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The Steam Black Friday Sale Is Here and This Time It's Different

2d ago - Gadgets 360 says: "With Microsoft firing the first salvo of Black Friday deals last week for the... | PC

Keymailer hooks up YouTubers and Twitch streamers up with free game keys quick and easily

10d ago - I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) found out about Keymailer today thanks to the indie studio Mi-Clo... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

The winning formula - How Team Secret took the cup from Vici Gaming in the Nanyang Championships

26d ago - Team Secret has so much in their pockets right now, like two straight LANS, MLG, NYC wins for exa... | Culture

Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Playoffs LAN Day 3, A disappointing sequel for Team Liquid

27d ago - Day 3 of the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships was a disappointing sequel for Team Liquid to yesterday... | Culture

Nanyang DOTA 2 Championships Playoffs LAN Day 1, on site coverage and summary

30d ago - Day 1 of the Nanyang Championships DOTA 2 Playoffs LAN is now over. And it was a really explosive... | Culture

How Fast Can Valve's FPS Characters Actually Run?

31d ago - Luke Plunkett: "Picking apart Valve’s Source engine, and translating distance in the engine in... | Industry

Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Day 1, the South-East Asian DOTA 2 tournament starts October 26th

34d ago - There is a 200k base prize pool, 10 teams, six days of Dota 2, with four days set in Suntec Singa... | Culture

Team chemistry in Dota 2: What’s at stake for the players and spectators

37d ago - If you haven’t been shocked yet, then you heard it here first. The team that defined “champion” f... | Culture

The DOTA 2 Icefrog: 6.85 patch will be coming soon, most likely next week

69d ago - The DOTA Icefrog 6.85 patch will arrive before the next Major. It will be a balance patch, meanin... | PC

Dota 2 Majors European power team list - Europe´s finest is ready to rock

73d ago - With all the rosters locked in and Reborn implemented, the next season of Dota 2 is about to roll... | Culture

The Rise of Video Game Vanity: Or, Why Skins Sell

82d ago - Skins and vanity items in free-to-play video games generate a ton of revenue. What makes them so... | PC

Four Ways to Make Money from CS:GO’s ESL One Cologne 2015 Tournament

99d ago - Whilst it may be the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams that will be taking in a... | PC

How Evil Geniuses won The International 5 - A steady march to victory

103d ago - If you haven’t heard yet, Evil Geniuses has won The International 5. And each player walked home... | Culture

Aui_2000 kicked from EG after winning Ti5 - DOTA 2 roster stability?

105d ago - Yes, it´s true. Aui_2000 has been kicked from Evil geniuses after winning The International 5. Bu... | Culture

How Dota 2 and Other Professional Gaming Events are Taking ESports Mainstream

110d ago - ‘Go out and play, its a bright and sunny day,’ said no parent ever. The world of esports is slowl... | PC

Black female video game characters that i love

111d ago - As we all know by now, there have been quite a lot of talks about the lack of diversity in games... | Culture

The International 5 Day 3-4 Summary - The Fat Lady Sings

113d ago - This is our (The Gaming Ground´s) The International 5 summary for day 3 and 4. So may you have an... | Culture

Dota 2 main event day 1 and 2 highlights

115d ago - If you love DOTA 2 and The International 5, then you should read our article which covers the hig... | Culture

The International 5 - Caster schedule and All-Star Team is out!

126d ago - The International DOTA 2 championships is just around the corner now (the wildcard's event will s... | Culture

We Asked Publishers Which 360 Games They'll Make Playable On Xbox One

143d ago - Microsoft announced Xbox One was getting Xbox 360 backwards compatibility at E3 this year, a feat... | Xbox One

Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post

Valve´s refund policy works as a quality control bouncer

144d ago - When Valve launched their new refund policy rule back in June, no one quite knew how well (or bad... | PC

The Fight For DRM-Free Games Needs To Happen Now

160d ago - Is there really a reason why physical games are better than digital ones? Yes, there is one clear... | PC

HTC Vive: The Story So Far

170d ago - VRFocus delivers its final VR history piece, this time looking at the HTC Vive from the Taiwanese... | PC

Why You Should Get a Gaming PC This Year

172d ago - "Millions of gamers have already taken the step to PC gaming. Valve boasts over 100 million users... | PC

The Two-Hour Clause for Steam’s Refund Policy is a Nightmare for Some Developers

173d ago - SegmentNext - It’s always tricky business for any company in the position of Valve to be revampin... | PC
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