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I said it, along with a new Lost Odyssey are the only games that would make me buy a 720 day 1. I came to this article expecting it to be the same as the other Alan Wake article, that is filled with people who....don't like xbox and are jealous they missed out on one of the best games this gen because their crappy part time job at KFC can't afford them the pleasure of owning more than one console, relieving them of the need to mindlessly defend/bash a particular console because they h... #6.1
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Unfortunately, it is too easy to just let it go, while we all have out heads in the sand. Watch South Park's episode on hate crimes, it sums it up nicely.

A man hits a man: Meh, they were fighting.
A man hits a woman: OMG, Sexist pig, someone call the cops!!!!

The world is fucked, plain and simple. #3.1
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Spot on Negotiator, don't know how you got disagreed with.

Crackdown 2 was a disgrace. Basically, they were making on a new engine or something, then some guy left and they had no time until release so they used crappy old code. Something like that, the point is it was in a crappy development cycle, and Microsoft just threw it out the door.

Not the way to do a sequel. I did absolutely love the first one, the most freedom I have felt in a game. #3.2
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Good, I guess. They kind of have to at least match what Sony is offering for me to get one. Not trying to sound like 'that' guy, but I think we as gamers should expect at least this much. It's like giving a grown man a sticker for wiping his a$$. #4
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One of the biggest problems also is Games Journalists. Aliens is a different story, but how often do publishers trick us into thinking their game is good? They show us tiny bits of the gsme, which is made out to look good.

Those who get a look behind the curtain, for example reviewers/games journalists are supposed to say if it is crap or not. But too often they hype the game up until release. Too scared to lose the advertising $$$ and start a bad relationship with a Publish... #4
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Wow. Free and achievements. So many DLC's these days don't bother adding achievements (F you Darksiders 2 and THQ). Since when does free DLC have achievements? Amazing. #2
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Yeah, doubly so. Finally, another Red Dead Redemption triple XP event. There were 8 of us going to take advantage of this in a group. No-one was able to connect lol. Basically, everyone is raging at Microsoft ATM. Funny as hell if they think always online is going to work. #4.1
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The agrees you got just shows the sad mental state of today's gamers. Conspiracy theories. Should we discredit all the negative news as a conspiracy theory against Microsoft?

Nope. Because idiots will be (selective) idiots. #5.1
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Amazing numbers indeed. Just wait until it is released on Xbox in Japan, it will have even better numbers. Analysts suggest that lifetime sales could be pushed up to 2,367,001 when the 360 version is releasee over there /s. #2.1
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Yes but the developers said that they are adding in tesselation lol. What was shown at the conference was just a taste. They basically said they are adding in a lot of features that were previously only seen on PC. #2.2.1
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Is this April fools?

No I'm kidding it's good to hear some positive news once in a while. #4
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In no particular order.

Lost Odyssey. Eternal Sonata. Metro 2033. The Darkness. Alan Wake. Tales of Graces f. Valkyria Chronicles.

I could name a few other JRPG's if PSP counts?? #2.8
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Even if this is true, and it doesn't require always online and it does play used games, we still have one major issue that people are forgetting; games.

We have been so caught up in all these rumour that we have forgotten that MS hasn't exactly been very generous with handing out exclusives left and right, so I am still cautiously optimistic. #8
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I want to see this movie, but tbh (and I know I'll get disagreed to the moon), I don't like Matt Damon. Yeah, yeah, he is a good actor etc. Etc, but I don't like him. He was good in Saving Private Ryan (he didn't say too much, but when he did it was good).

He seems like the generic go-to guy for movies. I don't hate him, I think he is a good actor, but something, and I don't know what, makes me not interested in his movies. Sorry. #2
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Well, I'll give you a blunt answer as to why it is horse s***.

The FPS genre is the most competitive genre out there, so when reviewing this game, you also have to keep in mind how it stacks up against its competition. Anything higher than a 4 or 5 out of ten for this game is an insult to many other shooters out there.

I myself would give it a 3 or 4, and Aliens Colonial Marines a 4 or 5. If I gave TWD a 6 (which some people did) is wrong IMO, and they s... #2
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I'm getting the PS4 version definitely. Exclusive content ftw! #5.1
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I just downvote the site. I know reviews are opinions, but I think we have all established that anything lower than a 5 should be reserved for games with very broken mechanics, and Gof Of War is not broken.

Fanboys will have their fun with this review "hahah 4.5/10 omg this game sucks", but, they don't realise that this same thing will happen to their 'recious' games also. Be good if all gamers pulled their finger out and downvoted.
I'm not... #3.1
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Yeah, people for get about Ubisoft now. Yearly AC release, Online passes (don't bother me personally, as I buy new mostly), also what appears to be locked content on AC2 (lost sequences) and Revelations was a rushed disgrace, had about 1/10th the story AC2 and Brotherhood had.

Also over-priced MP packs and day one microtransactions now, Ubisoft are trying hard to keep their 3rd place prize, behind Activision and EA. PC DRM anyone?

... #1.1.4
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You know they dedicated a whole episode (maybe 2) on the PSP right? Also, you'd find that most 360 gamers also have PS3's and PS2's. Most of the 360 fanbase are PS3 fans and only got the Xbox this gen because it was either cheaper and/or came out a year earlier.

Holy crap have you not seen those taco ads? It is possible to have both, it is only the little kids who do not understand this. #15.1
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Yes chris, he has always been tough on Metacritic.

Fair enough as well. Some Publishers are using those scores to determine whether employees get a bonus or not (yes, people who have spent many sleepless nights making the game and who have families to feed). Then you get those a-holes like Tom Chick who gives games with universal acclaim 2/10 or something absurd.

Also, love how metacritic puts a percentage on everything. Many reviewers who use the star syste... #2.2
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