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Wizziokid1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

This could be interesting depending on price point etc, this could be a real contender,

47 Hours, 47 minutes until the final announcement, by the looks of the logo it could be a look at a prototype piece of hardware.

Feralkitsune1824d ago

There isn't one. This will be Multiple different machines.

"Beginning in 2014, there will be multiple SteamOS machines to choose from, made by different manufacturers."

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Timesplitter141824d ago

those multiple machines still have their price. That's what he's saying

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


They are not consoles.. small PC u can upgrade.

Glad valve is doing this!!

Cancelling ps4 would be a joke. I still need my sony exclusives.

Hatsune-Miku1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I cant wait for the ps4. I want to play amazing games and not playing games to get my system to run. I have a gaming 0c already which was a massive waste of money and time. Steam machine just seems a bit pointless imo when you have unified consoles that dont have hardware issues and software issues like a lot of gaming pcs. To each his own

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

UltimateMaster1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Steam box, I knew they were coming.

Here's one thing, tough.
They say they don't believe One Machine to rule them all, you need a variety of choices.
Wouldn't that make optimization quite harder to make it on several hardware platforms rather than just one?
Just curious.

P0werVR1824d ago

Great for the gaming industry as a whole. NICE!

Loving this, gaming is getting better and better for the best.

adorie1824d ago


Just a theory here, but I think the machines will share some consistencies and can be developed for with linearity. I'd like to entertain the though of these boxes having familiar architecture.

They could be going a similar route as the PS4, but of course, this is Valve, so it will be REALLY interesting to see what route they take with hardware.

I'm ready to be a tester and will take it very seriously, if I can get in. I think 3 of us here will be opting to try and get in the beta.

NatureOfLogic1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

This will fail hard. It's basically a mini gaming PC hooked to your tv minus a disc drive and windows OS. I don't think It'll be successful unless It's dirt cheap compared to consoles. I also think someone should release one with a different OS and a disc drive, that would get my attention.

Thehyph1824d ago

It won't fail hard. I can't see why you won't just put Windows on it if you really need it.
If anything, the new hardware allows PC hardware vendors to more directly compete with game consoles.

Just think of it as an open ended ps4 where the software and hardware can both be modified.
The only drawback at the get go will be lack of direct support for many games. I doubt this will be an issue for very long as many devs are already at work on games for ps4 where they are operating in BSD and can make direct use of OpenGL.

kevnb1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

steamOS pcs, we've never seen anything quite like this... at least not from a company with a store like valve has. steam already has pc games distributed only by them. you alrwady see multiplat games as on xbox, playstation and steam, its getting interesting to say the least. oh and steamshop is pure gold!

Ju1824d ago

This will be very interesting to watch.

One of thing: It's open. Means, for people who always wanted to write games - but are interested in a console - this can be an awesome indie platform. Even if it's only to play around with.

Reminds me a little bit of the Spectrum, Atari and Amiga times. Glad we will have a choice again.

OTOH, I don't know how successful these things can be. If anything it might pan out like Android. HW partners deliver machines in different configurations and can compete there while Valve maintains some standards. But those "machines" must be readily available and if those want to compete with a PS4 they must be fairly cheap - which I fear puts the majority to the low specs side.

I doubt a fully open platform will work. Developers have to work towards a common denominator which usually is always on the low end. Sure, code can be written to scale but it won't be fully optimized. Well, Asus or Samsung could probably top PS4 specs with the same price or below (-BD drive).

The other big thing for me is, if I'd think the PS4 is to underspeced, I'd like to have the option to really get me a powerful console - no matter what the price is. A SteamMachine would provide that.

And...or but...all games must support controllers! Sure, KB/Mouse will be fine. But it still is far from a standard. There are games out - even recent ones (BF3!!) which makes you touch the keyboard mid game, because it has never been fully tested with controllers. That's embarrassing. Valve needs to enforce this! Otherwise BigPicture will fail.

ShinMaster1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Multiple different machines by different manufacturers running SteamOS.

So it's like a Windows PC, but with a better OS?

Seems to me like it's competing with Microsoft(PC) and not consoles.

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Prcko1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

nextgen console preorder cancelled...
joke :)

Robotronfiend1824d ago

I didn't pre order a next gen console because I planned on moving to SteamOS and using big picture mode for gaming next year.

Saryk1824d ago

After the red ring of death 4 times in one year. I wouldn't pre-order anything.

Jazz41081824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

It sounds to me like most people are confused what this is even for. I think Mr. Newell has a personal issue with ms because of the windows eight store and this is his way to compete. Most people, me included do not understand if this is to compete with our console gaming or pc gaming but I think I am leaning towards both.

darthv721824d ago

I had a feeling this was the idea. Valve themselves may not make the box but licensing their steam OS to 3rd parties can result in dell or alienware or falcon NW making steam powered gaming set top boxes.

Me personally, I would dual boot the steam OS for games that support it and Windows 8 for productivity applications.

omni_atlas1824d ago

Why would you dual boot? Steam runs in windows!

Kayant1824d ago

Btw OEM's don't need a license because it's GPL and free ;)

darthv721824d ago

Thanks bad.

@omni, because the idea of the steam Os is a dedicated gaming OS where as windows does gaming but is more for productivity (business related).

Ju1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Dualboot makes sense: No bloatware running in the background and hopefully a leaner and faster OS than windows. SteamOS is optimized for gaming after all (not an OS first, gaming second). I might as well do that, too. Refactor my PC and get best of both - or all - worlds. PS4, PC and my current console. I just hope they'll support CrossFire.

ChrisW1824d ago

From what I've read so far, SteamOS is not a dualboot-able OS. It still requires another PC to stream from via WiFi...

As soon as it becomes a full fledged OS (capable of running games by itself without Windows), I'll install it without hesitation on one of my HDs.

nirwanda1824d ago

@chris, it is a full system with an optimised gaming OS.
They are even bringing out many different speced systems.

Erdrick1823d ago


the wifi game streaming from another pc is for games that aren't [yet] natively supported by the steambox's linux os - they said they've got over 300 games i think that can play right out of the box without using a backup pc, and the thousands of other games available through steam can be streamed to your tv.

in any case, backwards compatability is huge and i think one of the strongest cases for a steambox/ pc in the livingroom.

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Timesplitter141824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

The only problem I see with this is... it's gonna play Steam games. You can already play these games on your PC, with mouse OR controller, on your monitor OR your TV.

At least consoles have their exclusives, which justifies their purchase.

I'm actually really excited about SteamOS even if I don't sound like it, but what I'm saying is I hope there's more to it than just playing games on your TV. I hope it gains popularity, enough to persuade all/most developpers (PC devs and console devs) to support it, and then all the best games will be in one place

1824d ago
Wizziokid1824d ago

Who knows valve could turn future valve games into exclusive steamOS titles if it's a success.

Mario181824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Well I am pretty sure you can play better games with your current setup since SteamOS will use less memory then Windows

DeadlyFire1824d ago

yeah, yeah, but your not getting the reasoning as to why.

The traditional consumer just walks by the PC section in the store. Thinking computers are to expensive, as well as difficult to build and configure to play video games.

With Steambox setup. You just plug it in setup some games and your done. There is no hardware issues to bother with for awhile and so on. Likely the hardware gets an update every year at the same price point with stronger hardware.

We could see Asus, Gigabyte, and many other parts builders build boxes for gamers to play.

Nerdmaster1823d ago

Those who like consoles already decided between PS4, XOne or Wii U for their exclusives (and other console advantages). Those who like PCs already have PCs for gaming. Those who aren't gamers already play on their smartphones.

So I don't know who is Valve's target audience with the SteamBox.

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Grave1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


I think of it as this:

O = SteamOS

[O ] = SteamOS O on Steam Machine [ ]

O+O = SteamOS which is software O running some game O, again software. Could it be ...?

Timesplitter141824d ago

what on earth are you trying to say

LordSane1824d ago

He has run out of bubbles, we will never know...

Timesplitter141824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Grave, PM me your answer

I shall carry your message

DeadlyFire1824d ago

I think SteamOS exclusives could exist. I mean we have had exclusive things like that before. WOW/Starcraft tied to Battlefield/SimCity tied to Origin. It helps promote their brand it could happen.

I was a little surprised to see 3 announcements. Valve usually only does 2 of everything. Maybe that means we see 3 and 4 of some game titles at some point soon, but not likely to launch any of them until 2015 or so after first wave is started. :)

Timesplitter141824d ago

Grave says :
----------------------------- -------
i was talking about the pictures in this website:


It's a picture riddle of some sort.

The third picture on the right is fridays announcement. If you go by the other pictures it is obviously Steam's operating system and some other software that will go with it hence the 2 circles with a + between them. My guess is Source Engine 2 or Half-life 3 as this unknown software circle.

thanks, grave

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-Foxtrot1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

"by the looks of the logo it could be a look at a prototype piece of hardware"

Wouldn't that just be linked to the second announcement, I mean I hope we get HL3 or Source 2 for the third announcment

So are these consoles or not because the way they are going on about them they are basically PCs

I mean as a console gamer I don't like the fact this will be digital only, if I want that I have the PC I have already. Let developers in the future make versions of their games for your "machines" and you'll expand the target more

joeorc1823d ago


"So are these consoles or not because the way they are going on about them they are basically PCs "

If you never made a linux distro yourself, than you may not really know the answer to this. I think i can help you and other's with this..what Valve is doing, is taking a "full PC OS" Ubuntu and designing the core OS of Steam OS to be a FULL OS that you can load onto a Blank BUILT OR EXISTING BUILT PC that HP, Asus,sony ETC.

That they distribute to the Market. Valve is making an OS for their Hardware or any Company that makes PC hardware. and allows those company's or Anyone even end user's to load this OS on their machines.

What this allows developer's to make their PC developed games or applications to the PC hardware direct to metal, like those that are done on game console's.

Thus you could have any PC turned as long as it meets the min system requirements for the Steam OS to be turned into a PC Game console- IE: steam box game console.

its a Hybrid PC+Game console with open ended Hardware upgrade ability. how the spec's comp vs other's that may have a weaker machine in hardware it i would imagine put's your valve system vs other's in the same server as other's that are in the same general performance by auto when you connect to the server's anytime you update hardware your system .

Aida for example scans the hardware. Valve could have something like that already in place. your Multi-player matches are not just based on skill but also level of hardware also. so as to be not one sided.

So every general task is used the same no matter what level of hardware you have. that way single player, is fully hardware performance gained based on your machines hardware. Online Multi-player is teamed for hardware and skill based, so as to make even playing field. by auto Scan of your platforms hardware. and general use steam OS functions is still the same no matter your hardware level

Mystogan1824d ago

I might pick this up if it also plays windows games. But if its the same thing as that other announcement. I'm not interested.

I need to have my PC turned on to play Windows games? That's a huge fail.

Timesplitter141824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Other announcement? You mean SteamOS? Yes it's the same thing. This announcement is about PCs built for SteamOS.

It's gonna be able to play all the games on steam and no, you don't need your windows pc to be turned on. Where did you read that?

Steam machines are PCs that run the SteamOS which will be like Steam's Big Picture mode. It will allow you to play all the games on steam with either a controller or a mouse/keyboard. Basically, it means you don't have to stick with windows anymore if you want to play PC games.

I think this is actually really interesting. Lots of people stick with Windows only because it has all the PC games. Now that SteamOS will have them too, maybe we'll start seeing Linux and OSX grow in popularity (preferably Linux)

come_bom1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I can't see what's all the fuss about. We already have steam machines, they are called PC's.

These steam machines are probably going to be PC's with a controller, SteamOS and a sticker with the name Steam, Valve or something similar on it.

Unless they bring something different to the table, who the f*ck cares ?

I_am_Batman1823d ago

It could be a great thing for people that are going to buy a gaming PC. My biggest problem with buying a new gaming PC is that I don't have much money to spend on it. It's possible to build a decent gaming PC for $600 but then you'll need another $100-$280 for windows. I think that SteamOS will make it possible to buy a gaming PC for less money so that's a good thing.

joeorc1823d ago


"I can't see what's all the fuss about. We already have steam machines, they are called PC's.

These steam machines are probably going to be PC's with a controller, SteamOS and a sticker with the name Steam, Valve or something similar on it.

Unless they bring something different to the table, who the f*ck cares ?"

It seems many are not really understanding what Valve is doing.

Maybe i can help you with this, what Valve is doing is Quite simple.

when PC is talked about the first thought is "Windows" PC= Personal Computer.

what Valve is doing is Like Microsoft has done is making a Full OS for the PC. IE: its own ver of a OS like what you would think of a PC IE: Windows OS that is based on Linux Ubuntu instead.

but Unlike Windows, this OS will instead have Quite an advantage for PC gaming that windows OS in its current form does not do.

A: open source = a complete full OS for your PC that is Open source. No cost to the Hardware manuf. or the consumer.

B: Hardware on the PC can now be programmed direct to metal like you do with game consoles but this time on PC hardware instead. So unlike a WindowsOS powered machine that does now allow developers to program direct to hardware metal in PC's this OS made by Valve will!

C: your Hardware's Resources such as Ram, harddrive cache, and CPU/GPU will have software direct to take advantage of such hardware you install into your machine a new GPU etc, will get updated to increase performance not just on an OS level but also on the hardware itself due to all updates going through Valve.

So if a developer is targetting a certain class of Hardware GPU they can gather more performance out of that GPU if a developer wants to.

Deadpoolio1824d ago

Do you really need to know about the price point to know it wont be a "console" contender....

A It's A PC...Different levels of again A PC.....

Pricing will look like the standard norm, want something more powerful than a PS4/One80 more expensive than both consoles. Probably around $900-$1000.....
Want to spend less than a PS4/One80, less power than either.....

It's just a bunch of different PC SKUs from different manufactures....Hell you could spend less and just build your own...It's still going to be premium pricing because it's built for you.....

And most of the old Steam games you will be streaming on the Steam OS, which means if your internet sucks your only playing new games

SatanSki1824d ago

Either they allow me to use my own rig or they can kiss my... Im not interested in buying another overpriced branded crap.

MYSTERIO3601824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Damn im so gutted if only i had a decent enough PC steam would be my primary source of gaming for sure, now im not eligible for the beta :(. Valve are such great people

ruefrak1824d ago

It's not going to be interesting for one reason. No native games.
How many games on Steam are both Linux compatible and can be played with a controller? Of the thousands of games that Steam sells, how many fit the criteria for being played on SteamOS on a TV?
45. 45 games that don't require you to stream a game a from a PC or sit and play with keyboard/mouse.
And they say the Vita has no games. Hell, Wii U has more games.

RedHawkX1824d ago

cancel xbox one preorders and get this and the ps4. we dont need xbox and microsof anymore they are finished no need to waste your money on them anymore.

Goku7811824d ago

That was my question, is this a PC, or closer to a console that you can upgrade graphics cards?

BallsEye1823d ago

A nicer looking PC for your living room that plays PC versions of games. Not cool.

3-4-51824d ago

So what like 5 different types of Steam PC's, with different price ranges according to how good the graphics and how many games come with it ?

nunley331823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

this reminds me of the 3do.there was different flavors of designs for it from different companies like sanyo,goldstar(now LG),panasonic.

BallsEye1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I don't like the idea at all. It's just a pc in a smaller box and less customisation + probably and higher price than a standard PC. Let's not forget it plays PC versions of games. It doesn't have it's own dedicated games and it has many setups so prepare for lot of framerate and rendering issues just like when you have an underpowered PC. For PC gaming I'm gonna stick with a standard PC, the whole steambox is just so pointless IMO. If they would release 1 system with awesome specs and dedicated development like consoles got then I would try it out.

3-4-51823d ago

Could be huge if packaged with a certain amount of games.

3,000 games available on steam they say, so I'm assuming those that buy, get some kind of access to many or all of them.

Price ranges:

* $500

* $800

* $1,200

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WeAreLegion1824d ago

Consider me excited. :)

What manufacturers are you all hoping to see building Steam Machines? I'm hoping iBuyPower is one of them.

Grave1824d ago

cyberpower pc is another one i have liked too.

Half-Mafia1824d ago

Im guessing people like


GodGinrai1824d ago

I could be tempted by a Gigabyte box. both my current PCs use Gigabyte MOBOs and the build quality is! :)

ruefrak1824d ago

Out of curiosity, what makes you excited about this? All I can figure is that Valve said it's building a machine that runs Linux and connects to your TV. What am I missing here?

CrimsonStar1824d ago

Maybe left for dead , Team fortress , and half life are now exclusives?

Nolando1824d ago


so if i have my windows gaming pc with STEAM on it i wont be able to play any of those games???

if i can how is it exclusive? Valve still has to support windows or they will lose a huge chunk of their consumers.

WeAreLegion1824d ago

Being able to finally get rid of Windows. Linux support for more games is coming. That's what this all means. Once this happens, I'm jumping ship.

WeAreLegion1824d ago

I honestly don't understand why I got disagrees here. Lol.

ruefrak1824d ago

I guess the idea of Steam Machines just isn't that popular with this crowd. Aside from Valve feeling threatened that Windows 8 is going to hurt their business, what does SteamOS offer that Windows can't? I know it's unpopular, but there are a lot of advantages to using Windows, including be able to play a ton more games.

Sarick1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I'm interested in Asus. If you look at their product lineup they don't just make hardware and firmware with standard features. No no no, in some products they chuck the best coolness they can find into their products to attract high end customers with classy taste.

It's like an attractive person that dresses up for cos-play. They don't just dress the part. They create the custom costumes and even go over the top to act out the characters.

IMHO: That's what makes Asus so hot!

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MrSwankSinatra1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Just Build a PC.

SonyNGP1824d ago

The PC you buy, can also be a Steam Machine™!

Mind blowing, isn't it?

Grave1824d ago

I already have a really nice PC, but hell I might build one of these just to do it! Then I'm guessing I wouldnt have to stream games from my bedroom to my Plasma in the living room.
Either way it's exciting!!1

omni_atlas1824d ago

Yeah but I think valve is going for form factor, price, and upgradability.

The macmini would make a great steam machine if you could swap out the graphics card.

SonyNGP1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

darn double post