Rumor: Xbox 360-shaped controller with built-in screen spotted at Valve

An image was supposedly taken at Valve's offices and distributed by a Reddit user.

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Relientk772019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Are you sure about that? It looks like a mirror. I guess the screen could be very reflective, and in the 'screen' is a light that's on the ceiling

maybe it's just me

ATi_Elite2019d ago

Do you see the:

Keyboard shaped guitar?

HL2 Magnet Mine Plush toy!

Star Wars Droid with the Robotic arm on top of it!

Microscope.....Why do they need a Microscope?

The entrance to his office is gonna be a Portal

Several books on Theoretical Sciences and

The Chalk Board has a design on it for a controller

Something in the back looks like a Grey Wii

Portal Hazard sticker on the Portal door!

Something that is either a Black Tie Fighter or a Man Hack! (I can't tell)

....and what's with that huge mirror? is it a Screen or something?

NewZealander2019d ago

wow you picked up on so much! i went meh strange controller whoopdedoo, omg hire a cleaner that place is filthy! then closed the page.

No Way2019d ago

Lmao, same here! I looked at the red circle and was like, I can't tell.
Like, I didn't even catch the big things, like the door or the television.


Abdou232019d ago

The whole photo looks like someone is toying with Photoshop.

hkgamer2019d ago

The white board has a controller and says something about ___ display.
Next to it has few circles and says keyboard?
maybe that is the onscreen keyboard created for the Big screen thing they are working on.
Actually they have a massive monitor right there so it is probably all about that big screen project they are working on.
I can't remember what it was called.

Guitarkeyboard looks quite funky.

isit just me or does that mouse next to the controller look massive.

xPhearR3dx2018d ago

That's a friggin' guitar with a computer keyboard attached to it lol

andibandit2018d ago

is it me or does it say "Time Machine" on the chalk board?

FamilyGuy2018d ago

This guy is obviously someone that modifies hardware, that's not a new 360 controller, it's a mod.

Just look at the room itself and all the things in it, like you did, and it's easy to tell, even his chair is modded.

His doorway alone lets you know he's a gaming enthusiast that's serious about modding.

subtenko2018d ago

Huge Mirror = Portal 3

Oh, but anyone else thinking of the pre-portal game with actual mirrors? :)

Feralkitsune2018d ago

THIS greater than actual article. lol

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DeadlyFire2019d ago

guys really??? that is not a game controller. Looks more like a dev tool to draw and fine tune things.

iamnsuperman2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I can see how people are getting excited however just look at the dam thing. I agree with you it looks like a mirror/very reflective screen also this mirror/screen is in a really uncomfortable and odd place if it was to have touch screen (pointless having another screen without it). My guess it has something to do with developing games and not a new controller/console/box

Syntax-Error2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Dude relax, the article even mention the Commodore 64 guitar, so what's the big deal. Second, the robotic arm is Armitron which was sold at Radio Shack back in '84. I still have mine and it still works. Just looks like they have fun at valve. Love the Portal door entrance. That must be the new Sharp Aquos 90 inch TV. Thing goes for 10K

FanboyPunisher2018d ago

clearly a controller, use a bigger screen like a tv view the image in full size.

Conclusively a controller with a LCD by the looks of it. Could be a touchpad too.


miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Well.. well.. well.. JUST LIKE I'VE BEEN SAYING ON THIS SITE! Check my comments. I have a 360 insider on my site, and he has told me about this. Also, the new controller will have rumble on the analog sticks, and the trigger buttons.

I HAVE FORETOLD THIS! BELIEVE IN MY INSIDER! He has never been wrong with me so far. Look at my comment here 41 DAYS AGO!!!

zeddy2018d ago

looks awful whatever it is.

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DaThreats2019d ago

Doesnt look like a controller
Looks like a screen with a weird shape having buttons and a pad on top.

attilayavuzer2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Xbox shaped? You mean it's shaped like the console right? Fucker's a brick with a gameboy screen...

rpd1232018d ago

Hahahahaha, that comment made my day.

Carl_Shocker2019d ago

Imagine what that would feel like in your hands...ew :|

The first thing that caught my eye though was the women in back the background with how bored she looks, not to mention the "Keyboard" guitar :)

ninjabake2019d ago

Probably wouldn't feel too different from the Xbox 360 chat pad, maybe a little longer. I'm sure its only a prototype tho...