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10 Video Games That Actually Portrayed Sex Well

5m ago - For the longest time there wasn’t anything resembling a human element in video game’s portrayal o... | PC

Bundesliga Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

1h ago - For all those players that plan to build an FUT 15 team based on the Bundesliga, here it is an ex... | PC

Serie A Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

1h ago - For all those players that plan to build an FUT 15 team based on the Serie A, here it is an exten... | PC

Ligue 1 Squad Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

1h ago - For all those players that plan a FUT 15 team based on the Ligue 1, or that plan on building one,... | PC

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Can Master Chief save the Chinese Xbox One?

3h ago - Tech in Asia: After months of complaints about a poor game lineup, Microsoft China confirms it's... | Xbox One

How to Get a Cheap Xbox One

3h ago - Microsoft’s Xbox One has been described by a lot of people in a different ways since it was relea... | Xbox One

Dying Light - All Voice Mail Collectible Locations

5h ago - There are 16 Voice Mail Recordings in Dying Light. They count as one of the text collectibles and... | PC

Has Evolve taken pre-order bonuses and DLC too far?

5h ago - Imagine this: you wake up on the morning a videogame is released, you pay the asking price for sa... | PC

Editors’ Choice: “Most Anticipated Games of 2015″

5h ago - "With such an incredible line-up of promising titles in 2015, it's never been more difficult for... | PC

Top Five Unfortunate Scenarios For Gamer Friends

6h ago - From connection problems to console differences, playing games with friends online can be a real... | PC

New Balls Please: Where Are The PS4/XB1 Tennis Games?

6h ago - Hayden Waugh writes: "Sport. The word divides some and unites others. Lately, sports games have s... | PS2

5 Best Survival Tips for Dying Light

6h ago - GameRibs: Without any doubt Dying Light is one of the most challenging games of recent times. It... | PC

VGamerZ's GameZ of 2015: #2- Evolve

6h ago - Another instalment of VgamerZ's GameZ of 2015 series! This time, we're looking at the thrilling c... | PC

WQ 36: Digital or Physical?

7h ago - Noah says, "Every week, I look over past weekly question entries to confirm I’m not re-asking a q... | PC

Eight Bucks Valkyria Chronicle, 20% Off Dying Light & Life is Strange

7h ago - Siliconera: Probably one of the best eight dollar PC game you can get arrive this weekend in the... | PC

5 Reasons Dying Light is the Worst Zombie Game I Have Ever Played

7h ago - MultiInformer: Dying Light is the worst Zombie game I have ever played. The hype of this game was... | PC

Opinion: Derailing the Hype Train

7h ago - Year after year we see games hyped endlessly, only to see them fall far short of expectations. Of... | Xbox 360

Analog Addiction's Most-Anticipated Games of 2015 – Part 3

7h ago - This is Analog Addiction's third and final part in their list of the 33 games they are anticipati... | PC

Only Hours Left, Download D4 Now You Goons

10h ago - So folks, this is your last chance to download D4… and this bears repeating… for free. | Xbox One

Dying Light Maps and Videos - All Notes, Journals & Voice Recordings for It's All in the Writing

12h ago - Dying Light has 67 Collectibles required for the It's All In The Writing trophy and achievement.... | PC

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

Thank Gaming It’s Friday: January 30th, 2015

12h ago - Noah says, "The first major release launched this week with Dying Light! A few people on the team... | PC

5 Ways The Witcher 3 Is the Game Of Thrones of Videogames

13h ago - Outsidexbox: I'm as big a fan of Game of Thrones as the next person, but the Xbox 360 RPG based... | PC

A Week In The Hub: 25th-31st January 2015

13h ago - Neil writes "Another week has passed in the land of Xbox, but which were the real big stories tha... | Xbox 360

5 Games You (Probably) Won’t See in 2015

18h ago - Jordan says, "It’s a well-known fact: games get delayed. If you’ve paid any attention to the last... | PC

Is Evolve a Boring Game?

21h ago - "There’s a thick cloud of controversy above Evolve’s head, full of whispers that the game is eith... | PC
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