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You must not have seen Twin Peaks. If you think it is crap, then you must be the Michael Bay generation. TV shows these days could only dream of being one-tenth as good as Twin Peaks.

So people are angry he over-valued the story? What about a game like CoD that has bad graphics and story, but gets away because of game-play? Minecraft?

Story is important to some people, me included. We are entitled to an opinion. If you think game-play is all that matters, don...

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I'd have to agree at this point in time. I will still be tuning into the nextbox reveal though to see if anything has changed.

Tbh, gaming is boring me. So many average sequels to games instead of innovation. Gears Judgment made me blow another gasket, and I can't be effed replacing it. Judgment is the epitome of filthy cheap development tactics, with super sub-par quality campaign and I can't be stuffed anymore.

Aliens CM, TWD survival Instinct t...

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sci-fi space sandbox? Prey 2. All the way. Either that or Doom 4. And going off of rumours which I cannot for the life of me be fu**ed quoting, it will be Prey 2 most likely.

Which is good. As Prey was awesome and Prey 2 looked very nice. I would like it if it was Prey 2 and it is revealed to be a cross-gen game. That would explain its extra long hiatus (other than the PR bs Bethesda gave us). Fingers crossed, plus it might be at Xbox reveal.

EDIT: just want...

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If true I'd be happy for sure. If true. In reality I just want Alan Wake 2 and a new Lost Odyssey from the Mistwalker guys.

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Yeah, not to mention people who fall for that sh** deserve it. The mods should just leave it up and let the idiots get their accounts stolen. I mean, they can just blame Microsoft's security lol. So many dumbasses fall for that it isn't funny. The thing actually asks you for your account and password lmfao.

First time I saw it I laughed and gave a big f%$# you to my screen. And the funny thing is idiots obviously fall for it, as this has been going on for years.

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Agreed, I liked Ben. He was funny. I love it how Kenny shoots down Ben's idea so quick; "That's Fu***ng stupid Ben".
Ben fulfilled his role perfectly. He was the one who made you question loyalties and such as you said.

Jack was a cute boy. He started off cool when you first meet him, although I thought his older self was a bit "eh". He was all right though.

Cooke and Mack were good. They were sometimes annoying, but overly...

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That statistic is complete and utter bulls**t, no offense.

Never seen my mother play a game in her life until she got a touch-phone. Every now and then I catch her on it. She would be considered a gamer under that survey LMFAO.

Maybe they should show the percentage of female gamers who play on an Xbox/PS3 or more specifically a game like GTA. I'd be willing to bet 90% are male.

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Dude, of course you get something for 'winning'. You become a super saiyan and grow a bigger penis and stop being a weak little nerd.

Well, at least that's what I think the fanboys on the internet think.

I must now sit and wait for a white knight in a superman costume to arrive. See ya.

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There is no cynicism or conspiracy, as Nintendo games always get amazing reviews. I think it comes down to the cultural aspects, as mentioned in the article.

I love JRPG's, and wished Western Reviewers could sit through them as easy as they could a 5 hour linear CoD campaign. But sadly, that isn't the case. Lets just leave it at cultural differences, that is all.

You can generally add a "1" to a JRPG's aggregate score over here. So, if a...

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♪They're not even a real coun-try, any-way♪

Seriously though, I hope this game turns out great. All other South Park games were horrible. The Tower Defense was crap, and Tenorman's Revenge has weaker platforming than Mario which came out 25 years earlier lol. That is no exaggeration.

Obsidian-check. Trey Parker and Matt Stone - check. RPG elements - Check.

Aliens Colonial Marines also sounded too good to be true. Be cautious is all I...

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I thought it was kind of stupid. 'Wait to push X'. If everyone was honest, they wouldn't make one of the best games this gen sound stupid and overly simplistic. Heavy Rain, while simple in the controls department, is much more complex than 99% of games.

Also, the term Overrated is idiotic. Obviously, if a game is high rated, then the majority of people thought it was good, so if you don't like it, it means it is 'overrated'??? Stupid.


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Be funny if the first thing they said was "It doesn't play used games and requires you to be always online".

Then, the rumours could stop. Then we could burn them at the stake once and for all!!!

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I think it is justified. Typical journalist though. If they had done their job, we wouldn't be in this position. Also, we have to pay for our games, we don't get freebies sent our way.

Also, I love it how games journalists blame gamers for not supporting games that they gave like 4/10 to turn everyone off of in the first place.

GameInformer can suck it. Probably worried that Gearbox and SEGA won't be able to afford advertising money for them in th...

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I have been one of the most critical people of Microsoft. I want to see something amazing. I really do. Fingers crossed. If they show something amazing, I'll admit it. If they underwhelm and completely suck, I will also be the first to say so.

The Xbox reveal determines whether I am getting 1 or 2 consoles next gen early on.

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Bioshock, The Darkness, Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed 2, Heavy Rain, TWD Telltale (I really loved it).

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Provided they connect to the internet and download the update.

I am all for hackers bringing down the big man, giving us gamers a voice and yadda yadda, but this is pure criminal. The games industry won't exist if pirates get their way. Target assholes like EA with always online, not Nintendo, MS or Sony.

Man, if there weren't some good people in this world we probably wouldn't be seeing The Witcher 3.

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Nevermind Randy, he likes to wait in the shadows on these articles.

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