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Is This a Photo of Valve’s Rumored Console, Or At Least a Prototype?

Kotaku: Less than 24 hours since the website The Verge reported that Valve is working on a video game console, we've got what could be a photo of a prototype unit. (Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, Tech, Valve)

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Shok  +   928d ago | Well said
"The image comes from the Twitter feed of Valve employee Greg Coomer. It was Tweeted on November 2, with the caption: "Built this tiny PC. i7 quad core, 8GB ram, Zotac Z-68 mobo w/ onnboard Nvidia mobile gfx. Runs Portal 2 FAST. "

This is stupid. The guy straight-up said that it was just a PC he built. How do you get "Valve's new console!?" from that?
GraveLord  +   928d ago
Yesterdays "Steam Console" specs line-up with this PC this Valve guy built. Did you not read the article? It explains everything.
Shok  +   928d ago
I read it, but that doesn't change anything. The guy said he made a PC.........so it's just a personal PC he made. If it was a really a prototype of the rumored Valve console then he would've never posted that in the first place.
SilentNegotiator  +   927d ago
Well where the heck do you think they made this rumor up from? The tweet.

Talk about circular logic. "The recent rumor is proven because the same information was presented months ago before the recent rumor. The rumor proves the information because the information proves the rumor"

Who would be dumb enough to make a "i7 quad core, 8GB ram, etc" console, anyway? A quadcore i7 would be about as cost friendly as hyena in a chicken coop.

"i7 quad core....w/ onnboard Nvidia mobile gfx"
Yeah, I'm sure it runs Portal 2 "really fast".....at 480p sans AA.
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Disccordia  +   927d ago
This whole rumour is nonsense. the website obviously picked up on a quote last week from Gabe where he said one day it could be a viable option to build their own console and tried to turn it into something its not just for hits
reynod  +   927d ago
Consoles as we knew em are extinct maybe aside the Wii.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 themselves are locked down PCs. Hell the next Xbox or Playstation are going to be made with left over PC parts.

Hence consoles have been dead for long time. Next gen there will be no such thing as a Console.

There will either be PCs or locked down PCs.
lumley666  +   927d ago
consoles are exstinct? last time i checked consoles + there games eat the shit out of pc sales. just becos a console my not be on par graphically dont mean there dead, pc games dont do anything new just better graphics which dont make a better game, consoles will always be around
Gurt_McSquirt  +   927d ago
Kinda looks like an old Mac Mini.
pixelsword  +   927d ago
Whomever owns this, they should have made it look like one of those cubes from Portal.
Getowned  +   927d ago
LOL pixelsword the companion cube?

Gotta says thats a great idea. "The Companion Cube" would be a sweet name for vales console.
Kurylo3d  +   927d ago

I agree. People who say consoles are not pcs.. are just haters who dont like to give credit. Consoles including ps3 and 360 are just pcs at the end of the day. Graphics card, cpu, memory, and mother board. Only difference at this point is operating system. So this may very well be true.

Valve if you make a console I will be buying it day 1... screw microsoft and sony. They would be dead to me.
CarlitoBrigante  +   927d ago
kotaku is in desperate need of hits, they dont get as much as traffic as they used to when they bashed everything PS3 related back in 2006/2007
trancefreak  +   927d ago
Yup there belligerent anti Sony articles face punked their integrity and credibility. Don't need any KoOKO articles
Kurylo3d  +   926d ago
thats right... they speak too much truth. They gotta realize they cant be credable if they go against what people want to hear.
enfestid  +   927d ago
Dear goodness, how this line of conversation got more agrees than disagrees is beyond me.

First of all, the original "leak" of the Steam Box came from The Verge, which is a well-known site run by the former Engadget editor-in-chief. They routinely break stories on Microsoft and Apple products before they're announced to the public.

Secondly, he said he built a PC because that's what the Steam Box spec is -- a glorified PC. How are you guys not comprehending this? It's a spec that Valve provides third-party manufacturers in order to have a standard for a gaming center. It's kind of inaccurate to call it a console, because that's not really what it is.

As far as the whole "they made it up from the article" thing -- no, they didn't. They reported on that article when it was launched, and they have their own sources.

You guys act like this kind of stuff doesn't happen. But it does. It happens daily. And Joshua Tolpolsky, who broke the news, is one of the biggest tech journalists in the world.

But, hey, keep agreeing with ignorant comments, guys. GraveLord told you what the significance behind this is, and yet for some reason he's downvoted. N4G is seriously insane. When Valve officially reveals this, you all should come back and re-read these comments.
n1kki6  +   927d ago
So now five months later the twitter picture is news? I just took a shit in the toilet. Im releasing a new chocolate candy bard, could it be? Alert the press that picture of my shit 5 months ago could have been a prototype for my new candy bar.
enfestid  +   926d ago
@n1kki6: Yes, the picture is now news that we have a good idea of what it is.

Are you seriously this dense?
Bradley63336652   927d ago | Spam
Titanz  +   928d ago
If the rumors are true
Then Nintendo has the least to fear. Their reliance on 3rd party support, is the least out of the 3 gaming console manufacturers.
coryok  +   928d ago
you do realize that valve cant continue to do sales if they start relying on retain to sell any hardware, right?

no retail store would sell hardware that can out compete their software sales, its the reason why no platform with a hardware counterpart will never go digital, who would sell the hardware? retail stores wont.

if anything valve will just start selling premade desktop pcs that are made for gaming, same thing dell does with their alienware line
nirwanda  +   927d ago
Apple and google android do ok with all digital distrobution and sell lots of hardware through retail, game retailers will die out eventually like music only retailers are at the moment .

Valve are sucessful in there own right and shouldn,t bother with hardware in the same way google do with phones but it doesnt mean it cant be done, i'd be suprided if microsoft bother with a disk format next get and keep retailers happy with points to buy downloads
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coryok  +   927d ago
@nirwanda cell phone/tablet markets are a different market, you pay a premium for the hardware instead of paying cost (or below cost) so retail can make money from it, it only works because there are so many phone sales, sometimes android sells more phones in one month than any gaming console sells in a year, not to mention weight/size is much less so storage cost isnt as much.

3 years ago, for instance, walmart was loosing like 45 cents for every wii they sold, theres no way walmart would do that if they werent getting a cut of software sales, the price would be bumped up $75-100 more
nirwanda  +   927d ago
@coryok hdd prices are peanuts per gb now so storage wont be a prob, they would save money on not fittin a blu ray drive or paying roylaties to sony, and they would save on disk pressing and printing costs etc,
It would actually be less of a risk for retailers as they would know how much each week they could sell with points cards rather than having unsold stock like they can have with games
nirwanda  +   927d ago
+ bubbles for coryok
tiffac008  +   927d ago
I don't know bro, if the PSP Go was any indication then I think it will be an uphill climb for a digital only console to be accepted by retailers.

I think a lot of retailers aren't ready for that yet since tons of money are made from physical games, especially at the second hand games market.

Also they will alienate a large portion of the gaming population around the world, who doesn't have decent internet access.

I just think its a huge leap of faith. (if the rumor is true that is)
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Mikhail  +   928d ago
That is just a pc, any pc gamer can make that. though ill change the i7 to i5 and probably change into an amd gfx for better performance per buck.
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synchroscheme  +   928d ago
Exactly, it all comes down to personal preference, and I'm fairly certain Valve understands that.

I don't believe they'd take away the amount of decision-making that comes from making your very own rig and making it perform exactly how YOU want it to.
Kurylo3d  +   927d ago
then again if everyone owns an nvidia card it would mean that phsyx would be standard. amd gfx have no physx and therefore incapable of doing all that crazy stuff. I mean if it could be standard it would mean physx could be used for more then pretty peices of paper flying around and glass shattering into a million peices. Im talkn blowing up entire buildings from the ground up... and doing it the way u want until it collapses.
FutureTechnologies  +   928d ago
Price estimation:
Z68-ITX = 165$ on newegg.com (they have the lowest prices that's why I am taking them as reference)
8GB of ram = 35$
i7-950(lowest priced i7)= 270$
Nvidia graphics(m series are expensive and lowest is around 150$)
Case(by experience with PC's it must cost about 20$ just the way it looks)

TOTAL:635$ (But they will get discounts from manufacturers by mass ordering these pieces,but this still doesn't include Valve's profit).

PS: It won't compete with consoles with a price similar price range..it's going to be another 599.99$!!!599.99$!!!
599.99$!!! story all over again.
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Mikhail  +   928d ago
Well said, add some power supply, some little cooling, a dvd drive? and then there is cost for assembling this.

Moreover, the problem of valve is their international precense, steam is not that popular here in Asia even though I have it in my pc. That makes it harder for them as the 4th "console" in a saturated market.

Like i said before, i am skeptical but i will buy it if its a game changer, I like valve and i dont want them to lose money on this if the rumors will be true. I dont want a repeat of what happen to squaresoft.
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milohighclub  +   927d ago
" I like valve and i dont want them to lose money on this"

U do now they don't feel the same way...
Kurylo3d  +   926d ago
when u say asia... do u mean japan? cause japan is nothing compared to the rest of the world.
HellzAssassin  +   927d ago
You kind of forgot to add a few parts there to your list there... Just sayin'
FutureTechnologies  +   928d ago
HAHA I can't believe I just forgot the optical, cooling, PSU and also the hard drive...this will be expensive+ it's steam OS only so why would someone buy this when you can get a pc with the same price with windows+steam.
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Intentions  +   928d ago
Why would a console (now) have wifi adapter (antennas) sticking out of it? when it can be built into the system?

Plus that's a pc....
xAlmostPro  +   927d ago
My theory is, if they're making anything hardware it will be a device that provides an 'onlive' type service, the difference being it will stream games from the steam store(better library than onlive) :P

Other than that i think the rumour is exactly that. It's too dumb.
gtxgamer2  +   928d ago
put a good harddrive in it, let it run all of STEAM games. Then i MIGHT just think about buying it
WitWolfy  +   927d ago
You know that wont work.. Steam is made for PC and MAC in mind... So in retrospect it has to have a Windows 86x/64x or MAC operating system just to run the games you download...

Plus STEAM gets new games as they release leading to EVEN more demanding CPU's, GPU's and HDD capacity..

So I just cant see the logic of this....
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Dlacy13g  +   928d ago
Valve would be infinitely foolish to get into the console space. They make money hand over fist doing what they do now...making hardware would kill that profit.
Bladesfist  +   928d ago
And they wont make consoles lol, its just a rumor
milohighclub  +   927d ago
But if they did make a profit from it, would it not be worth doing? From a business point of view.

I think they make one.

Just like I think apple will make a console and they will do it soon.
TheMrMalro  +   927d ago
Hey look! It's my wireless router!
josephayal  +   927d ago
Valve has no chance, bad bad choice
dirthurts  +   927d ago
Are you kidding?
If anyone can bring a new console to life, and make it work, it's Valve.
They know, and take care of their customers.
I would buy anything from them day one.
Especially with those specs.
Farsendor1  +   927d ago
customer support stinks though
Liperto  +   927d ago

Maybe they can not give some proper information about Half Life 3, because it is the launch title for their new console? :DD
Rayko  +   927d ago
Valve making a console? Not happening. There are higher chances of SEGA making a new console than Valve. Why would Valve suddenly make a console? Doesn't make sense at all.
WitWolfy  +   927d ago
EXACTLY , and lets say for arguments sake they do, we all know they wont make it open source console anyways(for fear of piracy).. And we all know VALVE LOVES open source content!
lionelglitchy  +   927d ago
does it come with a black 360 controller or do you have to buy that seperate,it looks like a 5 year old router to me
Ron_Danger  +   927d ago
It's not a new console, but it what we do have here is another great example of how pathetic game jounalism is becoming.
Elvis  +   927d ago
The author is dumb.
Kos-Mos  +   927d ago
Wooow. Is it? Is it? Can it be? Is it?
fossilfern  +   927d ago
Its not going to be a console its just going to be a PC branded with Valve/Steam logos. Its going to be just like the Alienware X51
milohighclub  +   927d ago
You mean like playstation and Xbox?
fossilfern  +   927d ago
What? Its not going to be a new console its just going be a M-ITx PC just like the Alienware X51.
milohighclub  +   927d ago
Consoles are effectively just pcs. Locked down and branded.
mcgrottys  +   927d ago

yes but the X51 is not locked down. And that makes a huge difference...
OpenGL  +   927d ago

Except the PS3 and 360 are both using IBM PowerPC CPUs, and couldn't run Windows even if they weren't locked down.
milohighclub  +   927d ago
Ahhhh kk, my bad.
Neurotoxin  +   927d ago
Looks like a minimac from 2005 to me.
StoneAgeWarfare  +   927d ago
Looks like the power brick of the Xbox 720 ...just saying.
TVippy  +   927d ago
Hell NO, LOL.
Only an idiot would've thought so.
loobtube  +   927d ago
Bob570  +   927d ago
Honestly, this probably makes the top 5 most retarded things postes in N4G.

Stop making noise to get attention, anyone who knows anything about Valve or the gaming industry at all knows this isn't true.
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erivera1994  +   927d ago
Im not Buying another Console, sorry but there's more than enough already.
Gamer-Z  +   927d ago
Interesting if its true, I can imagine if they did this we could see cross platform gaming between PC and a console (steam box).
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caperjim  +   927d ago
Bring it on Valve. Take my money. Day one purchase if the console is upgradable. No more waiting 6+ years for new hardware.
YamiHoshi  +   927d ago
To me, it looks more like an Access Point.
kevnb  +   927d ago
its not even a console that was described in the rumors. Just a prebuilt pc from the biggest dd store. Could actually be a great idea since valve has so much control over the pc market now.
CoD511  +   927d ago
Seems like a bit of a troll from the guy by creating a PC that matches up to the specs of the rumoured Steam box :P That's just what it is though, a normal PC.
snake_eater  +   927d ago
Rumors, rumors, rumors...
mcgrottys  +   927d ago
I have a feeling that it is more likely that they might come out with their own line of PC's like HP or Dell but instead of getting revenue from the hardware they will get revenue from the money people spend on steam.
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