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Rock Band, Guitar Hero and why it's great that music games are returning

1h ago - Keith Stuart writes "New Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles are in development marking the return o... | PS4

EA Access has been awesome; besides it being from EA

3h ago - GCO: "Besides a somewhat turbulent relationship with its consumers base, Electronic Arts’ content... | Xbox One

Out With the Old: Cross-Generation Titles Nearly Extinct in 2015

3h ago - Earlier this week, id Software announced a standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order calle... | Xbox 360

White Night Is 2015's Creepiest Game Yet

4h ago - Kotaku: After hitting someone with your car, crashing into a tree, and wandering into a nearest h... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

What Can We Expect From The GTA V Heists Update?

7h ago - IM PLAYIN discuss what we should be expecting from the GTA V heists update. "The GTA V heists... | PC

Greatest Racing Games

7h ago - Today we want to take a look at racing titles that delivered phenomenal gaming experiences at bot... | GameCube

ESRAM Performance Improves By 15% & DX12 Info For Xbox One | Analysis

7h ago - The Xbox One will be receiving a nice boost in performance thanks to additional tools available f... | Xbox One

20 Sexiest Video Game Guys Of All Time

9h ago - For too long it has been video game leading ladies who have had all the attention, being the subj... | PC

DirectX 12 Analysis: New Rendering Features, ExecuteIndirect & Performance Comparisons

9h ago - DirectX 12 has a set of exciting features lined up which could change PC and possibly Xbox One ga... | PC

15 Misleading Video Game Trailers That Totally Lied To You

9h ago - Unlike the advertising you’d find in any other medium, trailers and promotions for video games ca... | PC

Rock Band 4: 10 Awesome Songs That Must Be Included

10h ago - So with RB4 on the way and plenty more phenomenal tracks to choose from for either on-disc or DLC... | PC

Virtual Reality is Becoming 2015's 'Gaming Trend'

10h ago - The video game industry seems to go through phases: Minecraft brought with it a boom in the indie... | PS4

Zombie Army Trilogy Walkthrough

11h ago - GamingSoFar: Berlin, 1945. In a final desperate act, Hitler has activated a secret plan that has... | PC

Microsoft doesn't want players to 'share' each others library but doesn't clearly express it

11h ago - A month ago Xbox user DanTup posted a suggestion on the Xbox Feedback page regarding the use of t... | Xbox One

Taking A Look At – Dark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin Flexile Sentry Boss

12h ago - Clipping Error take a look at some gameplay of the Flexile Sentry boss for Dark Souls 2 Scholar O... | PS4

Rockstar breathes life into Grand Theft Auto V 18 months after release

12h ago - Tommy Robbins writes "Rockstar announced recently that they intend to finally deliver on their lo... | Xbox 360

Content Stigmatisation: The Bane of Gaming

13h ago - VGamerz writes: There is nothing better than completing a game only to find tens of hours of addi... | Xbox 360

Zombie Army Trilogy Weapons Guide

13h ago - GamingSoFar: Zombie Army Trilogy allow you to play solo or with your friends with eight playable... | PC

Zombie Army Trilogy Playable Characters Guide

14h ago - GamingSoFar: Zombie Army Trilogy is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and brings brand new f... | PC

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 General Tips and Tricks

14h ago - GamingSoFar: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 video game series have total five episodes, the first t... | PC

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (XB1) Review

Now - Ken buys too many costumes as Dead or Alive arrives on the new consoles. | Promoted post

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 2 Contemplation Collectibles Locations Guide

14h ago - GamingSoFar: Resident Evil Revelations 2 got Episode 2 entitled, Contemplation for PC, PS3, PS4,... | PC

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – All Other Unlockables Guide

15h ago - There are lots of hidden items and stuff that you don’t know how to unlock or get, or can’t under... | PC

It's the little things: Evolve

17h ago - What makes a game great is different for everybody. Some look for an engaging story that tugs at... | PC

5 Gaming Heroes To Rule Them All

17h ago - If you had to roll with 5 gaming heroes, who would you recruit? Dan Marshall from GameOnDaily pic... | PC

Dying Light - Frightening First Impressions

17h ago - Good night and good luck – Dying Light’s killer motto, and as much as it pains me to say it, luck... | PS4
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