GDC 07 CRI Middleware Tech Demo HD

Amazing footage of what the PS3 is capable of using CRI's new development technology.

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Takumi864269d ago

AmaZing!!!!! i think all Developers shold use this engine

Red4269d ago

..are people STILL showing Tech Demos for PS3. Shouldn't they be well into showing new GAMES?

techie4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Because this is a developers conference maybe? It's not for us folk to find out new games really...that's E3. ANd I have to say wow...showing developers this for the ps3 gets them to*t I want to make a game on the ps3 and now I have some tools to do it! Yes let's go!. And that;s the point. Wish there was mor eto see:(

VirtualGamer4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

In other words game developers get together and show off tech demo's of what they have been working on for software/middleware that developers can take advantage of in creating games. Its not E3 or TGS where its designed to showcase the actual games developers are working on.

Red4269d ago

Maybe you guys are right, but it just seems odd that most of the 360/wii tech demos are actual games. I don't mean any ill will to Sony, just thought at this point even at a dev. conference, the engine makers would be better served showing what an actual developer is doing with the engine. Kinda like gears,star wars,Indiana Jones,crysis,fable and so forth. But I may be misguided. Sorry.

techie4269d ago

Like Factor 5 did with their Lair lecture?

In a way I agree...but I think really they need to be getting devs onboard. And the main critism of the ps3 was that it was hard to develop for and so by showing them how they have these tools, it will soften the blow. Also what's coming from GDC is filtering very slowly...I think there's another day. So lets wait and see.

Lord Anubis4269d ago

looks very nice, I wonder what game it could be or which studio is using their engine.