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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1126d ago | opinion piece

Sony And Microsoft Should Be Worried About The Steam Box. Very Worried.

Kotaku - The future of home gaming. The next generation. For years now, the anticipation and excitement over what's to come has been dominated by speculation over what would come next from Microsoft and Sony.

In one day, Valve has changed all of that.

It's been hard to get excited about PC gaming in the way you do about a new console. The nature of the PC means it gets a little better all the time. You don't really notice how powerful the platform has become until you stop and look back at the games and hardware that have come before. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, PC, Sony, Valve)

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onyoursistersback  +   1127d ago
if it was price at 600 or less then ya, 1,000 is toooo much.
only hardcore gamers will get it at that price.
im interested in getting this, if no ps4 this year...then there's a 50/50 chances im getting this.
The_Infected  +   1127d ago
Yea the price will kill this thing. It should be $500 or $450 but nearly a grand is just stupid when Microsoft and Sony will have there consoles for half that price.
MikeMyers  +   1126d ago
That's true and if the price is that much higher then they will be attracting a different audience. I don't see it being a $1,000 though, might as well just build your own PC then. If it is priced around $500 then Both Microsoft and Sony (even Nintendo to some degree) will be looking closely to it.

The major advantages that Sony and Microsoft will still have is marketing, a built up fanbase from previous generations and exclusive content. Valve doesn't really generate too many games of their own but what they do have is great support from smaller studios. However Xbox Live and Playstation Network are also building up their own repertoire of game support of smaller titles. Steam also relies solely on digital content and there's still quite a few gamers who prefer games on disc.

I'm still excited to see what Valve brings. They are the most flexible company of the bunch.
CyberCam  +   1126d ago
You people thinking about it all wrong!

Reading so many of these articles & comments on Valves new box and people are not getting the real benefit a Steam Box would bring????

The hardware aspect is just a way to a means... the real story hear is the ecosystems & cost effective savings it will bring to console gamers!

Say the box does cost $700 to $1000 up front, think about the savings in game purchases in the future and not to mention the open platform of FREE mods you will have access to that the Sony & Microsoft consoles will not have, seeing how they are closed systems.

Also, think about the Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring Steam sales you will have access to that you wouldn't have with the other systems (where you can get full franchises for dirt cheap!). And lets not forget that games will be cheaper because there's no licensing fees for developers!

Think about the modular aspect of the Steam Box where as tech grows you can upgrade your Steam Box accordingly, while the other consoles are stuck with the bottleneck systems.

I think the price will be well worth it in the end!
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N4g_null  +   1126d ago
What ever happened to charging for a service to pay for the box?

These guys are talking as if they are trying to use some thing very similar to tegra 4 or the Maxwel.

The unreal engine needs like 2.5 teraflops right.
Maxwell sits right around 4.5 teraflops i believe and the tegra design is 200 teraflops.

Gabe wants one box to run 6 consoles with DIFFERENT games playing on each console terminal with 6-8 joypads. WOW he has to use the tegra for that design.

This is about to be the xbox that ms was afraid of. If they make a tegra box as a wireless host and even these little steam boxes as just a local rendering solution then you have your self the bose speaker edition of gaming console!

They could easily rent these boxes out. Suddenly pirating would be based on your system power and not getting a serial key. Then if they mix the grid computing into it all and make it mostly wireless boom we can see the true birth of a cell like platform finally.

Hell I wouldn't mind having this in my next LG big screen tv or maybe a samsung. Then buying extra pistons for what ever reason.

Hell they could even use NPC to pair all the tech together.

What would be a real com-by-yaaa monment is if steam box is used as method to bring true cloud gaming to consoles that are going to get crushed by the in coming maxwell and tegra 4 designs.

Even nintendo is offering the if you can do it better we will play ball with you senarios to tvii providers. A console that plays nice with PC like tech would be a god sin.

Could this be what digital movie makers, moders, and game engine story tellers have always wanted, an equal stage right beside the bloackbusters and primetime tv?

Boy what a wet dream that would be and ooooh the money it would make smdh.

Then every one would understand MHZ,GB, etc dont mean any thing unless you know how they all work together. Oh just for the record the tegra4 r&D will be paid for by tablets and phones.

Nvidia has the answers steam box needs along with sony and ms and nintendo. it would seem.
TheGamerDood  +   1126d ago
If Valve doesn't pullout beefier hardware Sony and MS have nothing to worry about.
5eriously  +   1126d ago
and maybe just maybe even more powerful too!
cynthialorenzo6   1126d ago | Spam
SilentNegotiator  +   1126d ago
While I would love to see Linux become an equal OS in PC gaming, I'm afraid it's the Linux that will kill Steambox. Support for Linux is too limited right now.

But then, someone has to take the plunge to lift up Linux as a gaming OS. And who better than Valve?
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Calm Down Sunshine  +   1126d ago
It will not be $1000.

"New" Valve are built on micro-transactions and masses of cheap sales.

They understand that selling 50 $5 items is better in the long run than selling one for $250. It inspires loyalty and continued custom in a much, much larger audience, they aren't daft.

That's not to say it will be cheap either..
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Pandamobile  +   1127d ago
I don't think there's a confirmed price for the Steam Box yet.

But yeah, ideally, they'd want to price it around (max) $600 USD.
pandaboy  +   1126d ago
Ideally? It wasn't ideally when sony did it with the ps3...
zebramocha  +   1126d ago
@pan That's because Sony went a bit over board with the ps3.
hakis86  +   1126d ago
The Steam box seems interesting, although we don't know enough yet.

IT is a "PC", since Gabe stated it's linux based - but you can install Windows.

Will that mean it will run a normal PC game?
Because I already have a decent PC for gaming.

What I don't have (and WANT) is a next-gen console with awesome exclusive titles.

Will Valve create exclusive games for Steam Box, that won't run on PC as well? I kind of doubt it...

Not hating on the SteamBox here, just not sure why we should want one?
Rubberlegs  +   1126d ago

Of course it will run normal PC games but it won't be locked down to just Linux and that's why they mention Windows. They are trying to build Linux up so that it can support a majority of the games offered on Steam.
They just started supporting Linux on Steam so its something they still working on and improving. You won't see this Steam box until they finish with the Linux support.

If you already game on a PC and have something built up for games, no you probably won't need this. They are aiming this for console gamers with the added controller and big picture mode. This is something you will be able hook up straight to your HDTV and won't have mess around with anything else just like how consoles are.
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Kur0  +   1126d ago
Not even hardcore gamers will get it. You can get a much more powerful PC for that price. You're only really paying for the size of the thing. I'm not even sure it comes with a GPU. Just isn't worth it. Its for people with extra money lying around who don't know how to mess with computers but want to get into PC gaming.
yeahokchief  +   1126d ago
i agree.

i also agree with the director of resident evil 2. kotaku are douchebags.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1126d ago
It's priced at $1000?! I would rather just build my own pc for half the price, and then again, I really want a Tablet cause I hate the problems that come with pc's so there goes my hopes on maybe getting into pc gaming this year, or any year for that matter.
DudeJets  +   1126d ago
Problems what problems its 2013 pc gaming is so easy now days
HappyGaming  +   1126d ago
Yeah but even now days you get the odd few driver issues etc and you have to fend for yourself in forums to find solutions. I have never had a problem that I couldn't solve myself but I know many people who wouldn't be able to resolve them themselves.
Rivitur  +   1126d ago
It doesn't cost $1000 btw that's the XI3 7a gaming series they haven't even shown the Steam box off what the hell have you people been reading?
nukeitall  +   1126d ago
What I haven't seen addressed (vaguely remember seeing a Steam controller pad?) are a few things with this steam box:

* price
* convenience
* controller? Are we still stuck with mouse/keyboard? Don't get me wrong, they are needed, but lets face it, the reason I use my console is because I don't have to type a lot or require very precise movements. It's fast, it's easy.

To the people that care, they likely already have the ability to build one probably much cheaper and already probably has.

To the others, they want the console experince (i.e. people like me, who don't want upgrades, don't want settings and etc....)

I welcome competition, but I hope it's going to be stronger. There are already too many gimmicky devices such as the nvidia Shield and now this.
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JsonHenry  +   1126d ago
If you have read any of the articles or paid any attention to the news you would know that there is no confirmed price yet. Convenience? It is a console like all other consoles. And finally, yes, it comes with its own controller which is why steam has made such a big push lately with big picture mode and controller support for their existing library of games but also has all the ports you need to support keyboard and mouse should you choose.
CapsLocke  +   1126d ago
Who said $1000? Valve said it would be accessible, low price.
onyoursistersback  +   1126d ago
I seen a video saying 1,000 and 700 for the budget one. But was not Valve, it was the builders of the Piston. Valve supports it, but dose not build them.
frankiebeans  +   1126d ago
story saying $999
Rivitur  +   1126d ago
No these people can't get their facts straight Valve has yet to even show off this "steam box" all they have shown is XI3's 7 series Piston which runs Big screen mode of steam. That is what costs $999 Gabe said in an interview that ideally they will release 3 types of steam boxes starting at $99
nirwanda  +   1126d ago
Its a shame valve wont be able to compete with ms and sony on price as sony and MS will have there own factorys manufacturing plants making most things themselves rather than have to outsource everything
NoFanboyRequired  +   1126d ago
Erm, both microsoft and sony outsource their hardware...
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1126d ago
According to this interview with Gabe Newell steam box could start at free or at least $99 and have 3 tiers.

" He says the goal for a "Good" platform is a free device, but that one would probably start around $99 and eventually come down. Newell says a midrange device should cost around $300, and that the top-tier is only limited by how much someone is willing to spend."
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nirwanda  +   1126d ago
Thats great news if they want to mass market it but im not keen on a tiered system it makes it harder to optimize code and splits the user base up, hopefully they will make games for top tier only and optimize for them specs.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1126d ago
Uhm... why would this article even matter? I just got done reading everyone's post in the Bayonetta article that Kotaku is crap and should never be read.

Why no Kotaku bashing in this article?
chukamachine  +   1126d ago
Already have a pc with more power then that box will contain.

Halflife 3 is missing in the wind,

Sales for this will be nothing compared to PS4/720.

Steam is ok, but I prefer real media tbh. I don't mind d/l content from digital, but full games, no thanks.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1126d ago
You'd better get used to not having tangible media. Everything will eventually go that way. It kills the used game market, hurts piracy, and gets rid of the costs of producing the disks, cases, covers, shipping, etc.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1126d ago
My problem with Steambox has nothing to do with Steambox but rather with Steam itself:

If you aren't online, and if Steam can't check for updates for a few days, you are completely locked out of your games until you can get back online. Yes, even single-player games that do not require an online connection. Steam says "cannot access key server". In other words, Steam will pretend that you don't have valid registration keys for your games, and you won't be able to play them. If you hate the idea of "always online" gaming, Steambox will likely have it for every single game. I worry about that.
HappyGaming  +   1126d ago
I believe when I had gone to visit my grandparents my steam account still allowed me to play offline for the 2 weeks I was there. Have things changed or am I mistaken?
Mounce  +   1126d ago
I hear a rumor that the lowest starting point could be $99. Course, it is just a rumor, but if true then that'd be pretty awesome, there are many models being questioned and many types of builds that could be possible, but at the very least the RAM and CPU being upgradable, unsure of GPU but it too should be likely.
Rivitur  +   1126d ago
Read shutupandtakemymoney's comment theirs you "rumor"/announcement .
frankiebeans  +   1126d ago
its still more money than a pre built computer spec for spec.
it has to have some sort of software advantages on the steam side that would justify someone getting into computer gaming that would sway someone to it rather than buying a "real" computer which would have significant advantages in terms of upgradeability and price.

in my opinion they're hoping to have that apple effect with the fine tuned hardware and releasing an upgrade every year or so but with pc gaming. I don't think its going to happen unless they can be competitively price with a xbox or a playstation and $1000 is not the way to do it, the market for this is very small and I would buy it and scratch the next xbox off my list if it was priced at $400-500 because the only games I play on my xbox are also on pc and being able to have mods and controller support on games would be that thing to justify paying $500 over an xbox.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1126d ago
Yea it's gonna need to be cheap enough to attract the masses if this is gonna be any threat to Playstation or Xbox.
showtimefolks  +   1126d ago
not happening, do you think Valve name is as big as xbox,playstation or nintendo's brands?

seriously i know valve fans will hate me for saying this but he market valve is targeting knows about games and are corer gamers where they are gonna loose is when someone walks into a store to buy a new console and who doesn't come to gaming sites daily what you think he will buy? a $800 valve box or $400 xbox or playstation?

its the other way around valve should be worried about ps4 and next xbox.

price matters look at PS3 and how much hate it got so all of a sudden $600 was way over priced yet $1000 is ok? don't look at your self as a consumer we are buying because we know the tech and don't mind paying for our hobby but casual market who only buys COD and madden/Fifa each year isn't about to spend $1000 on a machine when $400 ps4 or xbox720 will be able to do both of those things
HardCover  +   1126d ago
$1000 is the expensive option.

It's not the only option. Not at all.

And it's modular, so it's DEFINITELY going to be a better deal than consoles if they're still as limited as they've always been with hardware.
iNathan  +   1127d ago
Its doomed to failure
Running Linux ?

It will die as soon as 720 hits the market.
Pandamobile  +   1127d ago
You can install Windows on it if you choose.
cee773  +   1126d ago
Who told you that?

#in my king jaffe joffer voice
Pandamobile  +   1126d ago
I_am_Batman  +   1126d ago
Linux is a way more efficient OS. That means you have more recources left for games than on Windows.
Cueil  +   1126d ago
You're assuming that this guy knows how to compile Linux for his machine specifically... and the driver support for Linux is substandard... that in itself makes it less "efficient" for gaming. I don't mind Linux as an OS, but it's not a desktop OS that I would use on an every day basis as a gamer.
Waddy101  +   1126d ago
But there's a lot less games on linux though, the support for it just isn't there.
frelyler  +   1126d ago
What's wrong with Linux? Does all the same things as Windows and then some,plus it's free.
Mounce  +   1126d ago
Yea, 720 will totally destroy everything, both consoles and PC...Totally....

360 destroyed the market enough, like, damn, look how far ahead it is of Sony[/sarcasm]. Look how many people aren't supporting Windows 8 as it's likely to be another Vista. Since somehow when 720 comes around and if it's Kinect oriented, it will totally die since 360 and 720 will sell like hot cakes....because 360 totally sold like hotcakes....

Just_The_Truth  +   1127d ago
I like the idea. I think it's aims more towards PC gamers.
Pandamobile  +   1127d ago
Or console gamers on the fence about getting into PC gaming due to the perceived complexity of the platform.
boybato  +   1127d ago
looks like a next gen.... oil filter.
or you could say, MegaMan's energy pack.
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EliteDave93  +   1126d ago
Neither Microsoft or Sony should be worried.
BrianG  +   1126d ago
Definitely agree. Within the past week I've seen 3 computer hardware and software companies show off their entry into the home console and portable console market.

Valve, Nvidia, and Razer.

The problem with all three is the price or limitations. Steam box rumored at up to $1,000. The Razer tablet is $1,000 and up with weak hardware. And the Nvidia Shield is basically an Android phone that can stream your PC games to a TV with a major exception, you need a GTX 650 or up.
Neko_Mega  +   1126d ago
Its a cheap PC pretty much, so I don't think this will stop consoles and they fact consoles have games only for them that help drive their sales.

Why would limit myself to this only if I want to play Killzone, Gears, Halo, Mario and so on and they can only be found on consoles.

I might get this, just because the idea of it sounds awesome. But it won't replace my consoles.
frelyler  +   1126d ago
They should be worried because new games are so cheap on Steam. I just got Hitman absolution for 25 bucks and it looks way better on the PC than the consoles. Most newer games go on sale within a month or two of release on steam and if you wait for their annual sale you can literally buy a years worth of games for under 100 US and they look way better on the PC. You would spend over a 1,000 buying the same games on a console and they look and perform worse. I love my PS3 but at the price of games on Steam no one can compete except Amazon.
DragonKnight  +   1126d ago
No they shouldn't. Steam is not going to get every game that comes out, there will always be a place for traditional consoles thanks to the exclusive games you can't get anywhere else and the fact that they are established gaming platforms with decades of support behind them. Plus, you're giving digital distribution to much credit when many either can't get their games strictly by that method, or won't because they like physical copies that they actually own and won't stop working on them due to harddrive crashes or bans.
frelyler  +   1126d ago

Take a look at Valves profits and their stock, then compare that to Sony and MS. Then come and try to tell me they shouldn't be worried. MS only has 3 to 4 exclusives you can't play anywhere else, Sony has more, but look at the overall sales of those titles which in the big picture are poor. Hard drives can crash just the same on consoles by the way, not to mention did you forget the YLOD and RROD fiascos? Learn about market shares and stock values then you can talk about who should be scared of who.
DragonKnight  +   1126d ago
Stock and profits doesn't mean Sony and MS should be worried. There's more to the console market than who has the best stock portfolio. You're talking about a vast group of people who don't give a damn about anything but plug and play and their favourite franchises. Valve is a DD company trying to step into a part of the gaming industry that has always been cut throat and where brand loyalty really matters a lot. Valve will not be able to stand against Sony, MS, and Nintendo on the basis of a console running on Linux and having DD only games. They are trying to come up against companies that have forged relationships with with retailers and a consumer base over decades and you think that Valve can just waltz right in with their PC centric experience and shake things up? No chance in hell.

The idea that what works for PC gaming will work for console gaming is the same kind of flawed logic that business executives have when they are part of varied industries. Just because you've had success with a business model in one area with a specific type of clientèle doesn't mean that that same business model will work for everyone. The Steambox will appeal to PC gamers first and foremost and I can say with reasonable certainty that Valve is in for the fight of its life against Sony and MS in the console arena.
Wizziokid  +   1126d ago
Why should they be worried, we have no idea what the steambox specs are nor do we know the720 and PS4 specs. it's all just rumor and speculation.

but if we are listening to these rumors they shouldn't be worried, no console gamer is going to pay £1000 for a system, even if it is higher spec. that's why they play consoles and don't but a pc.

I really don't understand articles like this when we don't have any specs to make any sort of call
STK026  +   1126d ago
They should be worried about the Steambox, but not the Piston. By the looks of it, it has an integrated GPU, which in my opinion, makes this particular device almost useless for gaming. And if priced in a similar fashion to their other PCs (mainly the X7a), it simply won't be competitive. If anything, I hope Valve makes a true Steambox, and hopefully it will be more similar to the Red riding hood computer, in which it has a dedicated GPU and a much lower price, at the price of a larger computer case.

I'm reading plenty of articles and opinion pieces about the Piston, and somehow, plenty of them do not make any mention of the fact that for it to be so small, it usually means that it has either a mobile version of a dedicated GPU, or an integrated one. Either way, you can't expect to play the latest games at decent settings at 1080p with a stable frame rate of 60 FPS, 30 might actually be impossible in plenty of games too.

I like the idea of a Steambox, I just don't want it to be an overpriced (once again, that's by looking at Xi3's previous products) underpowered cool looking micro computer.
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Ron_Danger  +   1126d ago
This isn't a troll comment. I'm honestly looking for some form of intelligent conversation on this topic.

That being said, I'm confused... Why not just connect your pc to your tv?

If all it is is a device that runs Steam on you tv, then I've had a Steam Box for 4 years.

Someone help me out since I'm mainly a console/ handheld gamer and don't know much about this topic but it does intrigue me. The only reason I don't game on pc's as much is because I hate playing with/ against people who use mods to cheat, but if this is more of a console, would it remove the ability for people to use, for example, aim bots?
#9 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DudeJets  +   1126d ago
No it wouldn't be able to stop aim bots no more than it would on a console, your statement itself confused me are you unaware that cheating on an xbox or playstation does exist
Ron_Danger  +   1126d ago
I'm aware that it exists, it's just so much easier to cheat on pc's (I just used aim bots as an example since its one of the more common cheats on the most popular game series, CoD.) I used to play a ton of Diablo 2 online until basically every room you joined had at least 2 people using map hacks and everyone but me using the auto item pickup hack. I play online on consoles because people don't cheat in the games I play (which is everything but sports games and CoD.)

What I'm mainly wondering is, what are the benefits of buying a Steam Box if you could just plug you pc, that you already own, into you tv?
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aviator189  +   1126d ago
That's what I do with my pc.
I honestly don't see the point in getting a steambox when I can just plug my pc into the tv.

I'm not looking forward to the steambox at all, just the next-gen xbox and playstation.
cyguration  +   1126d ago
For people with high-end PCs there is no benefit of the Steam Box. It's not for PC gamers AT ALL.

You're right, you already had a Steam Box once you started using Steam and playing high-end games. You aren't Valve's target demographic with this little device.

The Steam Box is for console gamers who can't afford to get into high-end PC gaming and it makes it accessible to "casual" mid-core gamers. That's all.

It's a cheap alternative to console gaming like the Ouya.
shaun mcwayne  +   1126d ago
Im guessing its all about simplicity, just plug it in and your good to go, no messing with settings or updating you gaming rig to run certain games.
Im gonna wait until all next gen platforms are announced, see what they have to offer, Then make my choice.
Meep  +   1126d ago
I am some what confused with this but I see this as the gap between console and PC. This has massive potential. From what I have heard, Valve can give the license for a company to build a steam-box if the so desire. Which is pretty awesome to me. You will have companies competing to build the best steambox. Also the push for linux is really awesome too. If this manages to succeed, it will create a ton of competition. This video I found explains the steambox really well.
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modesign  +   1126d ago
this is what sony and microsoft are doing,

sway_z  +   1126d ago
As attractive as Steam Box Console's a Niché product.

Never will this particular device go mainstream, and on the contrary..the PS4 and 720 consoles (whatever they get called) have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The only positive thing for me is more competition for MS/Sony..this is a good thing for the consumer as they will all have to up the ante!

However, see yet another article pointlessly attempting to muster confusion and create a lack of confidence in the consumer...tsk!
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MYSTERIO360  +   1126d ago
Valve is whats needed in the console game market and could possibly out sell the next Xbox/PS4 for a number of reasons:

1. They own 50-70% share of the digital distribution market for video games, so they already have a huge fan base/consumer network and have access to a wealth of digital games. Valve also have great support from third party publisher for consoles and PC exclusive titles.

2. Steam are primarily a software company so its easy for them to possibly integrate social gaming features into their platform and make it free.

3.The steam box will not only be built by software developers but by gamers. Gabe newell has extensive understanding of the gaming center and understands trends from a gamers perspective, as their heavily involved within the gaming area.

4. Possibility of Half life 3 being exclusive to their platform along with others i.e portal. This could be Valves title similar to how the Halo franchise is exclusive to MS Xbox and Uncharted to Sony. Valve are also very generous releasing the orange box at a great price.

5.The steam box will be an open system allowing user to install other OS into it which is something other companies have been apprehensive about in the past. This could be the future of gaming along with digital distribution and steam could be the first to benefit from it.
#12 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
MYSTERIO360  +   1126d ago
Why all the dislikes?
shaun mcwayne  +   1126d ago
Im excited to see what valve has to offer.
I hope it changes ps4 and next box for the better, more competition means cheaper games for all us skint gamers.
r21  +   1126d ago
At a price of $1100? Yeeeeaaah no... but if they HL3 exclusive, might have to give in...Waaaaait a minute, that was Gabe's plan all along!
aviator189  +   1126d ago
Even if they don't release hl3 for consoles, I'll just get it for my pc and connect it to the tv.
Still no point in getting a steambox.
GreenRanger  +   1126d ago
This will disappear after it launches, just like the Ouya and that Shield thing.
#14 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Perjoss  +   1126d ago
you might be right, but people also said similar stuff about the wii
InTheLab  +   1126d ago
The Steambox has nothing that I don't already have on my Laptop/gaming PC. Everyone that knows the wonders of PC gaming will avoid this thing because it is pointless aside from a Steam powered controller.

The main reason it is pointless is the fact that it won't have any exclusives. There will be no reason to buy this thing over the already established PS and Xbox.

The only company that has anything to worry about is MS. There's, yet another console available with free online gaming. At some point, people will realize that there's other options out there be it the PS4, WiiU, or Steambox.
#15 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KMCROC54  +   1126d ago
Still prefer to pay & I love my console.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1126d ago
Good thing that's not the Steam Box.
Npugz7  +   1126d ago
Sony and Microsoft have nothing to worry about!
Dlacy13g  +   1126d ago
So the reality is the steam box isnt a pc game console from what they are showing off, its just a small discless pc. What is the UI gonna be like? Controller or keyboard included? Headset? I am sure you can use whatever you want but that is all potential more costs of entry for some. Lots still unknown at this point.
Ingram  +   1126d ago
Have you guys seen the Xi 3? a low tier AMD processor, DDR2 memory, priced @600e is nothing to be worried about, au contraire, is quite the fail.

If Valve are going to have their own hardware, they can do better than that
spartanlemur  +   1126d ago
Everyone wins here as well. Not only do PC gamers see more products for their platform, but console gamers are able to upgrade when they get tired of their graphics (I'm sure just about every console gamer right now is fed up of the ancient graphics and Sony and Microsoft's arrogance at proclaiming a ten year cycle).
This means shorter periods before leaps in games' graphics and less exclusives too.
I really hope this thing succeeds for the sake of gamers taking back power from the Microsoft-Sony oligopoly.
madjedi  +   1126d ago
"console gamers are able to upgrade when they get tired of their graphics" Then just build a pc and use steam, and avoid paying an unnecessary middleman like mindless sheep.

"This means shorter periods before leaps in games' graphics(so a gradual improvement over time is a bad thing?) and less exclusives too.(wtf less exclusives is a better thing?)"

Your supposed to be a gamer? Could have fooled me, you damn sure are not a console gamer with that mindset.

Btw sony and ms aren't dragging this gen out unnecessarily, the economy is making that decision for them. Nothing is going to launch until 3rd parties will be ready to support it.

Pcs are not even relevant to this discussion, because there is no such thing as a next or new generation for pc. Since it can be trashed entirely and built with newer better hardware.

And nintendo fans call ps3/360 gamers graphic whores lol.
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spartanlemur  +   1125d ago
I'm a PC gamer who left console gaming around the time the PS3 came out.
I remember how irritating it was waiting for a new console to be released on PS2, as while the content kept improving, the graphics stagnated, and it bottlenecked the quality of each game.

yes, less exclusives is a good thing. Exclusives are only present so that Sony or Microsoft can get a leg up over each other, and for the large part they prevent us from playing all the games.

Why should we buy an inferior product because its manufacturer has paid off content producers to support it?

Also, given the increased price of console games due to retail and the Sony/Microsoft oligopoly, gamers who buy a steambox will be able to save money buy buying more games at a lower price (Valve's philosophy), which they can use to buy upgrades for their steambox.

I love my PC, but it's not a living room machine, which is why it doesn't appeal to everyone. The steambox should address those concerns, and put reclaim power from Microsoft and Sony for ourselves as a community.

As a PS3 gamer I used to strongly dislike everything Xbox, but now I see how pointless such fanboyism is when open platforms make such conflict irrelevant.

I enjoy good graphics, but i don't consider myself to be a "graphics whore". I'm a tech geek, and love seeing in front of me the advances of new technology. Graphics go hand in hand with better engines which in turn allow for more fluid gameplay experiences. I do enjoy hand-drawn games too, but my genres are RPG and simulation, and it's hard to simulate things in 2D (or immerse yourself in a fantasy world in the case of RPG's).

PC's are relevant as well, because AFAIK one copy of a game will work on both platforms, which means that if the Steambox gets big, more games will run on PC. Also, devs can focus on content for all of us and not waste time on making buggy ports.
Also, third parties are desperate for a new console, but Sony and Microsoft are sticking with the current gen because as time goes on they make more money off software (Sony were originally making a loss on the PS3 after all). Developers are currently struggling to make games which can look good on a PC and still be technically simple enough to work on consoles!

I don't care much for big gaming divisions like Xbox or Playstation. I simply wish to see consumers gain more power within the gaming industry, and I think that that is best done through having an open platform (the PC, be it desktop or living room).
TotalHitman  +   1126d ago
$1000 lmao. Console gamers won't pay that and PC gamers will stick to PC.
extermin8or  +   1126d ago
Valve seem to be planning to do different tiers, i dont think sony need to be as worried as microsoft for the simple reason that their consoles like nintendo tend to be further from a pc whereas microsofts consoles aren't fact is this thing will have different tiers and require upgradingb hich will mean many people arent interested, most people also would rather just have a powerful non locked down pc- i kbowvivwould plus assuming valves games become wxclusive there are far fewer of their games than nintendo or sony exlusives... i think this will take a larger chunk out of microsofts market share than sonys...
Vladplaya  +   1126d ago
For 1000 bucks, I will just build normal desktop and will be just as happy with it... (Or maybe I will build two, and they will be just as powerful as that cube thingy)
MasterCornholio  +   1126d ago
If they give the steam box a good price and maintain the prices that they have on steam then i would get one in a heart beat and forget about the PS4. Seriously im getting sick and tired of paying 60€ for a console when on PC the games are much much cheaper. I could always build myself a gaming PC but i already have a laptop (Samsung Series 5) so i dont need another PC in my life. Its up to Valve, Microsoft and Sony to design a console that i would like to buy but so far im leaning towards the PS4 and the Steam Box (rumors of the 720 being a casual box have turned me off and the Wii U seems under-powered to me plus i dont like the cheap feeling controller)
KMCROC54  +   1126d ago
Never been a Pc gamer due to having to update it often , beside the only game i liked was StarCraft.
If anything console game is a one step process out of box & don't have to do anything but buy games. So for as long that they exist I will continue to buy & game on them till they cease to exist or I do.
Clarence  +   1126d ago
Yeah right. Steam wont stop the playstation or xbox
3-4-5  +   1126d ago
The box will be:

1.) $99 with no games

2.) $ 200 - shipped with 5-10 games

3.) $ 500 - shipped with 50 games.
BrianC6234  +   1126d ago
Making up facts?
DivineAssault  +   1126d ago
I dont think sony should worry as long as they keep up with their exclusives but MS doesnt really have any that cant be found on PC.. I would buy this if the price is right.. I hate connecting my comp to the tv thru the PC port so having a console like this will work for me.. 55in screen for PC games will be awesome..

As i said before, MS should fear this thing.. Its upgradeable too so ya, it has my attention & ill buy it with no regrets as long as i dont go broke doing it
#28 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
BrianC6234  +   1126d ago
No thanks. I don't care that much about Valve games anyway and I don't want a new computer.
jjb1981  +   1126d ago
I just hope I can still run all my windows steam games that I bought... If not then ill pass
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