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Lmao that would be hilarious. You pick a gay guy in a gro shooter and all the male NPC's start avoiding you lol. "Revive me"....."Oh F%&$ no get ur own ass up".

Anyway; lesbian Lara? Yes please lol.

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I have watched a good 1 hours worth of game-play on the internet. It is not just the graphics, the game-play looks weak, and the story seems so basic. So, it has failed on those three main fronts. When the game drops to about, free, I'll pick it up and hope for some redeeming fun factor.

As it stands, it looks like it should be a $10 download. Even then it wouldn't sell too sell. And also, I am a fan of the show and the episodic games, just disappointed that they woul...

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For me it is a 6-7/10. The campaign is definitley the hardest one yet. They weren't lying when they said they had increased the number of enemies on screen. Try doing the game solo on Insane with the declassified missions. It is freaking hard.

Being a hardcore Gears fan, I have only played a couple of MP games before I decided I didn't like it. The maps are stupid. Gears is supposed to have control points, but now it is like CoD where you keep running circles around t...

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Okay, so where are all the 'fans' that were calling everyone 'haterz' when we said this was going to suck? I hope you all wasted your money on this garbage and never try and argue with another gamer again. Lol they lost all credibility. Real fans are the ones who aren't blind fools, but the ones who notice when something has gone to s***.

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Worst Gears yet, hands down. Campaign is laughable. Basically, Spartan ops in Halo 4 has a better story than this. Disgrace, absolute rush job. And before anyone starts with the 'hater' bulls***, I am a massive Gears fan. The whole campaign is basically long shootout sessions. Seriously considering returning it so I can put it towards the best Bioshock infinite edition available.

Also, the Aftermath campaign sucked. The MP is a cod shooting field. No control points...

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I'm not disappointed at all or surprised. Just means I have to buy one less console next gen. When I play my games, online or single player, I am always connected. Yesterday, my internet was playing up and I kept getting disconnected, this hsppens a lot.

Microsoft have to get out of their bubble and realise not everyone has 30mb down and 8mb upload. I have 6mb down and 200-260kb up on a good day.

EDIT: I forgot, how much extra power will it use? It dra...

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You accidentally put a nine and a decimal point in front of the price :-)

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Good. Now of course the next CoD will get the same treatment the recently released Dead Space 3, God Of War 3 and this game received? Yuuuuuuup.

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Of course, everyone bashing this game is not a fan of the TV show...../s

Mindless drone is mindless.

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Havn't been here for a few days. I disagree. Having played GOW Ascension' I'd say it is a solid 8. It is very well done, just I felt like I have been there before. The MP is quite good.
Also played Gears Judgment. I can see why these two prequels scored lower. Judgment is an 8 tops IMO so far (Just started the chicks campaign/testimony). The MP is a major let-down so far. This is coming from a huge fan, but I feel let down.

Hopefully the next GOW can pull ...

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I think people misinterpreted my comment. I basically didn't want to say "EDGE f***ing suck", as I think your review, along with most others are 'more correct'. Most reviews back up your claims, but how can EDGE be so far off the mark?

Sorry for the confusion. I just didn't want to outright say that EDGE are stupid so as to not offend anyone lol. I freaking love LEGO games, as they are good for adults and kids.

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God I hope Geoff Keighley chokes on a big fat......Dorito. Such a douche.

Kojima should announce the game right after he king hits Geoff. Yeah, I can be mean sometimes :-)

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I love cut-scenes. I don't know why, but for some reason this gen everyone has been bitching about cut-scenes. They are my favourite part, usually a reward for beating a level in a game. That is why I still consider MGS4 one of the best games this generation. It's like people can't sit still for 1 minute without the need to start blowing s*** up! I want more cut-scenes.

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Yep, really strapped for cash atm. I can't even really afford to buy Bioshock Infinite, but I ended up pre-ordering it because I'm a huge fan of Ken Levine and Irrational, and they have high ethical standards that I support. PS4 deserves my money, as I know I will be getting good games in return.

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So far, I'm getting Killzone and Knack straight away. I'm waiting on any news of GT6 before I get Driveclub. For some reason, I never felt the hype for Watchdogs, so that is a maybe for me.

I think E3 will reveal a lot more games for the PS4, so I'm definitely excited. My most anticipated games this year are Bioshock Infinite, Beyond and TLoU. So there is no shortage of current gen titles.

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My only gripe with the reviews for this game is that a lot of them mention it is more of the same. So it is being unfairly reviewed. It should be reviewed for what it is, not because it is 'more of the same'. Need I mention that CoD (and to an extent Battlefield) get away with this? Could it be that EA and Activision advertising $$$ is higher?

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Hey, they weren't pirate ghosts.......they were ghost pirates :-)

Nice article, also that Korn episode of South Park is my favourite one.

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Actually, it is THE lowest. The handhelds are around the 90 mark as well. Reviewershave just become harsher towards the end of this gen.

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So EDGE give it a 5, and these guys give it a 10? Is anyone else seriously f***ing confused when it comes to reviewers? Not saying who is right or wrong, but how can supposed 'professionals' have such conflicting opinions? Boggles the mind.

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