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He does Pc games and movies too. I really hope when he said he was getting a PS4 he was telling the truth. Love to see it.

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Most my friends on Xbox are pretty casual. So this was no surprise. There are still the hardcore of the core, who get achkevements like Seriously 3.0 or complete FFXI.

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Gears 1 managed to have 4 maps in at 200mb (maybe less) and 2 maps at 100mb. I think it is possible. Gears maps seem to take up less space than a map for say Halo.

Though your idea doesn't seem too farfetched either (considering what they did with Gears 3).

Anyway, the new map is pretty cool for the Breechshot. Nice headshots to be made. Playing it before and there is double xp on offer.

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I got a 360 in 2008 and Lost Odyssey was one of those games I played religiously. One of the best JRPS's played. If it came to the PS3/PS4 (with updated tech) I'm sure many people would buy it. JRPG's are those games where fans want them, even if they don't have the console.

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Both are a major slap in the face to fans. Next gen has to have more quality control and regulations put in place so that money grabs like these are refused publication until they are improved.

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@ CommonSense

Completely agree. Gold family pass was an excellent deal. Can't believe they took it away the a-holes.

Anyway, they recently had a Gears Judgment competition where I won three 12 month subs. I was happy.

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I hope they didn't enjoy it tbh. That is what you get. Activision's soul purpose was to trick fans into buying it. Not once did they plan on making a quality game out of it.

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I agree. I have a friend who got TWD, and he said if you are a fan of the show, it is 'okay'. But whoever paid full price got sucked into the Acitivision bs. I wouldn't buy it on principle. Gamers have no morals or self control. I plan on getting it 'eventually', but when it is like $10. Did people seriously buy it over Bioshock, GoW and Gears? Dayum.

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Lol at Army Of Two's pre-orders. Man, EA are gonna scrap that for sure now.

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Party chat ruined competitive games on Xbox. It is an awesome feature, but all games are now quiet as heck. I can't remember the last time I heard someone talk in a game.

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As long as it innovates or tries something new. Military shooters are what made the FPS genre a borefest in the first place, so hopefully next-gen isn't just better graphics.

Sea maps would be amazing, and I'm not even a fan of the Battlefield series (although I do see its appeal in MP....).

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99 is stupid. I don't care what score, but how the F&$% do people differentiate between 1 point in a hundred? It is stupid tbh. "This game is a 80, but this one deserves an 81". Seems very idiotic to me, but I'm sure there is reason to this madness.

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Yep. First is free others are 200ms points each. This is the second time it has been on sale on both PSN and XBL. Not sure about steam. Will be picking them up today. I missed out the first time because the game was never released where I live.

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Not really impressed tbh. Bastion was a good game, but nothing extraordinary.
Hopefully this game is better. The game-play looks far to simple atm, and I find the narration annoying. Voice to similar to Bastion's narrator.

I will probably still get it, just hope it has more to offer than what this showed.

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Hitting myself for not picking it up today. I got GOW:A and Gears:J both day one. They were solid titlew but both let me down in a few aspects.

Going to the shops tomorrow to pick this up. Can't believe I was so stupid. Bioshock is one of the Highest rated games this gen, and Infinite is rated just as high. OMG how can lightning strike twice? Definitely picking this up. It comes with Bioshock 1 for PS3 so I'll have 2 copies haha.

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They just have to make sure they have a lone army man on the front, and it should sell regardless of quality.

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Yes, it does. I put story above all else in games. At the very least, surely people can admit it matters? I dislike those who say it doesn't matter, as they are 100% wrong. How come most of the highest rated games of all time have great stories? It is because it matters. If you don't like story, then why do you play the campaign? May as well just play the forced survival/horde mode all games come with these days.

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Halo 4 is worth it IMO, a lot of worth for your money. Gears Judgment I'd only recommend to the hardcore fans like me. If you don't like the MP, I seriously could not recommend it to you, as that would look bad on me. Campaign is extremely weak, but fortunately for me I am loving the MP modes and Left4Dead style Overrun.

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Sad. Just shows how stupid people are OR how low their standards are OR they have too much money. Sadly, it seems Activision will get away with this.
I thought this gen would have done away with crappy cash-ins.

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Agreed. Crackdown 2 was in development hell and MS were sick of the waste of money and released one of the most disappointing sequels ever.

Gears 2? Not a chance. Campaign had epic set-pieces, although the online launched broken, so I'd say maybe to that one (it was fixed.....later).

I would say DMC 2, and The Darkness 2. Don't get me wrong, TD2 was a really good game, but compared to the first, it was a completely different experience. Disappointed ...

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