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A legend ascends back to its throne and a dream dies – Ti 5 qualifiers

1d ago - As the International 5 has begun to assemble its cast, there has been quite a few angry voices ab... | Culture

When Videogame Companies Help Prosecute Their Players

1d 23h ago - Forbes: Last year, Blizzard cooperated with the FBI to get two Diablo III players to plead guilt... | PC

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Jurassic World with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Everything you need to know about CS:GO Operation Bloodhound

5d ago - MWEB GameZone Writes: "Operation Bloodhound will test your skills on a whole new level. Go as a r... | PC

No DRM? GOG Galaxy Ventures In The Right Direction

14d ago - As the world moves toward digital distribution as the primary source for game sales, many of the... | PC

Valve's Lighthouse VR tracking system could help robots understand their location

14d ago - The magic in Valve’s VR prototypes isn’t just in the headset. It’s in the positional tracking of... | Tech

Valve Isn't Evil, They Just Don't Understand People

18d ago - Kotaku: In recent times, people have taken to calling Valve “evil.” Not negligent, not out of to... | PC

Dota 2 6.84b Patch – Interpretation and calculations

22d ago - This is a complete interpretation and analysis of the Dota 2 v6.84b patch. And the patch would be... | PC

The DOTA 2 Compendium stretch goals has been released

23d ago - With more stretch goals achieved, Valve is releasing the rewards almost the same day the goals ar... | Culture

A Red Flag for Greenlight

24d ago - Valve was laudably quick to deal with homophobia, but Greenlight is still failing devs and consum... | PC

The International 5 and the compendium feature

25d ago - The International 5 is just around the corner now. And the Dota 2 prize pool has reached over $5,... | Culture

From Starved to Spoiled: Oculus, Valve and Sony Prepare for War in 2016

26d ago - VRFocus delivers an opinion piece on the VR landscape following the recent announcement of a rele... | PC

id Software’s 1995 Concept for Paid Mods Was Actually Pretty Solid

27d ago - id came up with a system for compensating Quake modders twenty years ago. It was never implemente... | PC

The Rise and Fall of Steam Paid Mods

30d ago - Jordan tells the tale of Steam Paid Mods from the start to finish, including all the controversie... | PC

Steam Game Ban system lets developers Ban Players

31d ago - Steam users can now be blocked from individual games by developers thanks to Valve's new Game Ban... | PC

Could Valve's Game Ban system lead to permadeath?

31d ago - Jessica Citizen from Player Attack writes: "Valve's recent decision allowing developers to perma... | PC

Power to the People: Paid Mods Removed from Steam

32d ago - Turns out that a mob really can get justice with which everyone can feels comfortable. AUTOMATON'... | PC

Postmortem: Analyzing The Catastrophic Failure of Steam's Paid Skyrim Mods

32d ago - GamersNexus: "On April 25, Valve revealed to the public a collaborative effort with Bethesda and... | PC

Paid mods are dead: PC Gamer reacts

32d ago - Valve has dropped the payment feature from the Skyrim Steam Workshop, not even a week after it wa... | PC

Valve Should Try Selling Paid Mods Again

32d ago - Valve's first attempt at offering paid mods failed, but the idea isn't a bad one and should perha... | Culture

Experienced Points: Charging for Skyrim Mods Was a Horrendous Idea

33d ago - Shamus Young: This column is being written on Sunday, and will go live on Tuesday, so if any... | Industry

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Why The New Purchase Policy for Steam Is Great

33d ago - The rise of free-to-play mmo games has been both a blessing and a curse. On the good side, gamers... | Industry

Player Power: Consumer Feedback Will Continue To Change The Industry

34d ago - Unlike many other forms of entertainment, video games as a medium have always been tied to comput... | Xbox

Why Steam Workshop paid Mods took an arrow to the knee

34d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Aaand it's gone! Was the paid mod addition an 'evil', money hungry ploy, o... | PC

Indian Dota 2 Servers: They Suck And Valve Isn’t Doing Anything About Them

35d ago - Valve’s Dota 2 Indian servers which were announced at last year’s GameGod event have been up for... | PC

Valve Reverses Paid Mods - A Mistake?

35d ago - BNR: Surprise, everybody: Valve has decided to reverse paid mods; it's no longer possible to purc... | PC
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