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Unprecedented Social Problems We Expect on PSVR

1h ago - We have described and compiled a short list of Anti-Social "problems" that maybe associated with... | PS4

Virtual Reality – Maturity Beyond Games - Brainwashed Politics

21h ago - Can VR brainwash us? Can it influence politics and make us change the way we think? Can VR be use... | Tech

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

Should we be worried about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided?

22h ago - Joe from GamersFTW write:Many of you have probably heard the news by now that Deus Ex: Mankind Di... | Dev

Why Hennig and Raymond's Star Wars game is the one to watch

2d ago - Battlefront wasn't exactly met with the best reception, especially when considering how huge its... | Dev

Gameboy 1up a whole new take on a classic system

2d ago - While browsing the net like we all do, I run across something every interesting called GameBoy 1u... | Dev

IGX 2015- India’s First Ever Consumer Centered Games Expo

3d ago - On November 14th 2015, IGX – Indian Games Expo, apparently the first ever consumer centered games... | Xbox 360

Gambling, Banjos, And George Lucas: Surprising Facts About Super Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto

4d ago - He's a knight and thinks the Super Mario Bros. movie was too faithful? A few factoids about Mario... | Dev

TechRaptor Presents: To The Green with Dirty Rascals

5d ago - Queen Bee Games latest offering has covered tower defense, RTS and arcade action with an interest... | iPhone

BioShock Creator’s Next Game “Highly Creative and Innovative”

5d ago - The creator of Bioshock and System Shock Ken Levine revealed that his next game will be very char... | PC

Top 10 Cancelled Games

7d ago - Bit Cultures writes: Over the years, we have been blessed with countless wonderful games. However... | PS2

Is It a Game? Does It Matter?

8d ago - Bit Culture writes: “Does playing Candy Crush make me a gamer?” “Can you really call that a game?... | iPhone

The DLC Dilemma

8d ago - Many hot-button topics exist within the gaming community. One of the more volatile issues, howeve... | PC

The 8 video game controllers even worse than Steam's

8d ago - Valve's Steam Controller isn't quite the mouse and keyboard substitute we were all hoping for, bu... | Tech

Xbox and PlayStation: virtual war reality

8d ago - Do you think that when the VR console comes out, the Xbox will die out? What if everyone goes cra... | PS4

The Hubbub of Day of the Devs, pt. II

10d ago - Jeremy says, "Double Fine Productions and iam8bit’s third annual Day of the Devs recently passed.... | PC

The Hubbub of Day of the Devs, pt. I

11d ago - Jeremy says, "Double Fine Productions and iam8bit’s third annual Day of the Devs recently passed.... | Industry

Why We Need To Push Friday The 13th: The Game Beyond Their Kickstarter Funding Goal

12d ago - Average Nobody's said, "As we're quickly approaching the, Friday November 13th, Kickstarter campa... | PC

The future of wearables in VR

14d ago - Wearable Technology is increasing rapidly with the introduction of Samsung Watches, the Apple Wat... | Tech

Super Cordon Bleu: The Road to Kickstarter part I

14d ago - IE Entertainment is attempting to take another stab at breathing new life into their indie game,... | Industry

Kingdom Hearts Masochism

16d ago - The Kingslayer "So if you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m pretty sure you heard of Kingdom Hearts 2.... | Nintendo DS

Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post

Gamer Habits….. Excuses Excuses

16d ago - There is something else that goes hand in hand with gamer rage and that is excuses. We all use th... | GameCube

Can Konami & Metal Gear Succeed Again Without Director Hideo Kojima?

16d ago - The Kingslayer "At this point with all the shenanigans on Konami's part it's hard to imagine that... | Xbox 360

Can The New Gaming Focused Apple TV Device Push Gaming To New Heights?

16d ago - The Kingslayer "Apple is a monster of tech company. Without trying they are already one of the mo... | Tech

How Eye Tracking Will TOTALLY Change the Way You Game.

18d ago - “There’s a fundamental problem with games, You walk around their world like you’re a dog with a c... | PC

Virtual life: VR games to make you a believer

18d ago - In the first of a two part series, Renee Gittins talks about her experience with VR, and which ga... | PC
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