What is Microsoft's Next Move against Sony?

What's Next? If rumors are true then Microsoft is ready to drop the price on their 60 GB model to $249 at the same time as Sony drops their lower end model to $299. I say lower end and not 80 GB model, because Sony is making moves...

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Zeus Lee3563d ago

More Halo seems to be their move.They're going to quickly realize they need a significantly better 1st party lineup.

sonarus3563d ago

When all else fails...price cui

MasFlowKiller3563d ago

Price cut simple as that, i wish they could show us some of their 09 lineup but i guess we will have to wait until e3

caladbolg7773563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Probably from 2nd to 3rd in the console race. Oooooooooooooooooo burn. I kid. I kid.

But in all seriousness, I'd buy a 360 if the price was right. I've got my eye on the Elite model. Sadly, I can't justify purchasing one at the current price point. My PC and PS3 seem to cover almost all of my bases save for a few choice exclusives.

I hold no loyalties to any side. For me, it's all about cost VS value and at this time the price of a 360 may be lower than the competitors, but the value is seriously lacking.

Blaze9293563d ago

I can almost guarantee Microsoft will drop the price of the 360 once the PS3 cut happens 'just becuase' they can. Like no reason will be behind it but they will do it just becuase.

With the games, what exclusives are there really? Thing about Microsoft now is that they dont announce games unless they plan to release it the same year or shortly after, unlike Sony. So they probably have a great lineup, just waiting to be unleashed this E3...that or more PS3 exclusives now on the 360.

Monchichi0253563d ago

Someone PLEASE start a petition to get him kicked off of N4G. Guy is ruining game journalism!

3563d ago
jaysquared3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

$249?? you can get a 60gb 360 right now with Endwar for $239 at dell...

QuackPot3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

But it's unlikely to happen anytime, soon. They had plenty of time to put together a better line of 1st party exclusives. Now relying mainly on 3rd party and a handful of stalwarts.

MS should just cut their losses and focus on the 720 or make as much as they can this generation to pull out of consoles completely.


The $249 Ps3 is coming and the great Ps2 migration to the Ps3 has not begun yet.

Danja3563d ago

I can't see M$ cutting the price of the 360..b4 summer...atleast..

they need to focus on getting exclusive games to there fanbase and stop worrying about trying to stay ahead of the PS3...

Powertesties3563d ago

They have many unannounced titles and a killer network. They do need to start showing what they have up their sleeves. Either way, 2009, just as the previous years, is the year of the Xbox.

Sony has some good looking titles as well. Having played through Killzone 2 it is amazing but not the 360 killer I was expecting. It does look amazing though....but nothing the 360 couldn't handle.

Not flaming here people so don't start that stuff.

Maturity please!

Arnon3563d ago

You guys realize that the only people who are worried about first party exclusives are the people on N4G correct?.. I mean, 95% of all multi-platform games have more success on the 360. Expect Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter 4 to succeed on the 360 this month. And that isn't even something to flame, it just happens, EVERY-TIME. Whenever a major 360 exclusive DOES come out, it blows everything that it is competing with out of the park.

Never have I seen complaints on any of the other major sites such as 1UP, Kotaku, Joystiq, IGN, Gamespot, etc.

Microsoft, just like last year, and the year before, and the year before, will do perfectly fine. Halo Wars is already showing that. It has had over 2 million demo downloads so far. Then you have Ninja Blade, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Race Pro, GTA: The Lost & Damned, etc. just in the first 2 quarters of the year.

You can probably also expect another price cut, due to the fact that they are now making a profit off of the 360. They could easily bring it down to breaking even. Not to mention how they are developing the Valhalla motherboard which has the cpu and gpu as 1 superchip which increases space within the console and lowers the manufacturing costs.

burbulla3563d ago

Price cuts, if that doesn't work they need to handout free 360s, no seriously!

thats_just_prime3563d ago

Thehiphopps3fanboy is ruining game just look at N4G prove that reading anything he prints kills brain cells.

likedamaster3563d ago

"Someone PLEASE start a petition to get him kicked off of N4G. Guy is ruining game journalism!"

Agreed. At first he seemed interesting, but now...despicable.

Consoldtobots3563d ago

the thing most need to remember is that Microsoft and their online viral marketers WANT this to be an arugment about price. That's all they have left to argue. Id rather keep it centered around value which is an area where the 360 fails miserably. Seriously speaking I am turning my 360 on a bout once a month now and I don't see that improving anytime soon.

NickIni3563d ago

"Thehiphopps3fanboy is ruining game just look at N4G prove that reading anything he prints kills brain cells."

That was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, but, to stop yourself looking like a complete fool, I suggest getting a spell checker for next time.

StephanieBBB3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Right now I own a PC and a PS3. If I where to buy a 360 then I have to ask myself how much would I get out of it in the coming year?

Almost every game Microsoft is bragging about is also multiplatform so that won't cut it. Microsoft has still not confirmed that the RROD issue is fixed. Xbox live costs money that could be spent on games on the PS3/PC instead.

This time it's no tricks or illusions that will do. They'll have to really pull a bunny out of the hat this time.

XxZxX3562d ago

Quit and focus on software and reclaim the OS market please.
With their focus in all area, they are losing market share on everything. How bout getting back to root, and focus to get OS market share first by putting up Quality OS for the first time.

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UltimaEnder3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Does this website ever do anything besides these stupid fanboy flame-bait articles, seriously why would they when N4G keeps eating them up!

It's obvious that he uses this site as his personal burning ground for his site's junk articles.....seriously this place will soon only have HHG fans, should be fantastic...LOL

cayal3563d ago

True. I am curious to see what they will announce.

Frankly Halo and Halo is not interesting to me. I want to see Alan Wake and something a bit more varied.

Foxgod3563d ago

Well, i think the line up is pretty varied.
Where getting rpg's, an rts, some shooters, some racing games, and a bunch of action games.
What more categorys are there ?

cayal3563d ago

At this stage they have nothing that wow's me like some upcoming PS3 games are doing and that is what I want to see.

OSIRUSSS3563d ago

Nothing games wise. I would imagine a Price Cut maybe? Thats the only weapon MS has left. Or making Live free.

CID3563d ago

Wont make a difference cause its the Arcade that is selling and thats already dirt cheap. They would have to lower the price of the Arcade to $99.

Arnon3563d ago

Wrong. The ones that are actually selling the most are the Pro and Elite. Even stupid people know about how bad the Arcade is.

NegativeCreep4273563d ago

More Gears games.

Oh and a sequel to Lips. LOL! Good Luck MS!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3563d ago

They could call it 'LIPS 2:ASS' ;-D ;-D ;-D

Sanzee3563d ago

I don't know why so many of you continue to hurt your own console fanbase with weak-a$$ statements. I know there are PS3 fans out there who are true-blue, 100% hardcore gamers, and not a bunch of clowns with bad comebacks. Why don't you defend your console by literally supporting it, and not by dogging the dude ahead in line. What does it show for your console? 3rd place? You tell me man. You represent the machine.

blackbeld3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

The next move for Microsoft is sh*ting out they're pens... hahaha

Theory Of Suckboxism3563d ago

More Halo games? Give us Xbox 360 owners something new to play Microsoft,why can't Microsoft be more like SONY? :(

snipermk03563d ago

is a bunch of bull.. I can't believe you guys even take them seriously anymore.

GiantEnemyLobster3563d ago

Sony is hanging in there by a string and Microsoft is coming with the scissors

cryymoar3562d ago

because Microsoft is too busy trying to be like EVERYONE else.

@ lobster
No, Microsoft are rope-tied to a train tracks, and Sony is a train steaming full ahead.

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