Is the Steam Box the PS3?

Valve has been the source of talk for a few days now with its rumored Steam based console. After thinking everything through and considering how Valve's console could change consoles forever, there is a chance Valve could already be working with Sony to bring Steam to the Playstation Brand.

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Moncole2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

It can be for the Wii U because Valve wants to do online for it

fluffydelusions2146d ago

Nah...most likely just some custom PC

chaos-lockheart2145d ago

I thought they already showed the steam console specs?

NewMonday2145d ago

can they get Steam to work as an OS and install games directly without windows?

Kurylo3d2145d ago


Anything is possible when you got money. And valve kinda has cornered the pc market... they own it.

Getowned2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )


You don't need money to make a OS, you just need the skill to and I'm sure they could probably do it they are after all programers and game makers.The real question would be is do they want to.

HappyGaming2145d ago

In the business world if you need skill you need to pay up.

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ronin4life2145d ago

I was also reminded of that rumor when I read the headline of this story.

Moncole2145d ago

And the Steam box is also a rumor but people are making like its real

morkendo232145d ago

I think it's crazy if you actually believe Sony will let Valve basically take over their platform.

And why did everyone think the PS3 slim was fake? They did the same thing with the PS2.

AM SURE A SLIM PS4 will come later on as well.

HappyGaming2145d ago

You should write an article about it :P

Ocelot5252145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

a console without harddrive = steambox? right...

trancefreak2145d ago

Maybe with a Ps4 Sony feels that it will need to team up with a partner to succeed but I think this is not envisioned on the PS3 platform. The life cycle of the ps3 is in its Prime and I can see it happening on new hardware just not on the ps3.

Maybe if the Rumor has any substance It could appear on a PlayStation deigned with valve in mind. We'll see.

FrankDrebin2145d ago

I hope it's an actual console!

2145d ago
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caboose322146d ago

*sigh* This rumor is getting out of hand.

Jason1432145d ago

but what if!! and then....!!!! omg

WitWolfy2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Remember the PS3 slim rumors??? Everybody was like "ITS FAKE".."BS"...& amp; quot;WTF".. THEN BAM!!! It was real, sometimes the most less likely rumors can be true.

So im leaning on the plausible side for now, but not dismissing the fact that it could be INDEED fake.

caboose322145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

But why would Sony let the whole steam platform on the PS3? It would make the PSN store irrelevant.

I think it's crazy if you actually believe Sony will let Valve basically take over their platform.

And why did everyone think the PS3 slim was fake? They did the same thing with the PS2.

WitWolfy2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

WOWOWOWOWOW... I never said steam would come to PS3, Im talking the about the "STEAM Box" itself existing along side the current gen or next gen consoles.

I agree 100% with you STEAM WILL NEVER COME TO PS3.... EVER!

EDIT:Now that I read my previous comment it sure does seem like im suggesting that STEAM would be on PS3. Sorry for the confusion :)

sorceror1712145d ago

@caboose32 - I agree that letting the full Steam store onto the PS3 would be... er... counterproductive from Sony's point of view.

However, the "Steam Box" concept - *if* it's real at all - would almost certainly be a hardware *specification* rather than an actual lump of hardware, like Intel's "ultrabook" standard.

And then, *if* the PS4 actually is mostly-PC-hardware, then it could, in theory, be "Steam Box Certified". And then, Sony could make a *deal* with Valve to split sales onto the PS4. In that case, Valve gets some extra sales, and helps spread the "Steam Box" concept. Sony gets extra games for their console, and a share of revenue from the sales.

Long chain of hypotheticals there, of course. But it *does* reach a point where it's at least a sensible move for both companies. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how this all pans out.

ShiftyLookingCow2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I would rather hand over my games to a real monkey than the author of this article.

"If Sony could convince Valve to bring the entire Steam platform to the PS3 it would be a huge blow to the competition. Steam is home to tons of games ranging from Doom all the way to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Being able to play your entire Steam collection to the big screen, without having to purchase any additional hardware would be one of the most amazing features is recent memory."

Wow! According to this guy, Cell = x86! This is beyond ignorance.

caboose322145d ago

Haha exactly, people just love to let their minds run wild.

theeg2146d ago

is the sun the moon?

is cornflour gold?

are people really dogs?

-see i can come up with retarded titles too!

Voxelman2145d ago

The sun does create the light that we see as the moon

Cornflour does have a gold color

Some people can be real dogs sometimes


Nitrowolf22145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Sorry gonna have to disagree (not really) with you on people and dogs.
If the ten minutes i have ever tuned into the Disney channel has ever taught me anything about people and dogs is that

Kewl_Kat2145d ago

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Snoop Dogg lol

braydon6192145d ago

I dunno man... your theories make sense.

have you ever seen the moon and the sun in the same together? NO! it's because they're the same person :O

I have no idea what cornflour is honestly :(

and Iike to do it doggy style, so perhaps we are!

Beeeaans2145d ago

You can and often do see the moon and the sun in the same sky lol

Getowned2145d ago

I have seen the moon and the sun in the sky often they are not the same "person".Flaming ball of fire is not the same as flooting ball of rock.

KwietStorm2145d ago

You think that's air your breathing?

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Dlacy13g2145d ago

If the PS3 was the Steambox then what happened to cross game support for Counter Strike: Global Offense. If anything Valve took a step back from current consoles with that move.

caperjim2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I was about to post the same comment until i seen yours. Maybe one of the big reasons valve pulled cross-play with PS3--PC is because they are going to do it with their own console.

A steam console would use the same version of the game as PC. Therfore updates/patches will be released the same time for both without all the red tape that a patch must go through on a regular console.

Soldierone2145d ago

Ugh no cross platform play just because they want to release updates all the time? Kinda lame.

KeiserSosay47882145d ago

Valve stopped the cross game support because of their issue with simultaneous patches for PS3 and PC mp. It would make PC gamers have to wait because of the increased difficulty of patching games on consoles. This way they are separate and consoles can get their patches that cost WAY too much money and PC can get their patches on a regular basis.

trenso12145d ago

So there is no cross game support on CS:GO?

SSultan2145d ago

I never, ever liked the name "Steam". Ever. When it first came out in my teens I couldn't help but think of a "Steaming pile of sh*t". Not at all implying that Steam is sh*t cause it's really not. But now this name "Steam Box" is getting thrown around and I can't help but think of something along the lines of a litter box or even a toilet. Don't ask why, I have just never been able to shake that thought off.

4logpc2145d ago

I literally lol'd

Now thats all im gonna think about when i read steam box

darx2145d ago

You never thought that.

SSultan2145d ago

Having to go from standalone CS 1.5 to something called "STEAM" to play 1.6? Yes I did indeed think that, and from my first post I clearly still do. But why? Probably because at the age I was a little too immature and used "STEAMING" to describe those trophy turds. You know, the kind where you get up off the toilet and nearly have a heart attack cause you didn't even remember eating that much.

NarooN2145d ago


Why kinda asinine thing is that to say? How can you tell someone ELSE what they did or didn't think?