Valve will release PC/console next year

"The nice thing about a PC is a lot of different people can try out different solutions, and customers can find the ones that work best for them."

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wishingW3L1715d ago

so after so much denial the rumors became true. lol

-Mika-1715d ago

I don't understand... What does this mean? How will the PC/console look? Im really confused right now.

snake_eater1715d ago

It will probably look like one of these:

The big question is: what kind of hardware will be used and if it's possible to upgrade the box.

yeahokchief1715d ago Show
pr0digyZA1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I disagree with your tone , so I disagreed and put you on my ignore list (I have PS3,PC,360,vita so I don't care what anyone plays on)
In about 10-20 mins we wont even see yours or my comment though as you get added to spam list.

edit:"This site gives a false impression of discussion and conversation" with a comment like
"Can't wait to see what the scumbag losers who ONLY play pc games have to say about this because they can't talk trash about their master" why would someone think this site has meaningful conversations especially when coming across as hostile like that.

AKS1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )


What about anything that you're claiming about PC fanboysim can't also be said for fanboys of other formats? There's nothing unique or special about fanatics of a particular platform.

Which games are exclusive to whatever format is not something you're going to work out on N4G. People will buy what they like. Having a game available on multiple formats does not limit what other people can buy or do. I'm playing Far Cry 3 on the PC I built. If you want to play it on PS3 or Xbox, go ahead and do that. I don't give it a second thought. I bought both Borderlands 2 and Battlefield 3 on both PC and PS3 so I could play with both sets of friends. No one seemed harmed or oppressed by that (other than me and my wallet). Or if a game is part of an exclusive deal with one platform and find that's the best arrangement for them, they have every right to do that.

Your blanket statements about PC gamers is pretty offensive, so if you were not trying to be a dick, I think you've failed miserably. I have been doing most of my gaming on a reasonably high end PC recently, but you can look at my comment history and see that I've picked Journey as my favorite game of 2012 and plenty of console games as my picks for GOTY in the past, including MGS4, Demon's Souls, Red Dead Redemption (well, tied with ME2 actually), and Dark Souls (which at the time console-only). A good game is a good game.

The consumer will decide whether digital distribution or physical media (or both, which is more likely) is the future. If you don't like digital distribution, buy it some other way. BTW, all of the console developers also happen to sell games via digital distribution now, and it continues to move in that direction. I don't expect that trend to suddenly reverse.

BattleAxe1715d ago

I'm very interested to see what valve comes up with. This might stop me from turning my XBOX 360 Slim (which I never play) into a living room PC. I hope its relatively powerful and sleek looking.

The_Infected1715d ago

It's a PC with a controlled experience. Turnkey you know? I'd say he will run Steam on Linux.

NewMonday1715d ago

This is nothing new to me, this is my way for over 15 years now, even spread this habit around my friends and family, i'm using my PC on my 65'TV right now.

the big question is will the SteamBox run on Windows or Linux?

Razmossis1715d ago

The last thing the industry needs is another console. Developer time money and sales are already spread so thin this generation that too many companies have had to close down, one more console will just spread the industry thinner.

People WILL buy it, therefore if a developer doesn't port their game to it they will lose out on sales they would have otherwise had if there were less consoles for people to own.

My comment may seem anti-consumer, but in the end, the quality of titles will go up, the development time/cost will go down, meaning that developers will be able to put more into their games pre-launch instead of relying on DLC to make their money. And games will be less broken on release.

AKS1715d ago


Are you also considering that more competition tends to lead to better products? If you are assuming that if there was one or two platforms that the manufacturers would feel just as pressured to produce games in a timely manner and for good price and pass on savings and benefits of a shorter development time, you might want to think again. Your assertion that less competition would somehow result in higher quality games is very questionable.

NewMonday1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )


i think it's safe to assume no porting will be necessary, any game on the Windows steam store will rune on the box. the console will only be an extension of something that is already their.

and their is something we forgot to consider, that the Steam console will be digital only

Mounce1715d ago

I think what Gabe is probably going to do is do what the consoles are doing. Yet do it for PC's

Make efficient PC desktops that have decent power at an affordable cost. Like how PS3 was considered efficient even at $599. I'd probably easily buy my next computer as a Valve-PC if said theory was true. Unsure about 'Console' though as we don't need anymore console competition, but I do like more options to make great PC's. Lol

pixelsword1715d ago

This TOTALLY explains why Half Life 3 never came out; it's probably already made.

...Along with Doom 4.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

It will look like a simple console but upgrade like a pc so console gamers can keep up.

I know "just build a pc".

But It's not for pc gamers. It's for console gamers who want to game on a pc with a console experience. Basically a casual pc.

Now seeing that it's valve I wonder if it will be nicely priced?

I wouldn't mind seeing an open platform become more popular with AAA devs.

Anyway they should put HL3 on desktop and steam box to sell it.

BlindGuardian1715d ago

so that's why he's holding back HL3

SilentNegotiator1715d ago

Meh. I don't need Steam on a console. But this is probably a good move for them; if they go all out on advertisement, they could REALLY dig into the console market.

At least this explains the pointless Big Picture mode. I mean, were we REALLY supposed to be like "ZOMG Awesome! I can use M/KB to open Steam, and then switch to a controller to shop and select the game I want to play!"

kneon1715d ago


The problem with this is that most non-pc gamers don't even know what steam or valve is. There is no brand recognition once you get away from the core gamers, and those that care already have PCs.

I just don't see a big market for this.

SonyWarrior1715d ago

this is bad news for sony/microsoft... valves system = supporting mods and no approval system for game patches I think valve might take it next gen...

Simon_Brezhnev1715d ago

I aint going to even lie yeahokchief comment is funny as hell.

miyamoto1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

So what will this be a PC that want's to be a console or console that want's to be a PC?

Wow! Four console competition!
bring it!
the more the merrier!

lfclee1714d ago

In no other words to describe it has a games console with access to all your downloads straight from steam.

AAACE51714d ago

Most likely it will be a console that is easy to upgrade.

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DeathDealers1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Uh oh, i sense "only on PC" for quite a few games, portal 3, half life 3, counter strike and left 4 dead 3.

tehpees31715d ago

Valve have always been very bias to PC. The only reason they stopped was because PC gaming was "doomed".

Thefreeman0121715d ago

I highly doubt they would do that since they would be losing a big market opportunity,HL has always felt better on the PC tho and the ports over never felt as genuine or visceral

SJPFTW1715d ago

naww. only reason traditional consoles like the PS3 and XBOX have exclusives is so they can move and sell their console hardware.

Doesn't make sense for Valve to make their games exclusive to PC because most PC gamers won't play on a 'valve console', so Valve derives no benefit from it from a business point of view

MariaHelFutura1715d ago

...And now everyone knows the reason Half-Life 3 didn't become a reality sooner. Expect Half-Life 3 next year.

dirthurts1715d ago

That would be a serious box seller. If that's what Valve is holding out for, they've got a pretty good plan.

Cueil1715d ago

there is no way they limit HL3 to just their PC... and really that's all it's going to be... a PC in a small form factor... if they're going to be running some custom Linux distro I see no reason why anyone would bother... Linux is free... building your system is pretty cheap and compiling a distro isn't nearly as hard as it use to be... pointless pea-cocking by Valve

FanMan1715d ago

if that is an exclusive for this console i will be very surprised/pissed. no way in hell they would make all the pc owners buy this box to play half life 3.

MariaHelFutura1715d ago

I'm more thinking PC and "Steam Box" only.

ALLWRONG1715d ago

I don't think we will be seeing any more Valve games on Xbox or Playstation.

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Jinkies1715d ago

This is great

So let me get this straight...I don't have to spend a ton of money of building up a PC and keep on updating it to play on some great PC shooters?

Oh and does this mean I could download, for example, L4D and play the mods? It would be like a console version but with mods.........HOLY CRAP imagine Elder Scrolls 6, console users could enjoy mods.

I think I'm getting a head of my self but it could branch out there....right