isn't the PS1? PSX is a separate system that consists of a PS2, combined with a DVR, that was only released in Japan. PSX is not PS1, and I don't know why people think so.

rhap2349d ago

Never heard about that, I've always thought PSX was a nickname or something the industry gave to PS1. Thanks for sharing the info.

Urrakia342349d ago

Probably people who are fairly new to gaming are the ones that make that mistake.

PlayStation is the original while PSOne is the "slim" revised model.

Oner2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Actually you are both right!

Early on when the PS1 (not the PS2 or it's later DVR Japanese model) was launched here in the US, it was unofficially referred to as the PSX. I remember it quite well (as I was working for FuncoLand in the Bronx back then) when it was about to be is some info/proof that shows it has merit

From the Wiki ~

"The PlayStation, (officially abbreviated as PS; unofficially referred to as the ***PSX*** or PS1) is a 32-bit fifth-generation video game console first released by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan on December 3, 1994."

From the References ~

"PS-X (PlayStation Experimental) was an internal code name for the PlayStation during development. The popular use of the "PSX" abbreviation outside Sony became a source of confusion when Sony introduced its PSX digital video recorder in 2003."

And the PSX DVR (PS2 based) ~

"PSX (also known as PlayStation X) was a Sony digital video recorder with fully integrated PlayStation and PlayStation 2 video game consoles."

GribbleGrunger2349d ago

the original PS brand was going to be called PSX but it never got the green light and it became the PS1. the PSX indeed released in Japan only, as you've pointed out, and i believe it was the tester for the PS3, as the PSP was the tester for the Vita

llMurcielagoll2349d ago

Sir, you have answered a question I always had "What is PSX?" I do see on the internet people saying PSX PSX PSX and picture of a PS1 is above the discussion a longtime ago.

Thank you, BiggCMan + Intelligent bubble for you

Baka-akaB2349d ago

al i know is we always called the ps1 either playstation or psx around here . Mostly because it was the initial used in most games magazines at the time , and it only stopped when the ps2 and psx appeared

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xtremexx2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

are ps1's worth money now? i still have one. and this doesnt look that rare

Megaman_nerd2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

a lot of its games are expensive as *** (like Suikoden II or MegaMan Legends) but the console itself is really cheap.

Soldierone2348d ago

If its opened its not worth anything, same with the games for the most part. If its still new in the box, go hit ebay and make some bank, but the longer you wait the more you will make.

TBONEJF2349d ago

That last pic looks like it was done by a fan boy or some one but the others look real enough to be a prototype.

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