Sony And Microsoft Should Be Worried About The Steam Box. Very Worried.

Kotaku - The future of home gaming. The next generation. For years now, the anticipation and excitement over what's to come has been dominated by speculation over what would come next from Microsoft and Sony.

In one day, Valve has changed all of that.

It's been hard to get excited about PC gaming in the way you do about a new console. The nature of the PC means it gets a little better all the time. You don't really notice how powerful the platform has become until you stop and look back at the games and hardware that have come before.

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LackTrue4K1991d ago

if it was price at 600 or less then ya, 1,000 is toooo much.
only hardcore gamers will get it at that price.
im interested in getting this, if no ps4 this year...then there's a 50/50 chances im getting this.

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Pandamobile1991d ago

I don't think there's a confirmed price for the Steam Box yet.

But yeah, ideally, they'd want to price it around (max) $600 USD.

pandaboy1991d ago

Ideally? It wasn't ideally when sony did it with the ps3...

zebramocha1991d ago

@pan That's because Sony went a bit over board with the ps3.

hakis861991d ago

The Steam box seems interesting, although we don't know enough yet.

IT is a "PC", since Gabe stated it's linux based - but you can install Windows.

Will that mean it will run a normal PC game?
Because I already have a decent PC for gaming.

What I don't have (and WANT) is a next-gen console with awesome exclusive titles.

Will Valve create exclusive games for Steam Box, that won't run on PC as well? I kind of doubt it...

Not hating on the SteamBox here, just not sure why we should want one?

Rubberlegs1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )


Of course it will run normal PC games but it won't be locked down to just Linux and that's why they mention Windows. They are trying to build Linux up so that it can support a majority of the games offered on Steam.
They just started supporting Linux on Steam so its something they still working on and improving. You won't see this Steam box until they finish with the Linux support.

If you already game on a PC and have something built up for games, no you probably won't need this. They are aiming this for console gamers with the added controller and big picture mode. This is something you will be able hook up straight to your HDTV and won't have mess around with anything else just like how consoles are.

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Kur01991d ago

Not even hardcore gamers will get it. You can get a much more powerful PC for that price. You're only really paying for the size of the thing. I'm not even sure it comes with a GPU. Just isn't worth it. Its for people with extra money lying around who don't know how to mess with computers but want to get into PC gaming.

yeahokchief1990d ago

i agree.

i also agree with the director of resident evil 2. kotaku are douchebags.

DA_SHREDDER1991d ago

It's priced at $1000?! I would rather just build my own pc for half the price, and then again, I really want a Tablet cause I hate the problems that come with pc's so there goes my hopes on maybe getting into pc gaming this year, or any year for that matter.

DudeJets1991d ago

Problems what problems its 2013 pc gaming is so easy now days

HappyGaming1991d ago

Yeah but even now days you get the odd few driver issues etc and you have to fend for yourself in forums to find solutions. I have never had a problem that I couldn't solve myself but I know many people who wouldn't be able to resolve them themselves.

Rivitur1990d ago

It doesn't cost $1000 btw that's the XI3 7a gaming series they haven't even shown the Steam box off what the hell have you people been reading?

nukeitall1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

What I haven't seen addressed (vaguely remember seeing a Steam controller pad?) are a few things with this steam box:

* price
* convenience
* controller? Are we still stuck with mouse/keyboard? Don't get me wrong, they are needed, but lets face it, the reason I use my console is because I don't have to type a lot or require very precise movements. It's fast, it's easy.

To the people that care, they likely already have the ability to build one probably much cheaper and already probably has.

To the others, they want the console experince (i.e. people like me, who don't want upgrades, don't want settings and etc....)

I welcome competition, but I hope it's going to be stronger. There are already too many gimmicky devices such as the nvidia Shield and now this.

JsonHenry1991d ago

If you have read any of the articles or paid any attention to the news you would know that there is no confirmed price yet. Convenience? It is a console like all other consoles. And finally, yes, it comes with its own controller which is why steam has made such a big push lately with big picture mode and controller support for their existing library of games but also has all the ports you need to support keyboard and mouse should you choose.

CapsLocke1991d ago

Who said $1000? Valve said it would be accessible, low price.

LackTrue4K1991d ago

I seen a video saying 1,000 and 700 for the budget one. But was not Valve, it was the builders of the Piston. Valve supports it, but dose not build them.

Rivitur1990d ago

No these people can't get their facts straight Valve has yet to even show off this "steam box" all they have shown is XI3's 7 series Piston which runs Big screen mode of steam. That is what costs $999 Gabe said in an interview that ideally they will release 3 types of steam boxes starting at $99

nirwanda1991d ago

Its a shame valve wont be able to compete with ms and sony on price as sony and MS will have there own factorys manufacturing plants making most things themselves rather than have to outsource everything

NoFanboyRequired1991d ago

Erm, both microsoft and sony outsource their hardware...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

According to this interview with Gabe Newell steam box could start at free or at least $99 and have 3 tiers.

" He says the goal for a "Good" platform is a free device, but that one would probably start around $99 and eventually come down. Newell says a midrange device should cost around $300, and that the top-tier is only limited by how much someone is willing to spend."

nirwanda1991d ago

Thats great news if they want to mass market it but im not keen on a tiered system it makes it harder to optimize code and splits the user base up, hopefully they will make games for top tier only and optimize for them specs.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1991d ago

Uhm... why would this article even matter? I just got done reading everyone's post in the Bayonetta article that Kotaku is crap and should never be read.

Why no Kotaku bashing in this article?

chukamachine1991d ago

Already have a pc with more power then that box will contain.

Halflife 3 is missing in the wind,

Sales for this will be nothing compared to PS4/720.

Steam is ok, but I prefer real media tbh. I don't mind d/l content from digital, but full games, no thanks.

Veni Vidi Vici1991d ago

You'd better get used to not having tangible media. Everything will eventually go that way. It kills the used game market, hurts piracy, and gets rid of the costs of producing the disks, cases, covers, shipping, etc.

dedicatedtogamers1991d ago

My problem with Steambox has nothing to do with Steambox but rather with Steam itself:

If you aren't online, and if Steam can't check for updates for a few days, you are completely locked out of your games until you can get back online. Yes, even single-player games that do not require an online connection. Steam says "cannot access key server". In other words, Steam will pretend that you don't have valid registration keys for your games, and you won't be able to play them. If you hate the idea of "always online" gaming, Steambox will likely have it for every single game. I worry about that.

HappyGaming1991d ago

I believe when I had gone to visit my grandparents my steam account still allowed me to play offline for the 2 weeks I was there. Have things changed or am I mistaken?

Mounce1991d ago

I hear a rumor that the lowest starting point could be $99. Course, it is just a rumor, but if true then that'd be pretty awesome, there are many models being questioned and many types of builds that could be possible, but at the very least the RAM and CPU being upgradable, unsure of GPU but it too should be likely.

Rivitur1990d ago

Read shutupandtakemymoney's comment theirs you "rumor"/announcement .

frankiebeans1991d ago

its still more money than a pre built computer spec for spec.
it has to have some sort of software advantages on the steam side that would justify someone getting into computer gaming that would sway someone to it rather than buying a "real" computer which would have significant advantages in terms of upgradeability and price.

in my opinion they're hoping to have that apple effect with the fine tuned hardware and releasing an upgrade every year or so but with pc gaming. I don't think its going to happen unless they can be competitively price with a xbox or a playstation and $1000 is not the way to do it, the market for this is very small and I would buy it and scratch the next xbox off my list if it was priced at $400-500 because the only games I play on my xbox are also on pc and being able to have mods and controller support on games would be that thing to justify paying $500 over an xbox.

WeskerChildReborned1991d ago

Yea it's gonna need to be cheap enough to attract the masses if this is gonna be any threat to Playstation or Xbox.

showtimefolks1990d ago

not happening, do you think Valve name is as big as xbox,playstation or nintendo's brands?

seriously i know valve fans will hate me for saying this but he market valve is targeting knows about games and are corer gamers where they are gonna loose is when someone walks into a store to buy a new console and who doesn't come to gaming sites daily what you think he will buy? a $800 valve box or $400 xbox or playstation?

its the other way around valve should be worried about ps4 and next xbox.

price matters look at PS3 and how much hate it got so all of a sudden $600 was way over priced yet $1000 is ok? don't look at your self as a consumer we are buying because we know the tech and don't mind paying for our hobby but casual market who only buys COD and madden/Fifa each year isn't about to spend $1000 on a machine when $400 ps4 or xbox720 will be able to do both of those things

HardCover1990d ago

$1000 is the expensive option.

It's not the only option. Not at all.

And it's modular, so it's DEFINITELY going to be a better deal than consoles if they're still as limited as they've always been with hardware.

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iNathan1991d ago

Running Linux ?

It will die as soon as 720 hits the market.

Pandamobile1991d ago

You can install Windows on it if you choose.

cee7731991d ago

Who told you that?

#in my king jaffe joffer voice

I_am_Batman1991d ago

Linux is a way more efficient OS. That means you have more recources left for games than on Windows.

Cueil1991d ago

You're assuming that this guy knows how to compile Linux for his machine specifically... and the driver support for Linux is substandard... that in itself makes it less "efficient" for gaming. I don't mind Linux as an OS, but it's not a desktop OS that I would use on an every day basis as a gamer.

Waddy1011991d ago

But there's a lot less games on linux though, the support for it just isn't there.

frelyler1991d ago

What's wrong with Linux? Does all the same things as Windows and then some,plus it's free.

Mounce1991d ago

Yea, 720 will totally destroy everything, both consoles and PC...Totally....

360 destroyed the market enough, like, damn, look how far ahead it is of Sony[/sarcasm]. Look how many people aren't supporting Windows 8 as it's likely to be another Vista. Since somehow when 720 comes around and if it's Kinect oriented, it will totally die since 360 and 720 will sell like hot cakes....because 360 totally sold like hotcakes....


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Just_The_Truth1991d ago

I like the idea. I think it's aims more towards PC gamers.

Pandamobile1991d ago

Or console gamers on the fence about getting into PC gaming due to the perceived complexity of the platform.

boybato1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

looks like a next gen.... oil filter.
or you could say, MegaMan's energy pack.

EliteDave931991d ago

Neither Microsoft or Sony should be worried.

BrianG1991d ago

Definitely agree. Within the past week I've seen 3 computer hardware and software companies show off their entry into the home console and portable console market.

Valve, Nvidia, and Razer.

The problem with all three is the price or limitations. Steam box rumored at up to $1,000. The Razer tablet is $1,000 and up with weak hardware. And the Nvidia Shield is basically an Android phone that can stream your PC games to a TV with a major exception, you need a GTX 650 or up.