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Convas1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

This could be a game changer.

I'm very curious to see how developer's will take advantage of it, especially the claims of increased graphics processing.

Feralkitsune1676d ago

I'm just glad I can finally switch from Windows and play games.

Thisisjuju1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I'm not really sure what to make of this, but yeah, an alternative to Windows for PC gaming is awesome.

The fact that it is free is awesome too. Looking forward to seeing the OS in action.

zeal0us1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

You would still need your Windows PC. The steam os machine is nothing more than a middle man that helps you stream your pc games to your tv.

Depending on where your pc is at you could just buy a HDMI cable and connect it to your pc from your tv. The downside to this would be lag.

Given one's internet the steam os can also suffer from lag(not the same type of lag mention above but it's still lag at the end of the day).

Mystogan1676d ago

You need to have steam on Windows to play Windows games. Its just a glorified Miracast.

Thisisjuju1676d ago


Not saying you are wrong but where did you get that information?

Here's a snipped of the announcement "It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines"

So if its stand alone no Windows is required?

exsturminator011676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


"You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your SteamOS machine, too. Just turn on your existing computer and run Steam as you always have - then your SteamOS machine can stream those games over your home network straight to your TV!"

Its under the streaming bullet point in the article. PC games are still built with an operating system in mind, that's why they needed to be ported to work on Linux. SteamOS should run anything that is developed for it, which I assume is why they've been pushing Linux development so hard lately. If its not available on Linux though, you'll need to stream it from a Windows PC.

EDIT: Or a Mac.

Thisisjuju1676d ago


Ahh, I see.

Now the middleman comment makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification.

Zeref1676d ago

This is not an OS. You still need Windows to play Windows based games.

you people are getting the wrong idea. This is just a streaming service. Similar to Vita's remoteplay.

P0werVR1676d ago

It's not like that!

Anyways, this makes a lot of sense in contrast to what some believing that Linux can actually be in general use.

However, this is real good for developers and "will" change to scope of how developers and gamers interact. Hope they can have some type of cloud computing where they can greatly enhance there Source Mod Manager.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago

I'm always happy to see Windows get some competition, considering how they've worked so hard to monopolize the low-cost OS market. More games being compatible with Linux will improve Linux adoption and thus support.

Yi-Long1676d ago

Hopefully this is the free great alternative to Windows we've all bene waiting for.

Hopefully I can use this OS also for Photoshop, Sai, and other professional software.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Can you read?

"It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines...Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases"

It is an OS. It doesn't natively play Windows games, but it IS an OS and it plays games completely free of a Windows PC.

"You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your SteamOS machine, ************too************&am p;qu ot;

As in "also"
It is not just for streaming.

IT IS AN OS THAT CAN PLAY GAMES ON ITS OWN **AND** IT CAN STREAM WINDOWS/MAC GAMES. The article is not that confusing, people.

Feralkitsune1676d ago

you people can not read. IT IS AN OS. It has support for streaming Windows games over LAN, but it also supports Linux games, that run on the actual OS since this is a Linux Build.

It's just one that devs can focus on if they develop games for Linux. Which, a ton of AAA devs will since they are announcing some 2014 games that already support SteamOS.

Kurylo3d1676d ago

Lots of games are starting to support linux.. lots of game engines starting to support linux. People may actually start developing with linux in mind as a platform just as they would sony vs microsoft. Multiplatform. You would get more performance out of your steam os with your computers hardware making the game run better and look better. I like this approach. Mark my words.. this is the beginning of the death of console gaming. Im not saying its hear. Im saying this will launch it. It will take many many many years, but this will start it.

Perjoss1676d ago

Exactly, Miscrosoft have lost their way, they don't seem to want to support PC gamers they way they should be, always trying to push them onto the xbox. I think there is plenty of room on the market for this Gaming OS and Valve are the perfect company to push it.

starchild1676d ago

I have no real problems with windows to be honest, but I do like the idea of improved performance.

That said, I'm still trying to figure out what this means. One of the great things about Windows and DirectX is that it allows us to have backwards compatibility.

I seriously doubt the entire industry is going to switch over to SteamOS, which means PC gaming will be fragmented.

I need to find out more. I'm intrigued, but also somewhat skeptical.

Blackdeath_6631676d ago

and its free whereas windows costs just under £200

NewMonday1676d ago


* what exactly are "living room machines"?
* is this a locked Linux? will we be able to install and run any Linux software?
* dose Linux allow low level access to hardware? how will this effect scaling to different specs?
* can we install SteamOS as another OS on PCs alongside Windows?
* will this be open to the same Mods on Windows or will they need to be tailored for Linux?
* will SteamOS allow 3rd party non gaming software?

Zuperman1676d ago

Still not switching to pc gaming.

consoles 4 life.

Ju1676d ago

Here comes the "Ikea Console" (I should (c) this ;) LOL.

But great idea. Now devs get a OS for the living room. I'm curious how Valve will define which HW will be supported - to actually guarantee the games will run on that box.

And for the console gamers complaining they can build a monster machine without end - limited buy budget only.

Question will really be, if developers will support linux now (you will need all the tools and the toolchain - which isn't a biggy. I actually prefer that toolchain anyhow). Compilers are there, tools need to be available, too (profilers!!!). But other then that, I hope it'll take off.

Dasteru1676d ago


So you think you know more about it than Valve themselvs? Sry but you are the one getting the wrong idea, learn to read before you post.

SteamOS is an operating system based on Linux, it will be used directly on TVs and other living room devices and is even being provided for free to tv manufacturers to be pre-installed on TVs. It has nothing to do with streaming.

morganfell1675d ago

You will not need Windows. There may be a few titles that will be left unadapted but more games are joining the Steam Linux library every day. I have been running it since Alpha and I have been running Linux for years. I have not had one crash or lockup on Ubuntu that I can ever remember. There is a reason the best servers are Linux based.

There is very little for which I boot into Windows. People that are thinking theis OS will only be for gaming have yet to run a Linux GUI based OS. The handwriting is on the wall. If anything this may force MS to concentrate more on their OS business as after the first year the impact on Windows of a Linux expansion will become apparent.

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black0o1676d ago

more support for OpenGL

UltimateMaster1676d ago

Guess so.
I'd bet Google would jump in the ring as well.
I'd love to see a 5-way race for gaming console.
-Steam, -PlayStation, -Google, -Xbox, -Nintendo.

Big_B0SS1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Question? Does this mean that I would not be able to use any MS Office applications if I use this OS instead of Windows?

The reason I ask is becuase my gaming PC is also my day to day work PC.

Thisisjuju1676d ago

Not likely.

They currently haven't released MS Office on Linux and I believe this steam OS is running on a modified Linux platform.

Thehyph1676d ago

MS Office is out.
A myriad of free alternative office solutions are in.

exsturminator011676d ago

I'm pretty sure this OS isn't meant for desktop use. They're designing it with TV in mind and streaming capabilities, so I think the plan is to hook a PC up to the TV, install SteamOS on that, and then stream from desktop or play Linux games on the TV. Basically this is an OS for anyone who wants to make their own SteamBox, not a replacement desktop solution.

RegorL1676d ago

not MS Office but you will be able to use libreOffice/openOffice

The cloud storage might be somewhat problematic.
Will you be able to install anything yourself?

But I would be really surprised if they do not support a free MS Office compatible office suite at launch...

DOMination-1676d ago

it's not an OS for desktop PCs, it's basically an app you install on smart TVs, that will allow you stream your steam library to it via your PC in another room.

s45gr321676d ago

That is why I am concerned about this too.

Thehyph1676d ago

But it's Linux, and this is Valve we're talking about.
Valve believe in and push Linux, so therefore they probably aren't closing any doors against turning it into a desktop suite.

If it's true Linux, then anyone out there can add full desktop functionality and give it to everyone else.

Kurylo3d1676d ago

set it up in dual boot. You can decide which operating system to start with when you power on the computer.

Ju1676d ago

This is as much linux as Android is.

Nothing more.

A familiar posix level OS with customization and a Steam specific front end. No desktop. If anything it will support "Steam Apps" - since it's based off of linux, depends what UI libraries will be available (probably most what runs on linux - and I strongly hope it doesn't run X !!!).

madpuppy1676d ago

MS office runs pretty good in either wine, crossover office or Cedega / WineX (mainly for gaming but will run office and photoshop.

AndrewLB1676d ago

It's why you setup your PC to dual or tri boot. Mine runs Win7, Ubuntu, and OSX Mountain Lion.

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1676d ago Replies(6)
ZoyosJD1676d ago

SteamOS. Shaving $100 off that gaming pc while improving perfomance.


ElementX1676d ago

Yeah if you want a limited game selection

zeal0us1676d ago

You still need Windows(or Mac) for SteamOS to stream games to your tv over your internet.

MonkeyNinja1676d ago

@ zeal0us

You only need Windows to play Windows games. Lots of games on Steam already support Linux, and lots more are on the way. Stop spreading misinformation.

zeal0us1676d ago

@Monkey Ninja
Notice I said stream game to your tv and nothing more

"You can play all your Windows and Mac games on your SteamOS machine, too. Just turn on your existing computer and run Steam as you always have - then your SteamOS machine can stream those games over your home network straight to your TV!"

joeorc1676d ago


"SteamOS. Shaving $100 off that gaming pc while improving perfomance. "

100% for the simple fact it's indeed an "OS" many linux builds are out there with gaming in mind, with this one though is being built up by valve! this will be an OS built by gamer's for Gamer's.

Despite some people not really getting that point. I think this will bode very well with Developer's in the PC industry, and the gaming industry in general. This will be a real net + for Gamer's.

Since this OS is free what would it hurt to put it on a legacy machine and try it out, nothing..i think Gabe and co. will have a very good shot to gather more open source support right from the get go, due to the fact that developer's like Carmack would be more than willing to give this OS a go to see exactly what they can do with one of thier iP's running in such a OS environment.

Wish Gabe luck.

ZoyosJD1676d ago


Recently, linux support has been increasing particularly indies, and the site did state that most AAA titles wil be suporting steamOS natively by next year.


indeed, there have been linux versions built for gaming, but never with the support and backing of valve.

Up til now, linux has been too divided and not exactly average consumer friendly.

It will be interesting to see how well valve can unite the industry. I would love to see steamOS completely replace windows.

May fortune shine upon the gaben nation of steam.

SJPFTW1676d ago

you forgot the bulletpoint where it says its an operating system for your living machine aka TV. do people actually read with article or just the headline ROFL

Ju1676d ago

"Living room machine" ... like a PC you hook up to your TV and work from the couch.

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3-4-51676d ago

So I can be playing Total War, and watching TV & surfing the web all on my TV at the same time ?


SuperLupe1676d ago

Sounds like the Xbox One.

WeAreLegion1676d ago

Sounds like every computer.

lonesoul651676d ago

You are correct. It is an OS. Full blown OS. A Linux OS...which currently lacks a lot of game support. You will see tons of indie games on Linux but AAA games will take a while to join unless Valve plans on investing (billions?) on constantly updating API's to compete with DirectX.

The idea would have been revolutionary 6 years ago.

madpuppy1675d ago

what are you talking about? The Khronos group updates and improves OpenGL on a monthly basis.

The Khronos Group is a not for profit member-funded industry consortium. Members consist of:

Apple Inc.
ARM Holdings
Creative Labs
id Software
Intel Corporation
Oracle/Sun Microsystems
Samsung Electronics
Sony Computer Entertainment
Texas Instruments
and that doesn't include individual contributors.

I'm guessing that Valve can be added to that list in the near future.

And FYI, OpenGL is still the standard to which ALL others are compared to including directX.

So, there won't be any problem "keeping up" with DirectX when 16 large corporations/organizations are all contributing to code improvements and new features on a daily to monthly basis to OpenGL.

lonesoul651675d ago

Fair enough...if this is the case...why is Linux not a a platform of choice? Why aren't all games compatible?

Yukicore1676d ago

I've been dreaming of custom gaming OS for years, really. I never really understood why nobody hadn't raised it up before, it's a big and hard job, yes, but the benefits are phenomenal.

A BIG marketplace for PC games, better PC resource usage, MUCH less or none at all game pirating, graphics as high as how much you invest in the PC that you buy.

Of course it seems too good to be true, the optimization will never reach the console level, and at this point it's hard to tell how much the next-gen consoles will be able to give in comparison to PC's.

hkgamer1676d ago

it takes a whlie. I mean gabe newell has been slagging off windows for a long time to try and cange peoples mind about windows gaming.

It was all basically for this moment, i mean why else would he want to support linux?

It's a big step for linux gamign though. But I never really understood why gamers actually gamed on Linux in the first place.

madpuppy1675d ago

hkgamer: "I never really understood why gamers actually gamed on Linux in the first place."

It's about freedom. man.

Gabe Newell saw that MS was starting to move into building in their own game store into Windows (windows games) and He knew full well when MS enters into a new market the incumbent players software starts to mysteriously not work properly in windows anymore.

So, to circumvent this situation, they got to work getting Linux ready to become a free gaming OS that is not controlled by any specific corporation and do and end run around Microsoft and their semi-legal to completely illegal practices.

Linux has become a great equalizer in the computer industry, everyone has to play fair, which in the long and short run has made Linux quite desirable to support
without fear and having to rely on a competitors platform.

lonesoul651675d ago

Gabe was seeing a market share issue coming with the opening of the windows store. It's funny how everyone thinks the Steam and Gabe are the "good" side of this industry. Did you know they are valued at 4 billion dollars? Did you know the gouging of devs with pricing and sales that goes on at Steam?

I love my steam and what it has done to keep the PC community alive and thriving...but they have practices no better or worse than your hated companies like EA. Hate to say it...a business is a business that is designed for one make money. When you reach the kinda size Steam don't get there without being shady and cracking some skulls along the way.

Steam and there new OS isn't really about choice...its about taking another approach to dominating the market. How are you going to feel if HL3 comes out and is SteamOS only?

Regis1676d ago

So what they are saying is that with an HDMI cable I can put my computer game on a monitor bigger then my computer?

SniperControl1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Yeah, I have been doing this for years with my gaming rig. I just bought a 60" tv as well! I have a PS3 controller for it to.

hkgamer1676d ago

You could plug any PC to a TV.

this is basically for someone to buy a PC for living room, install SteamOS and play linux supported games.

You could also access all games from your current library if you turn your PC on and then turn the licing room PC and stream it.

PlayStation_41676d ago

I have no interest in using this on my TV (I have a PS4 for TV gaming), however if I can replace Windows with steamOS I'd be more than happy to

assdan1676d ago

If I can get all the same games on this that I could get on windows, it's an open platform like windows, and I can put it on any computer, I'm going with this next time around.

nypifisel1676d ago

That's the question though, the installbase of Windows is something around 90% is it not? How viable will it be? I like the idea except for the apparently very open nature to your computer, this sounds like a security risk to me - but hey, we'll see!

thisismyaccount1676d ago

Wait what ?! Not a full fledge´d OS ?! What´s the point of this then, i already have an HTPC top notch in the livingroom with my Steam games...

Dont´get it..

SONY!! Release Gaikai for the PC so we can play PS1/2/3 and hopefully PS4 games.

hkgamer1676d ago

this is a gamingOS.
it also allows for in house streaming. so basically made for people to build a very very low budget pc and strea games from their PC.

It's also trying to push for linux, not sure why but I guess its one step closer too the steambox they are trying to release

wsoutlaw871676d ago

ya pc needed this. valve is taking control of pc like its there console and there making pc gaming better

Sarick1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

There is also WineHQ for running game applications over Linux.

If Companies want to support Values SteamOS they'll do their best to ensure a form of wine compatibility. In this fashion games designed for Windows 1st can easily be ported to wine capable systems such as SteamOS.

A lot of people are looking for alternatives to Windows OS. Microsoft keeps trying to reinvent the wheel and it's getting to expensive/problematic for a lot of gamers/developers. It's about time someone took steps create a GAME CHANGER.