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Divinity: Original Sin artist received threats and harassment over games original art

29m ago - The reason for making this journal entry is because there is something that has been on my mind s... | PC

Learning to Create Part 1

32m ago - Inspired by indie developers on Kickstarter, Jessi Ross has recently jumped into the wonderful wo... | PC

Game Art for Gamers 101: Introduction

6h ago - "Game Art for Gamers [is] a weekly series that will challenge you to see past the “graphics” and... | Culture

5 Square Enix Titles That Need An HD Upgrade

14h ago - Square Enix has been pumping out HD upgrades for the next generation, these are 5 titles that the... | PS4

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Gears Of War intended to be like Battlefield, had mechs and class-based combat

15h ago - Gears Of War wasn’t always the machismo, testosterone-fuelled third-person shooter that came to d... | Xbox 360

Misplaced Melodies #2: Dreamcast Stuff

19h ago - So for this edition of Misplace Melodies 8BitChimp wanted to look at one of Brian's favorite cons... | GameCube

The important role of lateral thinking in video games

20h ago - Game development is an exercise in lateral thinking. Everything from game design to actual gamepl... | PC

When Veteran Game Developers Launch Bad Kickstarters

1d 3h ago - Ahmad Khan writes: "The last few weeks have been interesting because of three Kickstarter project... | PC

Should More Games Take The Early Access Route?

1d 15h ago - Over the last couple days I’ve been seriously considering whether more games should go down the E... | Culture

More for Moore, Less for Us - Dodd Scientifics

2d ago - The article begins on a seemingly harmless note: EA’s COO believes that traditional gamers will t... | PC

Well, That Was interesting 8/17/14

2d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale provides his take on the most intersting gaming articles and topics fr... | Tech

Silent Hills and the Insanity of Kojima: A Recap and Predictions

3d ago - 8CN: For thsoe familiar with the works of Hideo Kojima, the circumstances surrounding the announc... | PS4

Novel Approach: Video games based on books

4d ago - As The Giver approaches this weekend, we're once again getting a taste of a young-adult novel run... | Industry

StarForge May Be in Deep Water

4d ago - Recently a few situations have come to light regarding CodeHatch's game StarForge leading one to... | PC

Konami finally cares about Silent Hill

4d ago - One of the most interesting reveals at Gamescom this year was the P.T. playable demo. Sony initia... | Industry

EpicDome: Breaking the Silence: Three Heroes Unite to Save Silent Hill

5d ago - The Illusive Man says:"Gamescom provided one of the biggest pieces of gaming news to date: Metal... | Culture

Game Journalism and the Public

5d ago - So there's obviously been an odd relationship between the public and games journalism in general.... | Industry

...When It's DONE

6d ago - This editorial discusses why complacency in regards to day 1 patches and the push to go 'digital-... | Tech

Why Ubisoft consultant’s criticism of League of Legends is totally wrong

6d ago - An Ubisoft consultant recently was quoted in a Gamasutra article explaining why the LoL monetizat... | Industry

How Soon Until The Next Hearthstone Expansion?

6d ago - The future of Hearthstone is an interesting journey to predict, especially in the midst of their... | PC

Firefall (PC) Review

Now - Drew digs into this free-to-play MMO shooter. | Promoted post

Steam Early Access - Worth The Risk?

8d ago - Does Early Access work or is it giving developers with alterior motives a platform on which to th... | PC

Well, That Was Interesting 8/10/14

9d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale provides his take on the most interesting gaming articles and topics f... | Culture

9 Games That Need A Big Showing At Gamescom

11d ago - VideoGamer: "Gamescom is coming! And some games better be ready to pull out all the stops to ensu... | Culture

My Hopes For Fallout 4

11d ago - From EGMR, "With the announcement of the new Doom, I have been left a tad disappointed that there... | Culture

You’ve Been Chosen – What New Game Is Bioware Teasing?

12d ago - Bioware have been releasing trailers and ARG websites teasing a brand new game, but what does it... | Dev
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