The PS3 Game Your 360 Could Never Do

Gamesradar writes:

Any console that can play the upcoming Ferrari Challenge, take one step forward. Not so fast Xbox 360! At least if System 3 CEO, Mark Cale is to be believed when he says, "The PS3 offers the most powerful opportunity in the global marketplace." Barring some phantom super-console lurking in the E3 rafters, we suppose that's fair. Though, the fact that Sony's better established throughout Europe, and that continent's insatiable appetite for racing titles probably shouldn't be counted out either.

"1080p resolution is a better solution than just HD," boasts Cole while taking a light jab at the 720p Forza 2. Certainly, no one's clamoring for less "p", so news of this nature will surely do its part as red meat for forum trolls who absolutely obsess over tech specs. Although, the very same people, those combing over every progressive pixel, may also take issue with the game running at 30 frames a second. Cole claims that you may need 60fps in an action game like Devil May Cry 4, but in a racing sim where you're heading forward at all times 30fps is more than adequate. And judging by our hands-on, we're inclined to believe him.

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chester3827d ago

the guy slams forza, gt, and the 360 all in one little interview. obviously a guy who's just trying to get some publicity for a game that isn't going to dent the more popular series.

whateva3827d ago

pulls out big bag of popcorn.

pharmd3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

......and cue intelligent sonarus comment!

sonarus3827d ago

He is obviously tryin to sell his game. Funny thing is empty barrels make the most noise.

mikeslemonade3827d ago

It's going look the sharpest and least blurry but the graphics from the screen shot don't look that great. It looks just a little better than Forza which is not good enough.

rosebowl233827d ago

yea empty barrels sure do make a lot more noise than loaded ones...

oh wait... might wana try that one again LOL

InMyOpinion3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I'd rather have 60 fps than 1080p, any day. Imagine COD 4 or Burnout Paradise without that smooth framerate. It just wouldn't be the same.

Remains to be seen if the same goes for this game. It looks great so far.

jtucker783827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Extra "p" in a racing game is important. Although I'm not saying it's better than 60fps.

Imagine there is a long straight before a corner.
In SD you won't see the chevrons (arrows) indicating the corner, from a distance at the start of the straight. It is only when you get close enough to the chevrons for them to resolve from a pixellated blur so you can tell the direction you need to go in. The higher the resolution the further away you'll be able to recognise objects in the distance, hence giving you an advantage.

Try it out on the GRID demo by playing on a SD TV. Play the muscle car race (3rd one) and see how much closer to the corner you have to get before you recognise it as a corner.

JsonHenry3827d ago

Meh. It is ANOTHER racing game. Who cares what platform it is on? As far as I can tell he has a lot of gameplay to back up with all that trash talking he did.

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power of Green 3827d ago

Some very tall talk for a game seemingly graphically on par with an Xbox game not to mention it being a SIM on Forza 2's level? :p

DarthTigra 3827d ago

I agreed with you untill i saw that last bit of your post lol

-Maverick-3827d ago








PoSTedUP3827d ago

but pog. forza 2 isnt a sim, it dosnt even drive like a real car would.
thats were GT5p comes in and takes the racing sim genre because real race car drivers state that gt5's car physics are the most accurate to this date. forza 2 is a good arcade racer or just a wannB simulator. but nothing more.

fishd3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )


read his comment and sev512 replay!

@Bill Gates
LOL!Bubble up!

anyone who appreciate CELL get a bubble too!

Fat Bastard3827d ago

So basically the 360 sucks massive balls and Power of green is still an idiotic fanboy unable to apply logic to his statements. We already knew that

Veryangryxbot3827d ago

PS3 >>>>>>>&g t;>> 360

Just another daily confirmation guys.

GiantEnemyCrab3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

[email protected] fishheads.. OK so you take his word as gospel then take this as gospel.

"Remember: automotive handling is the Ferrari Challenge’s crown jewel. Mark Cale even went so far as to call Gran Turismo a “fake simulator” by comparison. Ouch "

So there you have it folks Gran Turismo is a fake simulator. I always knew that game was a POS.

Oner3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

@fishD ~ nice find on that info.

"Power of green aka MART confirmed..................... ...................AGAIN!

read his comment and sev512 replay!"

Below quote taken from PSLS by sev1512

"@Power Of Green…

Your comment came up in my spam filter, but I have de-spammed it, just to make an example of how foolish you look.
You come to PS site, only to bash it…
You wont see me on your site, bashing the 360….

Lastly, you just confirmed what most people on N4G thought was true…
Power Of Green = TheMart @ Xbox Kings….
How do I know? Because I can see the email address you used to make your comment."

Wow! does it feel to be proven to be nothing more than an ignorant, immature biased fanboy? Real weak character you have there guy. You have absolutely no credibility and should not be discussing/reporting news on your "site" since you have no integrity. Anyone who turns a blind eye to this and disagrees is no better than him and should be embarrassed to be that way.

gunnerheadboy3827d ago

Spam POGs' inbox. He has been confirmed to also be the MART. Also, it has been confirmed that he is a retard. No, really, he is.

Homicide3827d ago

HAHHAHAHAHA! Bots are jealous.

Pain3827d ago


dream on kids. GT>>>M$'s GT wanna be.

Aquanox3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

For what has been shown, the PS3 is having serious trouble handling Bioshock. So I believe a nice list could be made the other way.

By the way, this article fails. Who said Gran Turismo 5 runs at 1080p?

It doesn't. It runs at half that resolution, being hardware scaled later.

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pimpstation3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

True next gen games are only possible with the power of the Cell Broadband Engine and the RSX Reality Synthesizer.

MGS4 was only the beginning.

Developers such as this are realizing that with the power of the Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System, their dreams can become reality.

-Maverick-3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Um no b1tch. MGS4 owned everything. Regardless of what you believe, MGS4 could not be performed on the Xbox 360, at least at the level of fidelity it is on the PS3.. which is just amazing. Listen to IGN's review....they said it was "probably the most beautiful game ever created" We are talking HUGE landscaped. Incredible lighting and juat everything all togehter. You ahve nothing but Mas Effect with crazy texture pop-in and what??? Bioshock??????? hahahahhahahaa What does the turdbox have that even comes remotely close to Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted, Ratchet,Heavenly Sword, Killzone 2, MGS4??? and more we will see very very soon.

Nothing. Period.

PS3 is the most powerful hardware. EVERYONE knows it. EVERYONE has said it and EVERYONE is seeing it and will continue to see it.

Get over it.

3fixme fails.

Go play an unreal engine game. Thats all you have.

-Maverick-3827d ago

And 3fixme is coming in last place. Go cry about it.

Bill Gates3827d ago

He's a gamer, he's got lots of lives.


PoSTedUP3827d ago

yo son, even resistance 1 couldnt be done on 360 with all that stuff happening on screen. ahh... my ps3..

Capt CHAOS3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Edit: Lol, you just went back and did an edit.

captainjy3827d ago

Maverick, bet real man. The 360's triple core is more than enough to run anything out today, even your precious MGS, which BTW no one is talking about. The problem is you mix teenagers with different technologies and consoles and it's always a pissing match. Yes, there are some things on the POS3 that are decent. And there things about the 360 that I obviously like better than the POS3. Who really cares any more?!?! Just buy your damn games and have fun.

fishd3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

O really?!
That's why the x360 that can do every thing's best looking game is a 2006 title?Just curious!


for god sake use your brain for first time in your life,OK?!
by end of 2009 PS3 is the home of:

the rest of exclusives are bonus!!!
How can you live without these games and call yourself a GAMER?
come on man,show some love,it's not hard,I know you want a PS3,come on,you'll enjoy it!

PoSTedUP3827d ago

yes, im am still yet to see a game like resistance or HS or lair on the 360. it hasnt proven its worth yet besides graphics. it cant handle the massive amount of information thats on a ps3 game.

pwnsause3827d ago

Sorry, Act 3 of MGS4 is not possible on the 360, those who played it would understand what im saying.

Kleptic3827d ago

ACT 3?...honestly I found that part of the game to be the least graphically impressive (still more impressive than pretty much everything else in gaming, but the least impressive of MGS4) for the cutscene in which Akiba is soaking wet from the canal...dude...never seen wet clothing look that realistic in real time rendering...not even in uncharted...

but act 2 seems to be crazy in term so processing also...the change of day integrated into the entire level (which happens in real time if you pay attention)...

I don't that I think of it all the acts had their own stuff that made them unstoppably awesome...its just they are all very different in its tough to thing is certain though; the 360 simply hasn't shown anything that looks close to this...doesn't mean it won't happen, it just means until then...the PS3 is without question running the best looking console game of all time currently...

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whateva3827d ago

this will not end well!

PirateThom3827d ago

I thought this was coming out on 360 as well...

resistance1003827d ago

Nope, The Ps3 version is lead, and a Wii,Ps2 and DS version is also in the works

darthv723827d ago

If it is coming for the wii, ps2 and ds then it can certainly run on the 360. Or does this particular dev have a thing against MS????

NO_PUDding3827d ago

Sony started paying for exclusives like they said.

$100 contributed to the Ferrari Challenge developemnt nicely.