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Dragon Age Inquisition new DLC Annouced, Will be Free of Charge

2h ago - EA announced on the official Dragon Age Inquisition website that the new DLC is coming for the vi... | PC

HoloLens to Cost 'Significantly More than a Games Console'

2h ago - The HoloLens technology has been showcased with a variety of applications, from work to entertain... | Xbox One

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Kung Fu Panda Showdown Of Legendary Legends Announced

2h ago - Calling all Kung Fu warriors, panda pugilists and noodle connoisseurs! Worldwide video game publi... | PC

Tekken 7 PS4 and Xbox One release news to be announced at EVO 2015

3h ago - Tekken fans should prepare for the launching of the recently released "Tekken 7" combat game in d... | PS4

The Devil May Cry Series Can Certainly Be Expanded, Series Producer Reveals

4h ago - In a new interview published on a Hong Kong magazine, Hideaki Itsuno revealed that Capcom thinks... | PC

This new AR project wants to turn your house into a horror game

4h ago - If just wandering down the corridor in P.T. was enough to send you screaming from the room, how w... | PC

Xbox U.K. celebrates May 4 with these cool Star Wars controller concepts

4h ago - These Xbox One controller concepts are based on C3P0, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper. I... | Xbox One

Dark Souls 2 – Scholar of the First Sin Now Available For A Reduced Price On Best Buy

4h ago - Dark Souls 2 – Scholar of the First Sin is now available for a reduced price on Best Buy | PC

Far Cry 4 Complete Edition announced

7h ago - Ubisoft today anncounced a Far Cry 4 Complete Edition that coming this June. | PC

Colonel VA:People Are Going To Be Surprised With Kiefer's Performance In MGS5, Hayter Is A Class Act

8h ago - Also reveals that Kris Zimmerman and Hayter are working on another game. | PC

Mass Effect 4 Devs Complete Yet Another Build, Bioware’s New IP Will Probably Have Some Big Ideas

8h ago - After how well Bioware handled the transition of Dragon Age to the newer consoles, is it any surp... | PC

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week: 5/3 Update

8h ago - Gamerdeals: "Amazon has updated their video game deals section with discounts and price matchi... | Nintendo DS

Lego Jurassic World’s dinosaurs get made for real before they go in the game

8h ago - Ever wondered how TT Games, the makers of all those Lego-centric games, designs its creations? Ar... | PC

World of Tanks Xbox One Interview: Wargaming Invades Current Gen

8h ago - Wargaming’s World of Tanks has come a long way on consoles since being announced for the Xbox 360... | Xbox One

Lower Wanted Level Cheat for PC and Cell Phone Found

8h ago - GTA 5 Cheats writes "We’ve discovered a brand new cell phone / PC cheat code for GTA V. You can n... | PC

Could The Microsoft Store Have Revealed The Naruto Storm 4 Release Date?

10h ago - Usually when a game only has a release window but no actual release date, we’ll see dates that la... | PC

Power Stone sort of returning with Combat Core

10h ago - Indie developer MABManZ crafting a spritual sequel to the long-abandoned Power Stone series, laun... | PC

SoulCalibur developer Project Soul holding Character Popularity Poll for “something huge”

10h ago - Bandai Namco and Project Soul are holding a Character Popularity Poll on the SoulCalibur Facebook... | PC

Yooka-Laylee Hits Two New Stretch Goals, To Get "GK Rap"

10h ago - "Yesterday, we brought you news that Playtonic Games’ Kickstarter for Yooka-Laylee had raised a m... | PC

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

New Xbox One System Software Update Available for Preview Members; Fixes Wireless Display App

19h ago - Microsoft just made a new version of the May Xbox One system software update available to preview... | Xbox One

Best Buy Weekly Deals for May 3rd

19h ago - Best Buy's weekly deals for May 3rd are now live. | PC

May 3, 2005 it all began - Ten amazing years of Forza

21h ago - Turn 10 Studios would like to thank the fans of Forza games for celebrating 10 years of the relea... | Xbox

Here Is the Last Stretch Goal for Yooka Laylee

21h ago - "Earlier today, the Kickstarter for Yooka Laylee hit two more stretch goals, guaranteeing the inc... | PC

Project CARS PS4 Using EQAA, Car Detail Is Equivalent To High On PC, More Details On PC Version

21h ago - The console versions are mostly at medium settings compared to the PC version, with some paramete... | PC
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