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The International 2014 sells out in an hour

9d ago - Tickets for the 2014 Dota 2 International championship sold out an hour after going on sale at Se... | PC

Another Valve Developer Heads to Oculus VR

14d ago - VRFocus - Another member of the Valve team has left the company to join Oculus Rift makers Oculus... | PC

Valve allows resale of games on Steam in Europe

14d ago - In an unexpected move Valve started to allow reselling of Steam games in Europa starting today. T... | PC

Steam Machine Controller Preview With Valve

17d ago - Valve developer Scott Dolton previews the new Steam Machine controller at GDC 2014 in this exclus... | PC

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Liquid Parts Ways with FLUFFNSTUFF – Surprise Level 0

18d ago - DotaMT reports: Things haven’t been going well in the Liquid stables for a while now with rec... | PC

Valve to Stop Steam Greenlight Within 12 Months?

21d ago - Yami from Twinfinite writes: "The most exciting part of this to me is that Greenlight is being ta... | PC

Free to Play Eclipsing Box Office Records

21d ago - Free to Play, a documentary film from Valve that follows the lives of three aspiring professional... | Industry

Dota 2 Free To Play Bundle Released

25d ago - With the impending release of the Dota 2 documentary, titled Free To Play, which will be out toda... | PC

'Free to Play' Pro Gaming Documentary Available Now

26d ago - T1 - Free to Play, a documentary film from Valve that follows the lives of three aspiring profess... | PC

Valves documentation Free To Play now available for preload

31d ago - Free To Play is the name of Valves documentation about three professional gamers, fighting at The... | PC

Working Steam Box Controllers Will Be AT GDC According To Valve

31d ago - Valve has announced that the working edition of the Steam Box controller will be available at the... | Tech

​This Is The Latest Steam Controller

32d ago - kotaku: Valve just sent us this image, a more clear depiction of the latest Steam Controller... | PC

New function in Steam lets you report fraud and malware in games

32d ago - Valve rolled out a new feature that enables steam users to report games, which are distributing m... | PC

Dear Esther & Mirror’s Edge Artist Joins Valve

33d ago - SteamFirst: The life of an indie game developer can be a difficult one. It’s often lonely and tax... | PC

Steam greenlights 50 games including surreal puzzler Niko: Through the Dream

40d ago - Another month, another fresh batch of Greenlit games. Valve has announced 50 more titles which... | PC

Valve's Gabe Newell Talks Source 2 Engine, Confirms There Won't Be Any SteamOS Exclusive Games

41d ago - DSOGaming writes: "As promised, Gabe Newell has answered some questions during his Reddit AMA. As... | PC

What We Learned from the Gabe Newell / Valve AMA

41d ago - Today, March 4th, Gabe Newell and others from Valve held an AMA (Ask Me Anything, an interview of... | Tech

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Coming To Linux

41d ago - Earlier today, Valve Co-Founder and internet celebrity Gabe Newell hosted an AMA on Reddit. Durin... | PC

Valve Boss Talks VR Headset Origins and Future Oculus Rift Integration

41d ago - VRFocus - Gabe Newell, the co-founder of legendary videogame developer Valve, has spoken out abou... | PC

Detailed Information about Valve's Virtual Reality Prototype and Technology Emerges, Sounds Amazing

47d ago - Yesterday NeoGAF user Feep went to Valve's offices in Seattle to check out the prominent develope... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Portal Boardgame in the Works

48d ago - A Portal board game - to be titled Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game - will soon be ava... | Culture

Valve's Gabe Newell Responds On VAC Reports; "We do not care what porn sites you visit"

57d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Well, that was quite a surprise. Yesterday, a rumor surfaced claiming that Val... | PC

Valve is Working on "a Couple of Versions of Tools" to Simplify Steam Machine Choice for Consumers

62d ago - During the 'Steam Machines in 2014 - Opening up the Living Room' presentation made as part of the... | PC

Valve introduces Steam tags to the Steam store, "a powerful new way to shop for games"

62d ago - Valve are once again adding yet more fancy things to the Steam store, and this time they are know... | PC

Want to Develop For Steam? Valve Releases Steam Dev Days Videos

63d ago - Last month, Valve hosted a two day conference in Seattle, Washington on January 15-16th, where th... | PC
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