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I won't be getting it until it is on sale. PSN already had a sale on it, and so did XBL. I will just wait till either of them do a good deal on them. Telltale are money-grubbers. They completely ignored people from Australia and New Zealand. Obviously, only people from those 2 countries would know what I was talking about.

As far as I'm concerned, TWD is amazing (I watched part of the first episode of the game), but Telltale are pretty bad. If only they can redeem the...

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You can't really spam the roll though, any Gears player would know that. You get stopped by bullets, and after you get up from a roll, there is a delay. Red Dead Redemption is spam rolling, not this.

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No, they are not overrated. You just don't like them. A game can be good and you can just not like it at the same time.... Like GTA4 for example.

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Oh please Rainstorm, he is a well known troll on here, Why else would I mention it?

Don't try to defend an idiot, it just makes you look bad.

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I'm sorry, but the KFC thing, was not racist. I was using a stereotype, but not directing it at anyone in a hateful way.

You kids need to learn what racism is before you try to make me out as the bad guy. Fact is, also, TongatAli, you are unintelligent little boy. Yes,the women are used in context in the game, but couple that WITH the name of the trophy and it doesn't look that great on SSM.

Please people, re-educate yourselves, or just plain educate ...

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I don't expect anyone to understand, well, at least not on the internet. He never gave it a lower score because of the trophy name, I am sure he is smarter than that.
What makes you different from the guy/girl next to you?
Imagine if the trophy was called "Bye bye KFC" when you killed a black guy, or "goodbye retard" to a disabled person?

What I am saying is, the trophy was out of line, for sure. Women in GOW games are usually sex objec...

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I agree, but how much of a remake is this? Keep in mind the fantastic Halo Anniversary was very well done, and went for $40 instead of the usual $60 in the U.S.

Either way, Zelda rocks.

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Don't know why you still bother trolling Xbox articles, but from a technical perspective, Judgment has more enemies on screen at once, and has also improved the already fantastic lighting from Gears 3 and fire effects. I'm sure there are even more improvements.

And besides, Gears 3 is still one of the best looking games on consoles, so obviously they can't have such a major jump from a game released 1 and a half years ago.

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Totally agree. Although today I am more of a PS3/360 gamer, I always say the N64 had the best good game to bad game ratio.

RARE made Conker's BFD (my favourite game, MP was awesome as well), as well as Banjo Kazooie and Tooie. Oh, plus Goldeneye and Donkey Kong. Wow those guys were invincible. Every game they made was basically a masterpiece. How could a studio make that many amazing games?

Still, I hate it when someone brin...

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That would be like waking up tomorrow thinking it is Christmas. Too good to be true. I think they should have made it readily playable, as it would make God Of War sell so much more, and gamers would be freaking ecstatic.

Then again, the reviewers would be too distracted lol.

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To be perfectly honest, nothing really impresses me so far with this game. I have never once felt hyped for it. I will probably get it, but for some reason as of late I can't seem to get excited for games until like a month before their release. Same goes for Destiny and Assassin's Creed 4.

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Not a first timer. Played DotA to death when it first came out for years. Played it more than the actual RTS side of WC3.

Trust me, it is no secret that the community for those games are the worst. It is just people constantly screaming "WTF", "Noob", "OMG", "KS" and "REPORTED".

In LoL I have levelled up to 30, and stopped. The community in DotA isn't much better, but at least they know how to play. With M...

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MOBA's, the only games that make the CoD fanbase look mature and intelligent.

I'm sorry but MOBA's have the stupidest people in the world. I can never get into them, as everyone is a screaming kid who swears and complains non-stop. I don't play CoD, but I'd play it any day over a MOBA lol.

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Why did you type that website?

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Which might indicate review scores for the newest Gears game will be doing the same thing. Though hopefully not.

Didn't this all start after that Chinese company bought a major stake in them? We seriously need an answer. I don't mean to sound all entitled, but I think us gamers deserve an explanation. C'mon, let us know.

EDIT: Oh yeah, that guy has a potato head.

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Yeah, I don't think it looks that great. I'm just getting the standard edition. I stopped buying the collector's editions after I got bummed by Darksiders 2, ($128 > $66 two months later). Also, games like Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 had their special editions going for like $30-$50, down from $150 (Gears 3) and $128 (Uncharted 3). That was in Australia.

I now buy my games in standard edition, or limited, but never 'collectors'. I ...

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It would only be a pun if Lara Croft (a fictional character) was actually on top of you. In which case, if she was, you're one lucky SOB.

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@SDF Repellent

Hmm, I think you are just trolling. Your username and past comments agree. Either way, you are entitled to your opinion.


I'm pretty damn sure SDF is a fanboy, but why are you calling him out for it?

"Yeah, i'm a fanboy, and i admit it..." You said that in one of the comments above LMAO. Hypocrisy AND stupidity at its finest.

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The review was good, but I'd bump the score up. What you are supposed to take from a review is the content, and give it your own score. The score at the end of a review is almost unnecessary if you can read for yourself.

The trophy name is bad though. Imagine if it was killing a black guy and they had a racist ring to the trophy? This is just the same basically. Off-putting trophy, but it doesn't sour the overall game, which I'm sure Sessler is smart enough to tak...

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Damn, I should have watched more from Furious Francis. Very good video, will be staying up to date from now on. You tell it like it is, no BS. Much prefer to listen to information from a dedicated gamer, than some guy who is basically being paid to say crap.

Looking forward to seeing more.

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