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The Wonderful 101 Development History Released

17h ago - Unseen64 has released a big article detailing the entire development history of The Wonderful 101... | Wii

Dev blog: Rubicon Development on indie games and market visibility

21h ago - Writing for Continue Play, head of Rubicon Development, Paul Johnson, disusses a major problem fa... | PC

FarCry 4 Dev Says Open World Is The Future.. I Hope Not! | ScrewAttack

1d 8h ago - We don't need anymore walking simulators do we? | Dev

Producing, Introducing and Releasing: Jewel Breaker

3d ago - Jewel Breaker is a simple but high paced puzzle game and the studio Excamedia is investigating on... | Wii U

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Interview: Mario Casteñeda about Hex Heroes

3d ago - An interview with Mario Casteñeda, the maker of The Bridge. Casteñeda talks about his latest end... | PC

The Future of UK Gaming Events

3d ago - As 75,000 people walked through Earls Courts doors at the UK’s biggest gaming event, EGX showed t... | Tech

Interview: Frogwares Studios and the Ukrainian Crisis

3d ago - An interview with Frogwares Studios about making its recent game, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Pun... | PC

New Game+: The peaceful roads of Forza Horizon

4d ago - NEW GAME+: "Yeah, I was an idiot." How initial hesitation about open-world driving gave way to th... | Xbox 360

What Is The Status of Dishonored 2? Bethesda Always Wanted A Franchise

4d ago - "It’s been two years now since the release of Bethesda’s grim stealth adventure game Dishonored,... | PC

Why You Should Be Getting Creative with Project Spark

5d ago - Mick Fraser: "Team Dakota allow you to do whatever you want with their game. Want to recreate Pri... | Xbox One

Fallout 4: Deciding on Scale

5d ago - Just how big should the game world be in Fallout 4? Well, most folks are familiar with the term “... | Dev

Game Delays; why they’re great and developers need more respect

6d ago - Games take a long time to make, which is why developers need more respect when they decide to del... | PS4

Execution Trumps Innovation In Shadow Of Mordor

6d ago - In the current gaming context, gamers are always concerned with resolutions, fps and the promise... | PS4

'Fallout 4' release date rumors: Game won't be available until late 2015?

6d ago - "Six years have passed since "Fallout 3" shook the gaming realm, and a fourth instalment is now l... | PC

Hatred: A Destructive Twist Of Ethics?

6d ago - Hatred is the first game by Polish developer Destructive Creations which was announced on October... | PC

The Future of Telltale Games

8d ago - From horrific hope-crushing apocalypses, to dark harrowing fairy-tales. It seems Telltale Games h... | Culture

The Rating Game: How Reviews Impact Those Who Create

10d ago - The role reviews play in the video game industry today cannot be understated. Whether you’re talk... | Industry

Top Picks of IndieCade 2014

10d ago - If you missed IndieCade this year, here’s a guide to some of Nick's favorite games of the show. | Industry

The Year of The Remastered

12d ago - 2014 is the year of the remaster. It is what happens when game makers underestimate the success o... | PC

Could Sub Zero Be The Villain in MKX and Scorpion The (kind of)Hero?

12d ago - Lots of twists and turns leading up to MKX could prove that the Shirai Ryu demon could be siding... | Xbox 360

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Big Bad II - What Makes a Good Villain?

15d ago - Villains are people too. A compelling narrative villain does not just do evil things for the sake... | Culture

Shawn’s Top 5 Video Game Things To Do Before Dying

17d ago - Many people have a bucket list, things to do before dying. However Shawn can’t say he has ever se... | Industry

Stop Tarring Video Game Violence With The Same Brush

18d ago - Why does video game violence continue to receive a reoccurring negative stigma within news articl... | PS2

Why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's maps took two years to make

19d ago - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Glen Schofield has discussed aspects of the game's development p... | Dev

Well, That Was Interesting October 5, 2014

19d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale gives his opinion on some of top gaming and tech-related stories of th... | Tech
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