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Disappointed. Watched it last night, and can't believe she gave it a 6 and Bajo gave it a 5. One of them gave Resistance 3 a 6.5 and another a 7.

In a highly competitive genre like the FPS genre, how the f*** does a POS like TWD get a 6? I'm sorry, but nothing over a 4 counts tbh. I don't usually disagree with people, but they have to put it side by side its competitors. Being in the FPS genre, you have to be able to weed out the trash, and this game is just that....

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Coming from one of the biggest Halo fans out there, and I can say the MP was a massive disappointment. I was actually amazed with the campaign, loved every minute. The MP I played for about a week. Soooo let down. I live in Australia, and we get no dedicated servers. Why does only the U.S get a good deal out of Xbox and everyone else gets nothing?

Oh well, I won't forget the way I have been treated by MS when the new consoles go on sale. I buy XBL gold, get no servers. Wo...

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Next week I Am Alive is 480ms points, usually 1200. I'll probably pick it up. I can see MS is trying more with sales this year (to be precise, ever since the PS4 reveal), but I fear it is too little too late. I'll still pick up a bargain when I see it, just that not many I'm interested in.

My brother is waiting on Banjo Tooie and Shadow Complex, and they haven't been on sale for at least 3 or 4 years, and I don't think Banjo has ever been on sale. I have ...

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Am I in the minority that actually loves him? All his characters I remember so fondly. Funny thing is, I didn't like some of his characters at first, but then I loved them. He brings such personality to'his roles, and they are not all the same, though his voice is distinct.

Desmond from'Assassin's Creed.
Nathan Drake from'Uncharted.
Sergeant Forge from Halo Wars.

Those characters funnily enough I didn't like when I firs...

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I'd give it an 8. Great solid game towards the end of a tired generation. Funny'how the super bad reviews come out of nowhere like a decade later.

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He is one my my most respected people in the games industry. He was always so calm and was the best at answering questions. I'm glad he left EPIC, as he is capable to do better things now. Apparently he was only supposed to help Irrational get Bioshock out the door, and then move on. I think he wanted experience with stories, so he can form his own studio or something.

If he stayed at EPIC, he never would be able to do anything good with a story (coming from a Gears fan, ...

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Correct. I use the Epic Forums (for Gears of War), also look at Major Nelson's Blog (for sales), and a couple other sites that are Xbox 360 oriented. I am seeing people saying they will jump ship next gen all the time, so the myth that "only N4G fanboys are bagging the nextBox hurrdurr" is false.

Many Xbox gamers across the globe are considerifng jumping ship, FACT. I use many PS3 and 360 related forums, and I tell it how it is. 360 gamers a...

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Dude, I'm going to sleep soon, and now that song is totally stuck in my head. I want a refund ;(

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Probably thinking; "well at least we won't have to see the god awful reviews again."

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One of the funnest games I have played this gen. My friend told me to get it, so when I got my Xbox in 08', it was one of the first games I got. It was so well made, and it actually gave you a sense of freedom and accomplishment levelling up your speed, strength and how high you can jump.

I think Crackdown 1 craps all over Prototype (seriously, I thought that game sucked, the controls were nowhere near as fluent as they could have been).
Anyway, I never bought Cr...

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That is all I wanted to hear. Rob Schneider can teach him the ways of the gigolo.

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Haven't played AC3 yet, played all the others. Revelations was a disgrace. Fun game, but the story was so obviously rushed to get it out the door. I didn't even know thengame had ended until I got the trophy.

Ubisoft will release AC4 broken or not. I do not trust them after Revelations. Disappointing to say the least.

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I hope they do this. That way we are not constrained to the Xbox version. A lot of people have played Halo and would prefer the PS4 version.

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I'm not all talk. If I say something, I stick by it. I own no Activision games, and the only EA game I own is Bulletstorm. Most are rentals or borrows from friends. I laugh at those with no self control. It makes them seem weak and pathetic IMO. I don't mind people buying EA products, but at least don't bitch and moan when you get ripped off for the 50th time.

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I agree, but they should have just showed MP game-play. Seriously, I was not impressed at all. Look at it again, other than better graphics, what else did it achieve? Nothing. Still going to be a boring campaign, the MP is where it is at.

Don't know about you guys, but I am not spending big cash on new consoles for prettier graphics, I want new innovative games. Battlefield 4, at least campaign wise looks like it will be another boring military shooter campaign. Why did t...

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Some reviews are disgusting. I have seen some reviews where the reviewer admitted they haven't fully completed the game, yet still have the gall to hand out a score. To me, games are an absolute joy, a great hobby. A lot of reviewers see them as a chore and just their job.
Going to sleep, tired.

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Dem blests :o

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My thoughts exactly. TWD is worse, but we knew it would be. Aliens CM was a mess and titanic disappointment.

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Gotta love them gay romances lol. GOTY material.

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Tell me about it man. They had these made up like hours after the douche said all this crap.
"I vacuum with the new Xbox, it sucks better" lmao.

That is the massive library of meme's from a day or so ago. Funniest stuff you will see all year.

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