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Submitted by Pain_Killer 868d ago | news

VALVE Officially Announces SteamOS For Gaming Community

Valve has officially announced their own SteamOS operating systems based on the Linux OS with big screen integrated for a whole new gaming experience. (PC, Steam, Valve)

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Convas  +   868d ago
This could be a game changer.

I'm very curious to see how developer's will take advantage of it, especially the claims of increased graphics processing.
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Feralkitsune  +   868d ago | Well said
I'm just glad I can finally switch from Windows and play games.
Thisisjuju  +   868d ago
I'm not really sure what to make of this, but yeah, an alternative to Windows for PC gaming is awesome.

The fact that it is free is awesome too. Looking forward to seeing the OS in action.
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zeal0us  +   868d ago
You would still need your Windows PC. The steam os machine is nothing more than a middle man that helps you stream your pc games to your tv.

Depending on where your pc is at you could just buy a HDMI cable and connect it to your pc from your tv. The downside to this would be lag.

Given one's internet the steam os can also suffer from lag(not the same type of lag mention above but it's still lag at the end of the day).
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Mystogan  +   868d ago
You need to have steam on Windows to play Windows games. Its just a glorified Miracast.
Thisisjuju  +   868d ago

Not saying you are wrong but where did you get that information?

Here's a snipped of the announcement "It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines"

So if its stand alone no Windows is required?
exsturminator01  +   868d ago

"You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your SteamOS machine, too. Just turn on your existing computer and run Steam as you always have - then your SteamOS machine can stream those games over your home network straight to your TV!"

Its under the streaming bullet point in the article. PC games are still built with an operating system in mind, that's why they needed to be ported to work on Linux. SteamOS should run anything that is developed for it, which I assume is why they've been pushing Linux development so hard lately. If its not available on Linux though, you'll need to stream it from a Windows PC.

EDIT: Or a Mac.
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Thisisjuju  +   868d ago

Ahh, I see.

Now the middleman comment makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification.
Zeref  +   868d ago
This is not an OS. You still need Windows to play Windows based games.

you people are getting the wrong idea. This is just a streaming service. Similar to Vita's remoteplay.
P0werVR  +   868d ago
It's not like that!

Anyways, this makes a lot of sense in contrast to what some believing that Linux can actually be in general use.

However, this is real good for developers and "will" change to scope of how developers and gamers interact. Hope they can have some type of cloud computing where they can greatly enhance there Source Mod Manager.
SilentNegotiator  +   868d ago
I'm always happy to see Windows get some competition, considering how they've worked so hard to monopolize the low-cost OS market. More games being compatible with Linux will improve Linux adoption and thus support.
Yi-Long  +   868d ago
Hopefully this is the free great alternative to Windows we've all bene waiting for.

Hopefully I can use this OS also for Photoshop, Sai, and other professional software.
SilentNegotiator  +   868d ago
Can you read?

"It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines...Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases"

It is an OS. It doesn't natively play Windows games, but it IS an OS and it plays games completely free of a Windows PC.

"You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your SteamOS machine, ************too************&am p;qu ot;

As in "also"
It is not just for streaming.

IT IS AN OS THAT CAN PLAY GAMES ON ITS OWN **AND** IT CAN STREAM WINDOWS/MAC GAMES. The article is not that confusing, people.
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Feralkitsune  +   868d ago
you people can not read. IT IS AN OS. It has support for streaming Windows games over LAN, but it also supports Linux games, that run on the actual OS since this is a Linux Build.

It's just one that devs can focus on if they develop games for Linux. Which, a ton of AAA devs will since they are announcing some 2014 games that already support SteamOS.
Kurylo3d  +   868d ago
Lots of games are starting to support linux.. lots of game engines starting to support linux. People may actually start developing with linux in mind as a platform just as they would sony vs microsoft. Multiplatform. You would get more performance out of your steam os with your computers hardware making the game run better and look better. I like this approach. Mark my words.. this is the beginning of the death of console gaming. Im not saying its hear. Im saying this will launch it. It will take many many many years, but this will start it.
Perjoss  +   868d ago
Exactly, Miscrosoft have lost their way, they don't seem to want to support PC gamers they way they should be, always trying to push them onto the xbox. I think there is plenty of room on the market for this Gaming OS and Valve are the perfect company to push it.
starchild  +   868d ago
I have no real problems with windows to be honest, but I do like the idea of improved performance.

That said, I'm still trying to figure out what this means. One of the great things about Windows and DirectX is that it allows us to have backwards compatibility.

I seriously doubt the entire industry is going to switch over to SteamOS, which means PC gaming will be fragmented.

I need to find out more. I'm intrigued, but also somewhat skeptical.
Blackdeath_663  +   868d ago
and its free whereas windows costs just under £200
NewMonday  +   868d ago

* what exactly are "living room machines"?
* is this a locked Linux? will we be able to install and run any Linux software?
* dose Linux allow low level access to hardware? how will this effect scaling to different specs?
* can we install SteamOS as another OS on PCs alongside Windows?
* will this be open to the same Mods on Windows or will they need to be tailored for Linux?
* will SteamOS allow 3rd party non gaming software?
Zuperman  +   868d ago
Still not switching to pc gaming.

consoles 4 life.
JoSneak  +   868d ago
Ju  +   868d ago
Here comes the "Ikea Console" (I should (c) this ;) LOL.

But great idea. Now devs get a OS for the living room. I'm curious how Valve will define which HW will be supported - to actually guarantee the games will run on that box.

And for the console gamers complaining they can build a monster machine without end - limited buy budget only.

Question will really be, if developers will support linux now (you will need all the tools and the toolchain - which isn't a biggy. I actually prefer that toolchain anyhow). Compilers are there, tools need to be available, too (profilers!!!). But other then that, I hope it'll take off.
Dasteru  +   868d ago

So you think you know more about it than Valve themselvs? Sry but you are the one getting the wrong idea, learn to read before you post.

SteamOS is an operating system based on Linux, it will be used directly on TVs and other living room devices and is even being provided for free to tv manufacturers to be pre-installed on TVs. It has nothing to do with streaming.
morganfell  +   867d ago
You will not need Windows. There may be a few titles that will be left unadapted but more games are joining the Steam Linux library every day. I have been running it since Alpha and I have been running Linux for years. I have not had one crash or lockup on Ubuntu that I can ever remember. There is a reason the best servers are Linux based.

There is very little for which I boot into Windows. People that are thinking theis OS will only be for gaming have yet to run a Linux GUI based OS. The handwriting is on the wall. If anything this may force MS to concentrate more on their OS business as after the first year the impact on Windows of a Linux expansion will become apparent.
black0o  +   868d ago
more support for OpenGL
UltimateMaster  +   868d ago
Guess so.
I'd bet Google would jump in the ring as well.
I'd love to see a 5-way race for gaming console.
-Steam, -PlayStation, -Google, -Xbox, -Nintendo.
Big_B0SS  +   868d ago
Question? Does this mean that I would not be able to use any MS Office applications if I use this OS instead of Windows?

The reason I ask is becuase my gaming PC is also my day to day work PC.
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Thisisjuju  +   868d ago
Not likely.

They currently haven't released MS Office on Linux and I believe this steam OS is running on a modified Linux platform.
Thehyph  +   868d ago
MS Office is out.
A myriad of free alternative office solutions are in.
exsturminator01  +   868d ago
I'm pretty sure this OS isn't meant for desktop use. They're designing it with TV in mind and streaming capabilities, so I think the plan is to hook a PC up to the TV, install SteamOS on that, and then stream from desktop or play Linux games on the TV. Basically this is an OS for anyone who wants to make their own SteamBox, not a replacement desktop solution.
RegorL  +   868d ago
not MS Office but you will be able to use libreOffice/openOffice

The cloud storage might be somewhat problematic.
Will you be able to install anything yourself?

But I would be really surprised if they do not support a free MS Office compatible office suite at launch...
DOMination-  +   868d ago
it's not an OS for desktop PCs, it's basically an app you install on smart TVs, that will allow you stream your steam library to it via your PC in another room.
s45gr32  +   868d ago
That is why I am concerned about this too.
Thehyph  +   868d ago
But it's Linux, and this is Valve we're talking about.
Valve believe in and push Linux, so therefore they probably aren't closing any doors against turning it into a desktop suite.

If it's true Linux, then anyone out there can add full desktop functionality and give it to everyone else.
Kurylo3d  +   868d ago
set it up in dual boot. You can decide which operating system to start with when you power on the computer.
Ju  +   868d ago
This is as much linux as Android is.

Nothing more.

A familiar posix level OS with customization and a Steam specific front end. No desktop. If anything it will support "Steam Apps" - since it's based off of linux, depends what UI libraries will be available (probably most what runs on linux - and I strongly hope it doesn't run X !!!).
madpuppy  +   868d ago
MS office runs pretty good in either wine, crossover office or Cedega / WineX (mainly for gaming but will run office and photoshop.
AndrewLB  +   868d ago
It's why you setup your PC to dual or tri boot. Mine runs Win7, Ubuntu, and OSX Mountain Lion.
The_Infected  +   868d ago
Bye bye Windows! The only thing holding me back from PC gaming is gone. Now hopefully we'll see the Steam Box on Wednesday.
Mystogan  +   868d ago
You need windows to play the Windows games xD
The_Infected  +   868d ago

Then I want play them unless they're made for SteamOS. I hate Microsoft.
Death  +   868d ago
@ The Infected.

That makes no sense. Download Steam to your Windows PC, launch the app, then enjoy Steam gaming. It's cool to hate Windows, but it shouldn't prevent you from enjoying PC gaming.
The_Infected  +   868d ago

It makes perfect sense. I'm not supporting Microsoft by buying Windows to play games on Steam when I can wait for the SteamOS. Sure it will take a while to get lots of games on there but it's a huge step in the right direction.

Also like they said they've already got significant performance gains and more with their SteamOS.
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SuperLupe  +   868d ago
Some people just hate enjoying themselves ...
JamieL  +   868d ago
@ SuperLupe
I don't think it's that as much as it's just them just loving to hate. I honestly think you could have someone describe their perfect world, literally make that world exactly how they described without them knowing, and they'd find 10 reasons to hate it on the way to work. Some people just HAVE to have something to HATE at all times even if they’re the most insignificant bullshit "causes, or problems" they could come up with. Like in the US where every 5 seconds the news is talking about the Miley Cyrus twerking “controversy”, when there’s genocide happening in Africa right now, and the monetary system the whole world’s based on, is on the verge of collapse, but how about let’s ignore that and hate MS for doing what ALL corporations do, and show them by trash talking on N4G and refusing to play games on their OS. That’ll teach ‘em.
ZoyosJD  +   868d ago
SteamOS. Shaving $100 off that gaming pc while improving perfomance.

ElementX  +   868d ago
Yeah if you want a limited game selection
zeal0us  +   868d ago
You still need Windows(or Mac) for SteamOS to stream games to your tv over your internet.
MonkeyNinja  +   868d ago
@ zeal0us

You only need Windows to play Windows games. Lots of games on Steam already support Linux, and lots more are on the way. Stop spreading misinformation.
zeal0us  +   868d ago
@Monkey Ninja
Notice I said stream game to your tv and nothing more

"You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your SteamOS machine, too. Just turn on your existing computer and run Steam as you always have - then your SteamOS machine can stream those games over your home network straight to your TV!"
joeorc  +   868d ago

"SteamOS. Shaving $100 off that gaming pc while improving perfomance. "

100% for the simple fact it's indeed an "OS" many linux builds are out there with gaming in mind, with this one though is being built up by valve! this will be an OS built by gamer's for Gamer's.

Despite some people not really getting that point. I think this will bode very well with Developer's in the PC industry, and the gaming industry in general. This will be a real net + for Gamer's.

Since this OS is free what would it hurt to put it on a legacy machine and try it out, nothing..i think Gabe and co. will have a very good shot to gather more open source support right from the get go, due to the fact that developer's like Carmack would be more than willing to give this OS a go to see exactly what they can do with one of thier iP's running in such a OS environment.

Wish Gabe luck.
ZoyosJD  +   868d ago

Recently, linux support has been increasing particularly indies, and the site did state that most AAA titles wil be suporting steamOS natively by next year.


indeed, there have been linux versions built for gaming, but never with the support and backing of valve.

Up til now, linux has been too divided and not exactly average consumer friendly.

It will be interesting to see how well valve can unite the industry. I would love to see steamOS completely replace windows.

May fortune shine upon the gaben nation of steam.
SJPFTW  +   868d ago
you forgot the bulletpoint where it says its an operating system for your living machine aka TV. do people actually read with article or just the headline ROFL
Ju  +   868d ago
"Living room machine" ... like a PC you hook up to your TV and work from the couch.
3-4-5  +   868d ago
So I can be playing Total War, and watching TV & surfing the web all on my TV at the same time ?

SuperLupe  +   868d ago
Sounds like the Xbox One.
WeAreLegion  +   868d ago
Sounds like every computer.
pwnsause_returns  +   868d ago
Steam OS? Holy sh*t...
AngelicIceDiamond  +   868d ago
Oh boy its getting Steamy!
lonesoul65  +   868d ago
You are correct. It is an OS. Full blown OS. A Linux OS...which currently lacks a lot of game support. You will see tons of indie games on Linux but AAA games will take a while to join unless Valve plans on investing (billions?) on constantly updating API's to compete with DirectX.

The idea would have been revolutionary 6 years ago.
madpuppy  +   867d ago
what are you talking about? The Khronos group updates and improves OpenGL on a monthly basis.

The Khronos Group is a not for profit member-funded industry consortium. Members consist of:

Apple Inc.
ARM Holdings
Creative Labs
id Software
Intel Corporation
Oracle/Sun Microsystems
Samsung Electronics
Sony Computer Entertainment
Texas Instruments
and that doesn't include individual contributors.

I'm guessing that Valve can be added to that list in the near future.

And FYI, OpenGL is still the standard to which ALL others are compared to including directX.

So, there won't be any problem "keeping up" with DirectX when 16 large corporations/organizations are all contributing to code improvements and new features on a daily to monthly basis to OpenGL.
lonesoul65  +   867d ago
Fair enough...if this is the case...why is Linux not a a platform of choice? Why aren't all games compatible?
Yukicore  +   868d ago
I've been dreaming of custom gaming OS for years, really. I never really understood why nobody hadn't raised it up before, it's a big and hard job, yes, but the benefits are phenomenal.

A BIG marketplace for PC games, better PC resource usage, MUCH less or none at all game pirating, graphics as high as how much you invest in the PC that you buy.

Of course it seems too good to be true, the optimization will never reach the console level, and at this point it's hard to tell how much the next-gen consoles will be able to give in comparison to PC's.
hkgamer  +   868d ago
it takes a whlie. I mean gabe newell has been slagging off windows for a long time to try and cange peoples mind about windows gaming.

It was all basically for this moment, i mean why else would he want to support linux?

It's a big step for linux gamign though. But I never really understood why gamers actually gamed on Linux in the first place.
madpuppy  +   867d ago
hkgamer: "I never really understood why gamers actually gamed on Linux in the first place."

It's about freedom. man.

Gabe Newell saw that MS was starting to move into building in their own game store into Windows (windows games) and He knew full well when MS enters into a new market the incumbent players software starts to mysteriously not work properly in windows anymore.

So, to circumvent this situation, they got to work getting Linux ready to become a free gaming OS that is not controlled by any specific corporation and do and end run around Microsoft and their semi-legal to completely illegal practices.

Linux has become a great equalizer in the computer industry, everyone has to play fair, which in the long and short run has made Linux quite desirable to support
without fear and having to rely on a competitors platform.
lonesoul65  +   867d ago
Gabe was seeing a market share issue coming with the opening of the windows store. It's funny how everyone thinks the Steam and Gabe are the "good" side of this industry. Did you know they are valued at 4 billion dollars? Did you know the gouging of devs with pricing and sales that goes on at Steam?

I love my steam and what it has done to keep the PC community alive and thriving...but they have practices no better or worse than your hated companies like EA. Hate to say it...a business is a business that is designed for one make money. When you reach the kinda size Steam don't get there without being shady and cracking some skulls along the way.

Steam and there new OS isn't really about choice...its about taking another approach to dominating the market. How are you going to feel if HL3 comes out and is SteamOS only?
Regis  +   868d ago
So what they are saying is that with an HDMI cable I can put my computer game on a monitor bigger then my computer?
SniperControl  +   868d ago
Yeah, I have been doing this for years with my gaming rig. I just bought a 60" tv as well! I have a PS3 controller for it to.
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Regis  +   868d ago
Thanks Bub up
hkgamer  +   868d ago
You could plug any PC to a TV.

this is basically for someone to buy a PC for living room, install SteamOS and play linux supported games.

You could also access all games from your current library if you turn your PC on and then turn the licing room PC and stream it.
PlayStation_4  +   868d ago
I have no interest in using this on my TV (I have a PS4 for TV gaming), however if I can replace Windows with steamOS I'd be more than happy to
assdan  +   868d ago
If I can get all the same games on this that I could get on windows, it's an open platform like windows, and I can put it on any computer, I'm going with this next time around.
nypifisel  +   868d ago
That's the question though, the installbase of Windows is something around 90% is it not? How viable will it be? I like the idea except for the apparently very open nature to your computer, this sounds like a security risk to me - but hey, we'll see!
thisismyaccount  +   868d ago
Wait what ?! Not a full fledge´d OS ?! What´s the point of this then, i already have an HTPC top notch in the livingroom with my Steam games...

Dont´get it..

SONY!! Release Gaikai for the PC so we can play PS1/2/3 and hopefully PS4 games.
hkgamer  +   868d ago
this is a gamingOS.
it also allows for in house streaming. so basically made for people to build a very very low budget pc and strea games from their PC.

It's also trying to push for linux, not sure why but I guess its one step closer too the steambox they are trying to release
wsoutlaw87  +   868d ago
ya pc needed this. valve is taking control of pc like its there console and there making pc gaming better
Sarick  +   868d ago
There is also WineHQ for running game applications over Linux.

If Companies want to support Values SteamOS they'll do their best to ensure a form of wine compatibility. In this fashion games designed for Windows 1st can easily be ported to wine capable systems such as SteamOS.

A lot of people are looking for alternatives to Windows OS. Microsoft keeps trying to reinvent the wheel and it's getting to expensive/problematic for a lot of gamers/developers. It's about time someone took steps create a GAME CHANGER.
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ATi_Elite  +   868d ago

NO more Microsoft to mess up PC Gaming!

ritsuka666  +   868d ago
Damn, Gabew newell drops the bomb again in gaming market.
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AuToFiRE  +   868d ago
Indeed. Linux itself is a much more efficient OS, to have native support in much more games now.. We will see a huge shift in power in the OS of choice.
majiebeast  +   868d ago
Meh biggest news is that Valve wants to see Microsoft die faster then ever.

Its just streaming from your pc to the living room. Hardly revolutionary.
#2 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
The_Villager  +   868d ago
"Its just streaming from your pc to the living room. Hardly revolutionary."

Eh no, that already exists it's called big picture mode.

They will announce the steam box on wednesday. Stop being such a sony fanboy. Competition is good for the industry.
majiebeast  +   868d ago
No this is as a pc gamer.

Steam: HolyMajesticBeast

I dont have any use for this steamOS because my pc and tv are in the same room.

I do look forward to seeing a controller for steam because some games are unbearable to play on PC like Assasins Creed.
nirwanda  +   868d ago
An os based purely on gaming is revolutionary in the pc world, did you not read the bit that said they have made large gains on imput latency and on the gpu and sound side.
Because the ps4 is linux too devs may just choose to make a linux version in parallel with the ps4 instead of paying ms for using dx.
RegorL  +   868d ago
PS4 is OrbisOS (FreeBSD)

But both are UNIX based operating systems and probably Posix compatible.

PS4 has extra graphics libraries are in two levels one easy to work with and one with very low overhead (if I understand it correctly it is direct to metal for their specific GPU) access to GPU. Valve might be talking to Sony right now...
Ju  +   868d ago
I doubt Sony will share their tech with Valve - on that level.

And, well, OS4's OS is posix, but it basically ends at the kernel level and low level services - with a custom graphics library (and shader language).

Valve won't customize that far. It most likely runs a kernel and some standard Linux graphics driver which hopefull runs OpenGL directly on the metal (on those drivers) and cuts X-windows out (this would give them a shorter path to the HW - maybe that's the graphics optimization Valve is talking about). They will need driver support from the chip manufacturers to make this happen - but can't be too far from the linux driver model unless they would write custom driver - for all PCs SteamOS supports. Which won't happen.

It's a nice hybrid console. Scaleable to the max - now you can build a multi-$1k console if you like. Or a budget version. But, in general I suppose somewhere between next gen consoles and top end PCs. That's where this belongs.
Big_B0SS  +   868d ago
Can you imagine if going forward all of Valve's game are exclusive to this OS and not consoles and Windows...that would be huge and Half Life fans would have no other option but do use Steam OS to play HL EP3 :).
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The Great Melon  +   868d ago
That's just a transitional feature. What Valve wants to see is the growth of Linux as an option for games. I often debate this with my friends. There really isn't much point in using Windows except for gaming. Most basic software has an equivalent on linux. Heck, most of the scientific and numerical software I often use is built for Linux also. There is little reason to value Windows over Linux.
#2.4 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Thehyph  +   868d ago
100% agree. +bub
The part that scares me if you debate this with someone is the stance where one is free and one you pay for, so the one you pay for must be better.
ElementX  +   868d ago
The one you pay for (Windows) has the most software and hardware developer support. I use Windows because it has the games I want to play and I can just plug in hardware and it works.
#2.4.2 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report
joeorc  +   868d ago
@The Great Melon

"That's just a transitional feature. What Valve wants to see is the growth of Linux as an option for games. I often debate this with my friends. There really isn't much point in using Windows except for gaming. Most basic software has an equivalent on linux. Heck, most of the scientific and numerical software I often use is built for Linux also. There is little reason to value Windows over Linux."

Agreement 100%


"The one you pay for (Windows) has the most software and hardware developer support. I use Windows because it has the games I want to play and I can just plug in hardware and it works."

well i can plug all my USB devices from card reader's to PDA's to Printer's into my Ubuntu 13.04 powered PC and they all work. Most of the time with no need for driver downloads.

and with Valve pushing for Linux for gaming as they are now, i would not be so sure that windows OS Api's would be the #1 target for game development is Valve is as invested into this new Gamer OS as they seem to be, this is not something i doubt very much the investors over at Microsoft are taking lightly right now.

It could indeed fail, but when your releasing a Gamer centric OS FOR ALREADY LEGACY and New Hardware to take advantage of the existing hardware in the market. releasing a free OS that's just for gaming being built by a game company as big as Valve this is not something any company will take lightly, you can bank on that.
DeadManIV  +   868d ago
you can use a ps3 or xbox contoller you know
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Stsonic  +   868d ago
What is wrong with using a PS3 or xbox 360 controller on PC?
majiebeast  +   868d ago
I dont like the 360 controller dont like the button layout, and motion joy for DS3 is almost pure malware that can screw up your pc pretty badly. If i can get like a 40$ steam controller that would be cool if i like the button layout. Best would be pc drivers for the DS4.
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gamertk421  +   868d ago
Playing PC games with a dualshock sounds like pure hell to me.
Ju  +   868d ago
It's a linux OS, so those drivers will be useless.

But, for the DS3 there is actually a fully compatible XInput driver available under Windows - which works flawlessly. With USB and Bluetotooth.
SilentNegotiator  +   868d ago
"Its just streaming from your pc to the living room"

It is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT "just streaming"!

Read the article, ffs!
Godmars290  +   868d ago
Meh. Call me ignorant and uninformed, but if it needs a PC to function, then its largely a streaming device.

That's not going to make it any less popular to PC gamers of families with PC, it all certainly spells trouble for MS who's place in the market has become unsound by their own actions, but none of that changes the fact that we're talking about a streaming service/device.
SilentNegotiator  +   868d ago
Ok, gladly; You are ignorant and uninformed.

It does not need a PC to function. It runs Linux games natively and only requires a PC to play Windows/MAC games.
Coach_McGuirk  +   868d ago
lol nice
Bzone24  +   868d ago
If it doesn't need a pc to function, what do you install steamOS on?
SilentNegotiator  +   868d ago
It can be installed on any computer, but it is also for their "steambox" that is coming out.

MEANING that it can run games on its own hardware and does not need to stream from a PC.

It is unbelievable that people don't get this. READ THE F***ING ARTICLE.
#2.7.5 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report
Bzone24  +   868d ago
You say read the article, but I see no announcement of the steambox anywhere on it. So in just reading this article, steamos needs to be installed on some sort of PC. So a PC is needed as of this article.
s45gr32  +   868d ago
So is not an improvement to big picture mode?
CheexInk  +   868d ago
Not sure why you think that. That was a single feature to ensure that you aren't losing out on your Windows/Mac games because as a Linux OS, it can't support them. Presumably you'll be able to run past Linux games on it and it will encourage developers to also develop for Linux in the future.
Stsonic  +   868d ago
I don't see how you think motionjoy is comparable to a virus. The only one bad thing it does is remove the ability to use your bluetooth adapter with anything else, its not going to harm your PC or steal any information from you.
#2.10 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cyguration  +   868d ago
Nice stealth troll.

No it's not just "streaming from your PC" it's a dedicated OS. You only need to stream games that can't run natively in Linux (DX-exclusive games).

Everything that runs on Linux will run on the SteamOS.

I can almost guarantee you that Valve will announce a huge Linux exclusive to help push the SteamOS/Linux into the living room entertainment space.
Sarick  +   868d ago
I see this extra competition as a good thing. It humbles the industry to move forward in development and not openly allow exploitation of customers.

When you have a competitive market it opens peoples eyes if they have alternatives. Look at it this way. If competition didn't exist when draconian DR policies where announce do you think costumers would've had as much leverage?

I applaud more open competition in the PC gaming market. If successful it could push more people into open source environments/OSes. To this date Microsoft controls a large portion of the PC OS market. This dominating factor (OS monopoly) limits development support on alternative open source OSes.

If the Steam OS takes off I assume it'll be win win for the gaming and PC community. Why? I have faith developers will be more willing to develop for alternatives if SteamOS gains a substantial following.
#2.12 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kurt Russell  +   868d ago
It'd be interesting to see where it goes from here though. As a free OS there is no reason TV's couldn't have it built in.
ElementX  +   868d ago
Linux support on Steam is pitiful. A vast majority of games are released on Windows with hardly any on Linux. All you see is Linux users begging developers in the community forums to port to Linux, it's sad.
vazurahan  +   868d ago
Ain't the purpose of this thing to turn that around?
Mystogan  +   868d ago
Hardly. It still requires you to have Windows.
zeal0us  +   868d ago
The purpose of this thing is to stream your games from your PC or Mac to your TV.

It may change a few developers' minds but most big name publishers won't shell out the extra money to make their games Linux compatible.
SilentNegotiator  +   868d ago
http://store.steampowered.c... is that pitiful?
CheexInk  +   868d ago

If that were their entire purpose behind it they wouldn't be working on a separate OS and creating hardware that will run that OS. That'd be like completely rebuilding a house to fix a squeaky door.
zeal0us  +   868d ago
Alright it I'll admit this is not the first time I stuck my foot in my mouth, far as stating the purpose of Steam OS goes.

Regardless the road ahead for this OS/platform won't be an easy one. Valve will have to work to make Steam OS/linux viable platform for major publishers to consider.
forcefullpower  +   868d ago
But that is the whole point is that gamers want to migrate it's just there was no viable option till now where developers can start creating game. It has to start from somewhere. I currently dual boot but I would love to completely delete windows.

Hopefully break the shackles of direct x. Microsoft made sure opengl is not as good on windows by not allowing full low level integration.
The Great Melon  +   868d ago
Definitely look forward to dual booting this also. Hopefully this means driver support for linux will begin improving rapidly in the future if this takes off.
dredgewalker  +   867d ago
Dual booting is the way to go. I remember the old days when I can play a game in DOS and use windows 95 for other things. Games were much faster running on DOS since there were no other applications running on the background. I do hope the Steam OS is purely for playing games where it uses all the pc's resources for gaming.
forcefullpower  +   865d ago

If you havn't used Linux its a modular system so running other things when you need them only uses those resources at that time.

I just can't wait until I can click on the download Steam OS. I am as giddy as when I saw the PS4 specs. This year is turning out to be awesome for games.
DeadManIV  +   868d ago
All steam games will be supported on steam OS
Pandamobile  +   868d ago
Not yet it won't. The whole purpose of the streaming is to make the entire Steam library compatible with Steam OS. Games that run natively on Steam OS are the next step.
ElementX  +   868d ago
Steam supposedly has over 2000 games and only 300 are available on Linux. That's pitiful.
cyguration  +   868d ago
Please name me a home console that launched with 300 available games right out of the gate?

I'm begging you.
ElementX  +   868d ago
We're not talking home consoles. We are talking about a catalog of PC gaming going back years! A lot of these games are older and will never see release on Linux.
Rubberlegs  +   868d ago
They just started supporting Linux on Steam less then a year ago. Of course there will be a lot of older games that probably ever won't get the support. Most of games in the Steam Linux store are newer games.
starchild  +   868d ago
Yeah, one of the things that I love so much about PC gaming is that I can have all of my favorite games going back many years all on one machine.

This is going to fragment the market and I'm very doubtful that all developers will jump on the Linux bandwagon.

The other thing is, there are too many music making programs and other programs that I need that don't run on a Linux based operating system.

For these reasons I don't see myself being able to run a purely Linux based system. I will have to build a second PC or dual boot, and both options are a bit of a hassle.
Timesplitter14  +   868d ago
oh my god
-Foxtrot  +   868d ago
Whats with all the "living room" stuff....I mean I'm not a full on PC gamer but I have my PC in my bedroom and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Either the bedroom or someones "office" room

Well I hope the Steambox is around the corner then, I hope to god it will let us still use physical discs. They have to respect in someway that console users still like physical discs.


Announcement 2 - Steambox

Announcement 3 - Source 2
#5 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Thisisjuju  +   868d ago
I really hope you are right about the third announcement. I'm sure if they do announce Source 2 this will be step closer to the announcement of Half lif-

Nevermind, I wont say it.
#5.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Drekken  +   868d ago
Ive been playing my PC on my TV in my living room for years.
s45gr32  +   868d ago
From my knowledge the steambox was nothing more nothing less than the affordable version of Alienware. Since Dell or HP were allowed to make their own steambox version. First is an open platform which means is fully upgradeable like able to change cpu, gpu, etc.........
4logpc  +   868d ago
It sounds like the Steam Box is just going to be an extender that you stream from your PC running Steam OS to the Steam console.
majiebeast  +   868d ago
Yeah so you still need a good PC plus the living room device they are talking about.
#6.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
iRocket  +   868d ago
But if the "living room device" is the Steambox, AKA a living room PC?
cyguration  +   868d ago
Dang are you people purposefully being dense? It's not an extender or a "streamer", YOU CAN STREAM IF YOU WANT but the SteamOS + Steam Box will be a dedicated PC console for the living room.

The streaming options is no different than having backward compatibility. It's as simple as that.
joeorc  +   868d ago

"Dang are you people purposefully being dense? It's not an extender or a "streamer", YOU CAN STREAM IF YOU WANT but the SteamOS + Steam Box will be a dedicated PC console for the living room.

The streaming options is no different than having backward compatibility. It's as simple as that."

I do not think many are really grasping the concept of this is. its like take a blank hardware PC build kit and instead of using windows. Valve has built a OS designed to turn a blank slate built PC or an existing built PC and turn those boxes into a Full blown PC without the need of or using a Windows OS. it can talk to the windows OS but it does not need the Windows OS.

It is its own Operating System outside of Windows.

this is like building a XBMC BOX, or box

but its main use will be gaming! it really is like turning your existing PC or New PC build into a Game console. its a custom software stack built from the ground up to make your PC a game box like a game console, but expand to complete and utter open source. The way PC's are now! its a mixture of a PC and a Game console.
#6.2.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Coach_McGuirk  +   868d ago
It's really hard for console guys to get it, apparently. All they want to do is compare to the xbone/ps4's announced capabilities, and then make up a reason why SteamOS isn't as good.
Jazz4108  +   868d ago
If I buy a steam box then why would I want to still use my pc with this. If I have to have both to play windows games then this is a joke until linux or steam box has enough games to compete with windows but from what I understand most steam games are windows based so if steambox cant stream windows games without a pc then its a joke.
#6.2.3 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
snake_eater  +   868d ago
Holy crap!
ThatEnglishDude  +   868d ago
Steam Operating System

Ships send out SOS calls. Ships like...the Borealis?

HL3 confirmed.
kingdip90  +   868d ago
I can hear the bell tolling in the distance for microsoft if this takes off...
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   868d ago
Yeah really.MS getting hammered on all fronts.
Convas  +   868d ago
You guys are overestimating and misunderstanding the entire concept around the SteamOS.

But continue to dream about MS' demise at the hands of SteamOS nonetheless.
#9.1.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report
MilkMan  +   868d ago
Question: What is a "living room machine"
Where do I install or apply this new OS?
exsturminator01  +   868d ago
Good question. I think this is meant to be installed on a living room PC, something you hook up to the TV and control with a controller rather than mouse and keyboard. Some people build these themselves, but since Valve mentioned licensing in this announcement, they might be announcing official "SteamBoxes" later this week from select manufacturers. You'll still need a gaming PC with Windows to run/stream most games for the time being, though that might change in the future.
joeorc  +   868d ago

take a look at this

correct, you could use a USB thumb drive, or download an ISO to disc, most likely a bootable USB thumb drive that you format and load the os to boot than install to harddrive like a live boot of linux.

see as an example: take a home built PC and instead of using a Windows PC .

thus you do not need windows OS based PC at all, if you want to stream windows Powered PC games to this yes, but you can still just build this and play the launch games without the need of a Windows Powered PC
cyguration  +   868d ago
Living room machine = Steam Box.

It will be designed for people too afraid of getting a "gaming PC" but prefer home consoles. The OS is designed around a controller so you can easily navigate and do everything you can normally do on a PC but with all the ease and functionality of a console.

In essence: Imagine a game console that allowed you to play all your Steam games the way you usually play your Xbox 360 or PS3 games.

That's it.
orakle44  +   868d ago
Thank you, it seems like you're the only one with a grasp on this lol.
zeal0us  +   868d ago
HTPC would count as living room machine then again any machine in the living room would count as a living room machine :D
Crazay  +   868d ago will this have it's own hardware or will heavy duty gaming PCs still be required to do all the heavy lifting and this is just a streaming interface?
#11 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kingdip90  +   868d ago
If it becomes popular enough I see it being the software that ships with gaming pc's instead of windows, considering that casual pc users now use tablets I'm assuming this could effect most pc sales.

Microsofts major market is in trouble
Software_Lover  +   868d ago
What? Most pc gamers, and I do mean most, dont pay for Windows. This is not their major market trust me.
Str8Chaos74  +   868d ago
Microsoft's major market is business, they will be perfectly fine.
Coach_McGuirk  +   868d ago
what do you mean "own hardware"? it's an OS..
jcnba28  +   868d ago
Wednesday has to be the Steam Box announcement.
snake_eater  +   868d ago
Most likely yes

can't wait
Goku781  +   868d ago
Ahhhh, now this is very interesting! Where will this take gaming?
Drekken  +   868d ago
I would think devs would prefer this because it would use less resources from the PC on the operating system. This will make weaker machines stronger and high end machines will be god like.
torchic  +   868d ago
good point, and if takes off then point of entry for PC gaming will further decrease.

we were all afraid of Steambox being too expensive, with SteamOS they seem to have solved the problem. can't wait for Wednesday!
Hayabusa 117  +   868d ago
"I would think devs would prefer this because it would use less resources from the PC on the operating system."

A bit like a console then...
Pandamobile  +   868d ago
They're aiming to grab the one advantage consoles have over PCs for development.

You still have power and flexibility of a PC ecosystem, which is far better for both developers and users.
Ashlen  +   868d ago
I'm confused as to what this actually is. But i'm guessing it's a network-able box that works like vita remote play.

Not a bad idea, if your PC does all the work a device like this could easily sell for under 100$.

Or it could be something else entirely the whole thing was rather vague.
Drekken  +   868d ago
I read it as a pure gaming operating system that does not sacrifice horsepower for operating system use. That is what I am hoping for...
Ashlen  +   868d ago
I'm pretty sure it's not that. The name Steam "OS" is confusing people.

Quoted from the steam page:

"Just turn on your existing computer and run Steam as you always have - then your SteamOS machine can stream those games over your home network straight to your TV!"

So a network-able streaming box is what I am assuming.

I am guessing they are calling it an OS because it will be able to be licensed/used by other companies. So if you have a Smart TV you could perhaps download an app that lets you use Steam directly on your TV, streamed though your network from your PC.
#14.1.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report
The Great Melon  +   868d ago
I bet it's both. Intially a lot of games won't support Linux, so they implemented a streaming feature. Further down, I expect as long as the hardware that is running Steam OS is capable, we'll see all linux versions of games be playable on the OS natively.
#14.1.2 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
s45gr32  +   868d ago
Like dual booting or a virtual boot into the Steam OS.
joeorc  +   868d ago

"I read it as a pure gaming operating system that does not sacrifice horsepower for operating system use. That is what I am hoping for.."

correct, you read it right, for a good indication what it is read this.

its like that but for Gaming..instead of a PC for the everyday task of other thing's, its like the core part of its OS is made for functionality for pure gaming Performance. more programmed to direct to metal use of the hardware.
Bladesfist  +   868d ago
"Hundreds of great games are already running natively on SteamOS"

It can do both. SteamOS will just be a performance boost.
CheexInk  +   868d ago
I really don't understand why so many people are getting confused by this. It's like people are only reading the paragraph under "Living room & Steam" and completely ignoring the one next to it "Fast forward". That one talks about how it's a Linux OS built around gaming and getting the most out of the hardware. That clearly means that whatever it's installed on, be it a Steambox or a PC, is intended to be able to run games on it. Streaming from a second machine is just an additional feature that helps address it's incompatibility with Windows/Mac only games.
EXVirtual  +   868d ago
If this takes off, I can see loads of PC only gamers switching from Windows to this, for gaming at least. Which would seriously dent MS.
I'm thinking announcement 2 will be the Steambox. Announcement 3 is definitely gonna be a Valve game. I'm wanting to say Half Life 3, but I'm not entirely sure.
I don't think this'll directly effect the consoles though.
This is a very interesting situation.
Also, will this mean more support for openGL?
'In SteamOS, we have achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing, and we’re now targeting audio performance and reductions in input latency at the operating system level. Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases.'
Very interesting.
#15 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Software_Lover  +   868d ago
Again, most pc gamers dont pay for their Windows O.S. Microsoft makes money on the business side.
Bladesfist  +   868d ago
I did. How do you know that people who don't pay are the majority?
Feralkitsune  +   868d ago
Even if most PC gamers purchased windows. It still wouldn't compare to the money MS makes from companies, and schools and stuff paying for Windows. 100s of licenses vs people buying it for their own PC once like every decade.
Sarick  +   867d ago

That is currently true but, If the mainstream market industry gets tickled enough these statistics could change.

The PC enthusiast helped shape todays PCs. A lot of respected computer geeks are looking to alternatives. Most of these people are fascinated by gaming, programing and core technologies used for a PC.

Please Take that into account. PC enthusiast have a soft spot for also being into main stream gaming. If Linux kicks off on gaming it could also impact the business side of the market.

Look at it this way. One of the biggest hurtles in the Linux market is the requirement of windows for most applications. This is usually remedied by a duel boot but, that kinda defeats the purpose. If this is no longer an issue then more people will be willing to look at the free alternatives.

The reality is that when enough people switch sides into an open developer market then it'll become supported more.

Let's look at this. One of the first PCs launched was the IBM. Then a few companies created the "IBM compatible" selling point. Once that happened they started coming in all shapes and sizes much like the Linux OSes.

For the most part when people buy games they look for Windows compatible as a key selling point. Most businesses also look for this when they buy applications. If Linux becomes mainstream then the same people will have more choices.

If there's an increased market for games and software applications more developers will be encouraged to software for the free alternative Linux OSes.

A lot of people don't realize why Microsoft has a foot hold on the market. They stuck their foot in the door early on. It's because of this the OS maintained its popularity. People wanted the most application and hardware compatibility in businesses choose to stick with Microsoft compatibility.

If open source operating systems effectively take hold compatibility will be a given. The smart businesses will follow suit with their purchases and future development.

In the long run it will cost businesses less to operating cost if they choose open source and maintain their own in house tech support experts. They won't be forced to upgrade to the next version of windows every few years. They can just modify and fix security flaws as they are detected.

A key advantage in the open source market is you have millions of people looking at the code so its much harder to hide back doors and such as those closed OSes created by Microsoft. This allows Microsoft the right to stop support and force needed security upgrades.

This is why China took a stance to create it's own government funded universal linux OS to take Microsoft's foot out of their door. I think it's also what value has planned.

Bottom line: Application compatibility and development are the biggest things holding back the industries willingness to convert. Once this happens those key cash cows will stop producing milk and whats left will start to evaporate.
#15.1.3 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Jazz4108  +   868d ago
This will not hurt windows one bit as gaming is just one of the many things windows does and steam os I doubt will have much on it other then gaming so its not hogging processing power. Its good for someone who uses the pc for only gaming and nothing else. This will not hurt microsoft as much as most people on N4G would lovel for it to do as honestly this will hurt console gaming alot more than operating sales if this is for the steam box.
#15.2 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
grassyknoll  +   868d ago
With it being free & offering better performance what's not to love!?
#16 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
jahfen83  +   868d ago
available for living room machines!?!? WTF does that mean people!?!?!
cyguration  +   868d ago
Steam Box.

Google it.
iamgoatman  +   868d ago
Any PC that lives in the living room, generally they're built to be more focused on just playing/streaming media etc and less on stuff like business work or encoding or anything that would be impractical on a big TV, sat on the sofa.
-Gespenst-  +   868d ago
This'll be the best OS ever.
LordAtrocity  +   868d ago
Hmm maybe its an install on your HDD and you just boot Steam OS. The thing is they'll push for software more so that eventually you wont need windows for anything. Like they might get development software supported on Linux. I wonder what non steam games will do I hope they bring it to Linux. I really want to hear a Source Engine 2 announced and the obvious games as well as a new IP.
Animal Mutha 76  +   868d ago
Might have to have a special hard disk partition just to try this :)

This is a BIG announcement.
Ashlen  +   868d ago
Oops, meant this to be a reply.
#21 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Letros  +   868d ago
The streaming feature seems like a good strategy to give Linux a gradual adoption. If its on Windows, stream it, if its on SteamOS, play it locally.

A bit redundant for myself, but good to see Valve trying.
clmstr  +   868d ago
Megaton. Hope this thing will raise the bar of PC gaming to the console level.
snake_eater  +   868d ago
"raise the bar of PC gaming to the console level."

console level? wtf is that?
Software_Lover  +   868d ago
I have no idea what that is, lol.

The only thing that will raise the bar of PC gaming, period, is if the pc devs just make great games. They should not be programming for cards with less than 1gb GDDR5 and they should all be programming for x64. They should be programming for no less than 8gb ram for the O.S. and just force people to move up in life. .
Some devs did this by making their games non compatible with Windows XP which was a good idea. We needed to move on to a better O.S. and X64 support. We have these beastly cards but not many games can push them. When a game does people say it's unoptimized.

Too sum this move by Valve all up....... they are in this to make money. That is all. People say they are trying to save the pc gaming industry. It will be Steam, on a different type of pc. That is all. They don't want to pay anyone else to use their O.S. so they are gonna come up with their own O.S. and make more money there, hopefully. Everything is a money grab.
#23.1.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
clmstr  +   868d ago
I mean, with steam os and steambox a lot of people may want to join pc gaming community and thus increase overall game sales and make pc gaming similar to console gaming.
kalkano  +   868d ago
Dude, you're standing on your head...
pacostacos  +   868d ago
steams really hates MS windows lol still need windows for MS games and to use DX for developing and what not good try though maybe down the line this will cause a dent in windows market share (not likely)
GABRIEL1030  +   868d ago
Valve is big, Steam is a system that is saving the PC gaming, now they are trying to save entire PC industry, Linux OS is great and STEAM OS will be FREE.
fossilfern  +   868d ago
I KNEW IT! I CALLED THIS MONTHS AGO! Good to see this happening and this should be the catalyst for more AAA games on Linux.
MYSTERIO360  +   868d ago
I could be surprised if we see a change in MS windows policies and features throughout the coming months.
Lolrus  +   868d ago
Just as I predicted a few days ago.
Pandamobile  +   868d ago
So did thousands of other people. We've seen this coming for years.
matrixman92  +   868d ago
So no steambox and I still have to spend over 1000 on a gaming pc...i dont care then
iRocket  +   868d ago
There's still two announcements remaining, so don't count the Steambox out yet...
matrixman92  +   868d ago
oh cool...thought this was it and was already disappointed
WeAreLegion  +   868d ago
Give it a nice file system, so I can transfer all my junk from Windows 7/8. And let me download Chrome on it.

Then, I'll be happy.

I'm sure they'll make all games compatible with Steam OS in the near future. Until then, we'll have to stream many of them.
ChickeyCantor  +   868d ago
A lot of games are build on windows apis/libraries though. It's not just a switch they could flip. For that very reason they have added streaming support.

If developers want to have it native on steamOS they MUST port a portion of their code and recompile it.
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